Switched at Birth Recap: “Bracing The Waves”

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This episode broke my Bemmett heart. Again. Throughout the episode Bay and Emmett attempted to video chat but things kept getting in Bay’s way. First, it was every one having their cell phones taken away during lunch because of Bay’s unfortunate sandwich/heroin incident. Then after a fight with Tess, Tess stomps on Bay’s phone, destroying it. Did I mention I don’t really like Tess, because I don’t.

Even so, Bay and Emmett’s texts were cute and I like that Bay feels it’s her job to make sure Emmett stays in L.A. and pursues his dream even though it hurts her. It still makes me mad that Bay is going through this while Daphne’s biggest ordeal is how she’s going to pass her Chemistry class.

Speaking of which, Daphne struggled at the start of her Chemistry class when she was running late and showed up to class in sweats which was a no no to her professor. She also got reprimanded by one of her classmates for signing with Josh too much and Josh kept picking and choosing what he would sign for Daphne, making her furious.

Daphne then landed herself in a study group with the same girl that was “distracted” by her signing. After going to one study session with the group, the other members in the group get frustrated because they have to keep slowing down so Josh can interpret for Daphne. Daphne and Josh then catches the group meeting without her. Josh then gets angry, defending Daphne and telling the group they can suck it. This only makes Daphne more angry because she doesn’t need Josh to fight her battles. She then inadvertently fires him which is crazy since she needs him if she wants to pass her chemistry class.

After working with her roommate to try and learn how to better read lips so she can understand the chemistry terms, Daphne quickly realizes she needs Josh. Lucky for her Josh shows up to her next class anyway and with advance notes, no less. Later, when Josh and Daphne are studying outside the same girl that didn’t want to study with Daphne now asks Daphne to rejoin their study group because she has advance notes. Although Daphne knows that’s the only reason they’re letting her in she realizes she needs them more than they need her and takes them up on their offer, making them promise to slow down for her. Therefore, once again, everything works out perfectly for Daphne.


Moving on, the parents are dealing with their on stuff. Kathryn is trying to have her book be made into a movie but it becomes clear that the producer is really just fishing for money when he askes John if he could chip in for the budget. Disappointed Kathryn worries her book will never become a movie but after talking to Renzo she’s convinced making the book into a musical would be a better idea.

Meanwhile Regina returns to East Riverside to drop off Bay for her community service. While there she knocks off one of the lights on someone’s motorcycle who turns out to be building a new coffee shop in East Riverside. Regina and Eric (aka Coffee Shop Guy) hit it off until one of Regina’s former friends, now enemy, sees Regina and gives her hell. Not wanting to enter East River Side on the wrong foot Eric decides to cut ties with Regina.

Regina, always a fighter, refuses to be deterred and convinces Eric to let her help him fix up his coffee shop so he can open it for business and get a lot of customers. She hopes by helping him she can also show East Riverside she’s on their side. Let’s see how that turns out.

There was no Toby in this episode and barely any Emmett. Hopefully we’ll get to see more of the boys soon. Check out the promo for next week’s episode below and try not to freak out over the potential Emmett-cheating-again thing. It’s totally not going to happen. I think.

Switched at Birth Recap: “Oh, Future!”


Let all the Bemmett shippers release a happy sigh. Awwww!

A lot went down in this episode and overall it was fantastic. Let’s begin.

Turns out Bemmett wasn’t the couple that was preggars this season. Instead it’s Emmett’s Dad (Cameron) and his girlfriend (now wife), Debbie. In a very shocking twist Emmett, Bay, Melody, and her new beau, Gabe, went to Cameron’s house for a housewarming party that turned into a wedding and then a baby announcement. Awkward!

Emmett was not in a congratulatory mood, especially since he didn’t even want to go to the party in the first place. The only reason he went was because Bay really wanted to go. Or at least that’s how she made it seem. The truth is she found out that Melody was offered a job in Wisconsin and was scared Emmett would leave with her. Therefore in a poor attempt to show that maybe living with his Dad wouldn’t be a bad idea she insisted on going to the housewarming. Oh Bay. Always scheming.

Obviously Bay’s plan failed not that it mattered because Melody decided she wasn’t going to leave because she had too many reasons to stay (including her hot boyfriend and of course her sons). Emmett eventually accepted that he’s going to have a little bro and by the end actually seems a little excited about it.

The best part of this episode was seeing Bay and Melody be so friendly and Melody saying Emmett needed both of them in his life right now. It’s a big step up from how Melody first felt about the Bemmett pairing. They’ve come a long way.

Speaking of new friendships Kathryn and Sarah Lazar hit it off over lunch when Kathryn tried to explain why she couldn’t get the slutty news reporter character taken out of the book. Although Sarah argued that Kathryn could’ve tried harder she let it go as long as Kathryn agreed to accept the fact that there would be a movie based on Sarah’s switched at birth book.

After that the two became gal pals, drinking wine and even calling Kathryn’s publisher and telling her off. And then what better way to seal a new best friendship than to ask if they’ve ever slept with your spouse. Yeah, that’s not weird. However, Sarah took it in stride, and honestly told Kathryn that although she did try once John never cheated. You go John!

As Daphne and Bay prepare to graduate Daphne has to seriously consider her financial options (college is not free, unfortunately). Bay tells her J&K would be happy to chip in but Daphne isn’t for it. Instead, with the support of Regina, she applies for a Latina scholarship. Although I do get where she’s coming from the truth of the matter is she’s not actually Puerto Rican and it would be unfair if she did get the scholarship.

Also, Regina kind of flipped out on John and Kathryn when they offered to pay Daphne’s tuition but truthfully she was just upset that they could give Daphne something she couldn’t. In the end Regina realized that if there was an opportunity for Daphne to go to a good school and reach her dreams then Regina shouldn’t stand in the way. It was a great moment for them and I get where Regina’s coming from. It’s hard to raise your kid one way and then have someone swoop in and change the game but she definitely made the right choice. To have someone pay your tuition in full is a blessing not a charity.

Lastly, we got to see some great interactions between Mary Beth and Travis (I missed them!). The (cute) couple staked out a BBQ restaurant in the hopes of seeing Travis’ favorite football player, Derrick Coleman, the first deaf offensive player in the NFL. Awesome!

As they waited for Coleman to arrive Mary Beth and Travis ended up in a fight because Travis didn’t want to talk about his family and claimed that Mary Beth never wanted to talk about hers either so she shouldn’t push it. However the truth is Mary Beth felt Travis didn’t want to hear about her brother but she really does want to talk about it. After working it out Travis accepted that Mary Beth needed to talk about her brother even if it made her sad and Mary Beth accepted that Travis wasn’t ready to talk about his family just yet and then all was well in the world again. And of course Coleman did show up and it was fantastic.

That’s about it for this week. Toby comes back next week, yay! But someone gets hurt next week as well. Not yay. I have no guesses on who the person could be (just kidding it’s probably Wes) but it definitely will have something to do with the gun Regina’s getting. Oh, dear. I guess we’ll have to wait until next week to see how this all goes down. Check out the preview below.

Sources for GIF: ABCFamily and Tumblr

Switched at Birth Recap: “Like a Snowball Down a Mountain”




This episode was very emotional and I loved every minute of it.

First, let’s begin with Tank finding out the truth behind Bay breaking up with him. Silly John had no idea he was reprimanding the wrong guy and poor Tank had to awkwardly find out his girlfriend cheated on him via her father. I felt so bad for Tank and all I wanted to do was run and give him a hug.


However, I’m glad the truth is out now and Bay can official move on to Emmett. Bemmett is back y’all! Well, for now anyway. Moving on.

Switched at Birth was actually able to surprise me this episode which is rare. Turns out Matthew wasn’t just pretending to be Mandy to get back at Emmett. Instead it actually went much deeper and the truth is he’s gay and has been crushing on Emmett for a while. Go figure.

I actually ended up feeling bad for Matthew as well because although what he did was still very messed up he’s also dealing with some really heavy stuff. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to have to hide such a big part of who you are. To then have people find out that you pretended to be a girl just so you could fake date some guy is even crazier and embarrassing.

Due to these circumstances Bay is able to convince Emmett not to tell the principal the truth about what happened with Matthew even though they were able to delete all the pictures and texts Matthew had. Instead Emmett reconciles with Matthew telling him that he’s going to let go and it’s all over. Not sure if they’ll ever be friends again (probably not) but at least there’s no drama and I’m sure Emmett has now learned his lesson about the dangers of sexting (although I still don’t get what he could’ve sent Matthew if it wasn’t a pic of his “junk” but I’ll leave it alone).

As per usual Daphne has gone through yet another boyfriend in less then a season (shocker!). To be fair it’s not Daphne’s fault that she has a line of boys at her peck and call and then once she picks one they up and leave. Or is it? Hmmm . . .

Either way once Daphne got the assistant job at the clinic and got a little bossy with Campbell he couldn’t handle and took her advice and applied for a higher position . . . at another clinic. Awkward. He then says that he doesn’t think he’ll be able to split his time at this new clinic and make time for her. Really Campbell? You can’t drive you car back to see your girlfriend every once in a while? You’ll be that busy? Okay, sure. More like you can’t handle the fact that Daphne’s moving up in the world. I never liked that guy (Jorge forever!). Anyway Campbell’s now out and God only knows who’ll be in next.


Kathryn is making great strides with her book or at least she was until Sarah Lazar decided to sue because Kathryn created a character based on her and the character is a slutty reporter who sleeps around. Ouch. As much as I get why Kathryn did it (I’m definitely not a Sarah Lazar fan) slut shamming is never okay. After having Regina talk some sense into her Kathryn makes a small effort to have the Sarah Lazar type character changed but to no avail. So with a deep sigh Kathryn leaves her book the way it is and it seems that will cause more problems later down the road but that’s a problem for next week’s episode.

Lastly, now that Angelo has moved in the Vasquez’s are a cute little happy family. Until Wes shows up. Neither Angelo nor Daphne are big fans of his, especially when he reveals he’s carrying a gun (Daphne wasn’t there for that but I know she wouldn’t be too happy about that). Although Regina is at first against the idea of using a gun as protection her paranoia and fear gets the best of her leading her to ask Wes to teach her how to shoot. Truthfully I think Regina has a right to be a little scared but I don’t think getting a gun is going to help the situation. I just hope no one gets shot. Let us pray.


It looks like next week is going to be a little less crazy but still filled with drama. Emmett might be moving (but probably not) and Kathryn confronts Sarah Lazar about a possible affair with John. Also Regina will once again question Daphne’s allegiance to the Vasquez family. Oh dear. Check out the promo below.

Source for photos/GIFs: ABCFamily and Tumblr

Switched at Birth 3X10 Recap


Pranks, make-ups, fights, more make-ups, and some identity crises. That about sums up the last episode of Switched at Birth. If you haven’t watched yet (although really you should have by now) this is your spoiler alert. Here we go.

Matthew, the guy who slashed the tires of the deaf students at Carlton, returns from his suspension and is suspiciously ready to reconcile with Emmett. I’ll get to the suspiciousness about that later. In that same scene, Emmet tells Bay about his plan to get his internet girlfriend, Mandy, a framed photo of one of the pictures she took. Trying to be a good friend Bay volunteers to take it to her friend Logan to get it well done and put together.

Unfortunately for Bay her act of good friendship leads her to make a tough choice when it comes out that Mandy’s photo isn’t actually her’s but she plagiarized it. Now Bay has to figure out how to tell Emmet that his girlfriend is a lying liar who lies. He’s probably not going to take it well but here’s to hoping it’ll end in some Bemmett loving.

Daphne is still trying to figure out which hot guy she’s going to be with this season. It’s obvious to Katherine (and really everyone else) that it’s Campbell she wants to be with but “for some reason” she just can’t see it. It’s probably because he’s in a wheelchair but Daphne struggles to believe that because how could she, who has a handicap, possibly be bothered by someone else’s.

It quickly becomes evident that this is the case, however, when she goes on a date with Campbell and she tries to help him get over the curb and they’re not let into a bar because of his chair. This leads the two to have a fight and eventually Daphne accepts that there’s a lot of stuff she doesn’t understand about Campbell being in a chair and she does feel sorry for him. In a very smooth way, Campbell makes it clear to her that it’s okay and they can work it out.


Get it Campbell!

Regina’s still dealing with the hot mess that is the buy out of East Riverside. Thinking that she’s doing the owner of one of her favorite taco places a favor, she actually ends up helping her boss buy the place at a much smaller cost than it’s real value. Oops. Besides that, because she was so busy doing her work she missed her daughters’ last field hockey game of the season. Regina starts to wonder if all the benefits she’s receiving from her new job or worth the sacrifices and her integrity. (It’s not.)

The big Carlton versus Buckner game went as expected (Carlton lost). What was unexpected is the prank war that came of it. Buckner started it by trashing the Carlton front steps and Bay and Tank retaliated by defacing the Buckner statue. Nothing brings a couple back together like a big prank. Although they then had a fight because Bay didn’t want to have sex but then got back together when Tank apologized. Yay! This couple is very up and down.


Despite Carlton’s loss, Sharee was able to get scouted by a university which could possibly lead to a field hockey scholarship, all thanks to Toby. Speaking of Toby, it seems the other Kennish will be a getting a divorce. His wife, Nikki, finally made an appearance only to say that she loves the mission work she’s doing and plans to continue to do work . . . in Africa.


Surprise indeed. She wants Toby to come but Toby loves his work in the U.S. of A. Recognizing that it would be difficult to stay married while living on two different continents, these two won’t be married for much longer. As much as I didn’t want it to be true this couple was never really meant to last. I hope Toby finds someone though.

Next week is the spring finale and it looks like it’s going to be a doozy filled with lots of drama, fights, and romance. I can’t wait. Check out the promo:

Now before I leave you guys until next week, let’s go back to the suspicious Matthew thing. Here’s my theory: Matthew doesn’t forgive Emmett. He never did. Instead he came up with this insane idea to create this fake profile for some girl named Mandy, found Emmett online, and started chatting with him, making Emmett fall for her. Then Matthew is going to wait until they “meet up” and tell Emmett the truth, that all of it was a lie, and then beat the crap out of him. In summary, Emmett got catfished and Matthew is a jerk. We shall see on Monday.

If you have your own predictions about the finale next week or just want to say hi, leave a comment below.

Sources for photos/GIFs: Tumblr, ABCFamily

Switched at Birth 3X04 Recap


This is episode was awesome, filled with twists I actually wasn’t expecting.

First, all the Bemmett feels!!! The promo last week of course had us all believing that Bemmett would be rekindling their love but sadly we were all hoodwinked. Instead, Emmett is now online dating this girl named, Mandy, which makes Bay very jealous. Like one of those crazy girls jealous. It also doesn’t helped that she got an email from Ty which just reminds her of the other guy that cheated on her (supposedly).

All these emotions eventually leads to Bay starting a fight with Emmett while they star gaze which leads her to kissing him. Emmett pushes her away (with some hesitation I think) making Bay angry because she doesn’t understand how he could’ve cheated on her but not on this Mandy chick. Clearly Bay hasn’t really forgiven Emmett which he points out. After breaking the camera Emmett needed to do his project the fight is over leaving all of us feeling like we were robbed.

That is until Bay apologizes to Emmett, giving him some photos for his project. She also states that she will never bring up the “Simone, cheating thing” ever again so that maybe one day . . . Well I guess we’ll just have to wait in see. Here’s to hoping there’ll be more Bemmett in our future.

Meanwhile Daphne is  dealing with her own love issues. She’s trying to keep her crush on Campbell in check because of the girlfriend she just found out about but that’s easier said than done. But then what better way to get over one guy than to move onto another? Enter Jorge, a nurse at the clinic, who invites Daphne to his sister’s engagement party.

All goes well until Jorge’s sister realizes that it was Daphne who blackmailed Senator Coto and eventually led to his resign. Jorge’s sister basically gives Daphne hell, claiming Coto was on his way to being the first Latino governor of Kansas. Jorge didn’t come to Daphne’s defense leading her to storm out and straight onto a basketball court with Campbell where he then tries to kiss her. So much for staying away.

Daphne, however, pulls away before kissing can ensue, reminding Campbell he’s already in a relationship. Campbell then states that he likes Daphne and wants to be with her and just has to “figure things out” whatever that even means. Daphne’s not having any of it however and storms out of there (she does a lot of storming out this episode).

Back at the hospital Jorge apologizes for leaving Daphne out to dry with his sister which Daphne accepts and leads to a quick make out session in the office. Now that Daphne’s figured out who her new boyfriend of the season all should be right in the world, right? Of course not. As soon as she’s done kissing Jorge, Campbell informs her that he’s now a free man and is single to mingle. Oh dear! Seems like Daphne has a choice to make. Who will she choose? I’m personally rooting for Jorge but who knows?

While the teens deal with their love drama the adults are having their own issues. John is upset that Katherine is doing her own thing and decides to do something solo as well: get a motorcycle. Not his best idea. The bike doesn’t last long as he wipes out and destroys it. This leads him to tell Katherine that he won’t be running for reelection (thank God!).

Regina and Angelo are having money issues as Angelo finally has to admit that they have less money than he originally led Regina to believe. Regina then asks her new partner, Wes, to chip in so she can buy K&D, her new shop. Regina has also convinced Wes to help her renovate an auditorium in East River Side which leads Wes to get the even bigger idea of renovating the whole area which would lead to the buy out of many of the storefronts Regina grew up with. Oops. Seems like Regina has found herself in a pickle. I wonder how this one will work out. Will she choose to keep her hometown the way it is or the money? Only time will tell.

Here’s the promo for next week. Looks like there’ll be even more drama and maybe something happens to Bay? We shall see.