Switched at Birth 3X04 Recap


This is episode was awesome, filled with twists I actually wasn’t expecting.

First, all the Bemmett feels!!! The promo last week of course had us all believing that Bemmett would be rekindling their love but sadly we were all hoodwinked. Instead, Emmett is now online dating this girl named, Mandy, which makes Bay very jealous. Like one of those crazy girls jealous. It also doesn’t helped that she got an email from Ty which just reminds her of the other guy that cheated on her (supposedly).

All these emotions eventually leads to Bay starting a fight with Emmett while they star gaze which leads her to kissing him. Emmett pushes her away (with some hesitation I think) making Bay angry because she doesn’t understand how he could’ve cheated on her but not on this Mandy chick. Clearly Bay hasn’t really forgiven Emmett which he points out. After breaking the camera Emmett needed to do his project the fight is over leaving all of us feeling like we were robbed.

That is until Bay apologizes to Emmett, giving him some photos for his project. She also states that she will never bring up the “Simone, cheating thing” ever again so that maybe one day . . . Well I guess we’ll just have to wait in see. Here’s to hoping there’ll be more Bemmett in our future.

Meanwhile Daphne is  dealing with her own love issues. She’s trying to keep her crush on Campbell in check because of the girlfriend she just found out about but that’s easier said than done. But then what better way to get over one guy than to move onto another? Enter Jorge, a nurse at the clinic, who invites Daphne to his sister’s engagement party.

All goes well until Jorge’s sister realizes that it was Daphne who blackmailed Senator Coto and eventually led to his resign. Jorge’s sister basically gives Daphne hell, claiming Coto was on his way to being the first Latino governor of Kansas. Jorge didn’t come to Daphne’s defense leading her to storm out and straight onto a basketball court with Campbell where he then tries to kiss her. So much for staying away.

Daphne, however, pulls away before kissing can ensue, reminding Campbell he’s already in a relationship. Campbell then states that he likes Daphne and wants to be with her and just has to “figure things out” whatever that even means. Daphne’s not having any of it however and storms out of there (she does a lot of storming out this episode).

Back at the hospital Jorge apologizes for leaving Daphne out to dry with his sister which Daphne accepts and leads to a quick make out session in the office. Now that Daphne’s figured out who her new boyfriend of the season all should be right in the world, right? Of course not. As soon as she’s done kissing Jorge, Campbell informs her that he’s now a free man and is single to mingle. Oh dear! Seems like Daphne has a choice to make. Who will she choose? I’m personally rooting for Jorge but who knows?

While the teens deal with their love drama the adults are having their own issues. John is upset that Katherine is doing her own thing and decides to do something solo as well: get a motorcycle. Not his best idea. The bike doesn’t last long as he wipes out and destroys it. This leads him to tell Katherine that he won’t be running for reelection (thank God!).

Regina and Angelo are having money issues as Angelo finally has to admit that they have less money than he originally led Regina to believe. Regina then asks her new partner, Wes, to chip in so she can buy K&D, her new shop. Regina has also convinced Wes to help her renovate an auditorium in East River Side which leads Wes to get the even bigger idea of renovating the whole area which would lead to the buy out of many of the storefronts Regina grew up with. Oops. Seems like Regina has found herself in a pickle. I wonder how this one will work out. Will she choose to keep her hometown the way it is or the money? Only time will tell.

Here’s the promo for next week. Looks like there’ll be even more drama and maybe something happens to Bay? We shall see.

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