Switched at Birth Recap: “It Isn’t What You Think”



So many things frustrated me about this episode I don’t even know where to begin.

Because I love Bay so much I’ll start with her. Bay, seriously, what are you doing? Please explain.

I get that she feels guilty because of what she did to Tank but the way she’s handling it is so no bueno. She chooses to apologize again and help Tank out by going to a fancy dinner with Tank and his father because Tank now has to break the news to his father that he dropped out of his frat (because of Bay). Honestly Bay doing this really wouldn’t have been too big a deal if a) Emmett hadn’t just found out he got into Gallaudet and wanted to go out and celebrate with his girlfriend and b) if Tank hadn’t “forgot to mention” that he and Bay had broken up to his father. But both of these things occurred and it’s a hot mess.

Tank tells his father the truth (about the frat and him and Bay being just friends) and naturally his father is furious. I don’t really get why his Dad is so pissed. I mean yeah Tank is now ending the three generations in the frat but it’s not like he dropped out of college, as Tank points out. None of that matters to Tank’s father, who then storms out. Tank and Bay then agree to be friends which in theory sounds good but in reality is a terrible idea. First of all anyone with eyes can see that Tank still has feelings for Bay and at this point Bay should know that nothing good comes from remaining friends with an ex. I mean she was friends with Emmett and then cheated on Tank with him. Not good.

To make matters worse Bay then confides in Tank, telling him her fears about aneurysms being hereditary and how she’s scared to go to the doctor and find out. Bay, sweetie, these are things you tell your boyfriend not your ex. Do better. Seriously. Bay is walking a thin line right now I need her to stay on the right side. The Emmett side.

Now, the other switched sister, Daphne, has actually lost it. Previously I allowed her actions because everyone handles grief differently but she went way overboard in this episode. Coming into the house and seeing Wes there totally set Daphne off and she spoke disrespectfully to him then talked to Bad Boy #1 (who’s name I honestly don’t care to learn) telling him that the project was about to break ground. Of course BB#1 takes this as a great opportunity to strike and convinces Daphne to join him.

The two then join forces to graffiti and ultimately destroy the site we’re they’re going to break ground. They do so much damage and Wes says it’ll cost a fortune to get the project back on track … unless they enlist the help of Senator Coto. Regina is still against the idea but Wes tells her it’s the only way they can get the project done and Regina relents.

Meanwhile Melody gives Daphne a stern talking to basically telling Daphne to get over herself and forgive Regina. Naturally once Daphne decides to let it go she goes to Wes’ office and sees Regina and Wes talking to Senator Coto. Oh, dear. This then undos every forgiving thought Daphne had and fuels her anger, leading her to find BB#1 and tell him she doesn’t want to slow down she wants to speed up. I’m guessing “speeding up” will lead to more than kissing but we shall see.

Also, Travis made me very sad this episode. He’s decided to drop out of high school because he didn’t get into Gallaudet and his friend is hooking him up with a job that starts the following Monday. There’s so much that upsets me about this. First, I get that Travis is sad but this is not the best way to handle things. He literally only has three weeks left before graduation. Just graduate. Second, Melody made a good point about how this happens to a lot of deaf kids because there’s not a lot deaf universities and it’s difficult for deaf kids to go to hearing schools. Let be me clear I’m basing this all on Melody’s words not any of my own knowledge. I would never pretend to know what life is like for someone who’s deaf. But I get Melody’s point and I was just saddened to see Travis going down this path. I hope he does graduate. I think he will from pics I’ve seen from the cast but one can’t be too sure.

Lastly, Toby and Lily, the cool English teacher, get into it because of Sharee who needs to make up a test if she has any chance of passing Lily’s class. Lily is absolutely against a make up exam even when Toby tries to convince her so he goes over her head to the principal. Lily then goes to Toby at his apartment infuriated. Of course this then leads them to have sex because somehow that makes sense. Afterwards instead of having pillow talk Toby brings up Sharee again making Lily feel like he only slept with her to get her to change her mind which he denies.

Lily leaves more infuriated than when she first arrived and Toby later goes to the school to apologize and Lily tells him about her deaf brother who was always babied and it wasn’t until her family and everyone else stopped babying him that he really reached his potential. Somehow this explains why she’s so hard on her students. Personally, I don’t really get it but sure, okay. Either way their conflict is resolved and they’re now heading down the road to a relationship. How cute.

I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen next. The promo for the next episode looks so crazy I’m having trouble believing it myself. Check out it below and I’ll see y’all next week.


Switched at Birth 3X11 Recap


So far this episode has been my favorite of all the ABCFamily spring finales I’ve seen this season. Here’s the recap. Beware the spoilers!

First, Toby is all distraught and sad because he realizes that he and Nikki are really going to get a divorce but he truly doesn’t want to because he loves her and “wants to be with her.” That being said he comes up with this crazy idea to just go run off and follow her even though he knows that’s not something he really wants to do.

Katherine, being the wise mom that she is, gives some advice that she should have given her past self way back when. If you start sacrificing the things you want for someone else eventually you’ll come to resent them. She’s able to convince Toby that what he’s doing is crazy so Toby decides not to follow Nikki but instead to take a trip to Ice Land for some crazy reason. Hopefully he remembered to bring a jacket.

Daphne has finally made her choice and she’s officially dating Campbell. To bad she forgot to let Jorge know. He quickly found out the truth, however, when he walked in on them making out.


Talk about awkward. Daphne then explained that Campbell’s the one she wants to be with and Jorge said he understood but asked her to limit the PDA and soon she’d be gone anyway so no worries.

Sadly, for Jorge Daphne has now decided that she wants to be doctor and plans on staying at the clinic after her community service is over. It was not a good day for Jorge. However, when Daphne runs into one of the guys who robbed her food truck she begins to question if she’s really up for this doctor job. If those are the kinds of people she’s going to have to help will she be willing to save their lives?

Her first instinct was absolutely not and went so far as to ask Angelo for a job at his new restaurant. Later, however, her attacker came back in struggling from drug withdrawal and she agreed to help him. She even volunteered. She then realized that people are still people no matter what crappy thing they’d done and she was willing to put her anger and fear aside to help save a life. Go Daphne!


The Vasquez women were all about facing their fears this episode as Regina stands up to her boss and tries to help the people of East Riverside by ensuring they get the money they deserve. Wes of course quickly catches onto what she’s doing and fires her and tells her she has to return her car and the $50,000 he gave her for her business. He also promises to give the residents of East Riverside hell and to blame their troubles all on Regina.

Obviously the residents of East Riverside were not happy about any of this and threw a brick threw the window of Regina’s business, K&D, that had a sign taped to it that said, “Stay out of East Riverside.” We’ll just have to wait until next season to see what happens with that.

Katherine’s book was leaked and she accused Renzo of committing the crime. This led Renzo to let her know his world does not revolve around her and all her issues, and he actually has a friend who’s going through chemo that’s been his main focus.

After talking it out Renzo forgives Katherine for the accusation and tells her that she shouldn’t be afraid of one bad critique of her book and keep trying new adventures. In the end it turns out it was actually her publisher who leaked the book for publicity. And it worked. Good job Katherine!

Lastly, and I’m sure what almost everyone is most excited about, the reunion of Bemmett. As I suggested in my last recap Emmett was indeed being catfished. He didn’t listen to Bay when she told him the photo was stolen and instead accused her of meddling. Bay couldn’t just let it go however, and with the help of Tank, did a reverse image search where she found that “Maddy” was actually a girl who attended a high school close by.

Bay and Tank decided to stake out the school to try to talk to the girl. While waiting Bay and Tank get into another fight about his fraternity because although Tank is now safe from being black balled Bay can’t understand how his friends could’ve not stood up for him. The only reason Tank was able to stay was because his coach vouched for him. Tank of course is upset that Bay is still talking bad about his frat and doesn’t get why she can’t just be supportive. This leads Tank to storming out of the car leaving Bay to deal with the Emmett issue.

After waiting around a while she sees “Mandy” and questions her about why she’s lying to Emmett. First it comes out that the girl isn’t even deaf and that she has no idea who Emmett is and has never spoken to him. Bay is about to leave, feelings embarrassed about calling this girl out when the girl says she has a deaf cousin that might know Emmett. Of course, it’s Matthew.

Realizing what has happened Bay immediately texts Emmett trying to warn him but unfortunately Emmett has been acting like a jerk lately and got his phone taken away so he didn’t get any of Bay’s messages. He therefore goes to the park expecting Mandy but instead opens a picnic basket with a catfish inside and out walks Matthew with a video camera saying, “Gotcha!” Of course, Emmett is furious (rightfully so) and fights Matthew. Matthew then beats up Emmett, leaving him wounded on the ground.

Hours laters Bay shows up to the park, thanks to Travis’ info, and finds Emmett sitting on a rock, hurt. She is of course concerned and asks what happened and he tells her the whole story, admitting that she was right and that he’s so embarrassed. Bay tells him that Matthew is sick and a jerk, it doesn’t matter, and that everyone loves Emmett.

Emmett then asks if she’s including in that list of people that loves him. Bay doesn’t answer and instead reminds him that he came out to the park to be with a different girl. Emmett then reveals that it wasn’t the same as what he had with Bay and that he’s just been trying to find that again with someone else but hasn’t been able to.

Which is when Bay finally admits:

tumblr_n30qy2zEzn1qdfdb6o5_250  tumblr_n30qy2zEzn1qdfdb6o4_250

Insert all the feels.

i love them so much

This love revelation then led to the Bemmett sex scene that fans have been waiting for since season one. Now of course fans have to wait until June 16 to see what happens next.

Obviously there’s a lot of things that need to be addressed. First of all, Bay and Tank did not officially break up. In fact, Tank actually dropped out of his frat, essentially for her. Therefore Bay committed the same crime that Emmett did which made them break up in the first place. I guess we’ve come full circle?

But really, as much as I love Bemmett and am happy to see them together will this last? Because Bay is obviously going to feel guilty about what happened, especially when she finds out what Tank did. Tank is one of the good ones and she messed up and she’s going to have to acknowledge that.

Also how will Emmett take it? Will he just be so happy to have Bay back that he won’t care that once again he’s involved in a cheating scandal? And what will everyone else think? The Kennishs loved Tank and everyone knows how much it hurt Bay when Emmett cheated on her. I can’t see everyone just saying, “Oh, yeah that’s fine. Just get back together.”

Only time will tell. Until next season, let all the Bemmett shippers rejoice.

Sources for photos/GIFs: Tumblr, ABCFamily

Switched at Birth 3X10 Recap


Pranks, make-ups, fights, more make-ups, and some identity crises. That about sums up the last episode of Switched at Birth. If you haven’t watched yet (although really you should have by now) this is your spoiler alert. Here we go.

Matthew, the guy who slashed the tires of the deaf students at Carlton, returns from his suspension and is suspiciously ready to reconcile with Emmett. I’ll get to the suspiciousness about that later. In that same scene, Emmet tells Bay about his plan to get his internet girlfriend, Mandy, a framed photo of one of the pictures she took. Trying to be a good friend Bay volunteers to take it to her friend Logan to get it well done and put together.

Unfortunately for Bay her act of good friendship leads her to make a tough choice when it comes out that Mandy’s photo isn’t actually her’s but she plagiarized it. Now Bay has to figure out how to tell Emmet that his girlfriend is a lying liar who lies. He’s probably not going to take it well but here’s to hoping it’ll end in some Bemmett loving.

Daphne is still trying to figure out which hot guy she’s going to be with this season. It’s obvious to Katherine (and really everyone else) that it’s Campbell she wants to be with but “for some reason” she just can’t see it. It’s probably because he’s in a wheelchair but Daphne struggles to believe that because how could she, who has a handicap, possibly be bothered by someone else’s.

It quickly becomes evident that this is the case, however, when she goes on a date with Campbell and she tries to help him get over the curb and they’re not let into a bar because of his chair. This leads the two to have a fight and eventually Daphne accepts that there’s a lot of stuff she doesn’t understand about Campbell being in a chair and she does feel sorry for him. In a very smooth way, Campbell makes it clear to her that it’s okay and they can work it out.


Get it Campbell!

Regina’s still dealing with the hot mess that is the buy out of East Riverside. Thinking that she’s doing the owner of one of her favorite taco places a favor, she actually ends up helping her boss buy the place at a much smaller cost than it’s real value. Oops. Besides that, because she was so busy doing her work she missed her daughters’ last field hockey game of the season. Regina starts to wonder if all the benefits she’s receiving from her new job or worth the sacrifices and her integrity. (It’s not.)

The big Carlton versus Buckner game went as expected (Carlton lost). What was unexpected is the prank war that came of it. Buckner started it by trashing the Carlton front steps and Bay and Tank retaliated by defacing the Buckner statue. Nothing brings a couple back together like a big prank. Although they then had a fight because Bay didn’t want to have sex but then got back together when Tank apologized. Yay! This couple is very up and down.


Despite Carlton’s loss, Sharee was able to get scouted by a university which could possibly lead to a field hockey scholarship, all thanks to Toby. Speaking of Toby, it seems the other Kennish will be a getting a divorce. His wife, Nikki, finally made an appearance only to say that she loves the mission work she’s doing and plans to continue to do work . . . in Africa.


Surprise indeed. She wants Toby to come but Toby loves his work in the U.S. of A. Recognizing that it would be difficult to stay married while living on two different continents, these two won’t be married for much longer. As much as I didn’t want it to be true this couple was never really meant to last. I hope Toby finds someone though.

Next week is the spring finale and it looks like it’s going to be a doozy filled with lots of drama, fights, and romance. I can’t wait. Check out the promo:

Now before I leave you guys until next week, let’s go back to the suspicious Matthew thing. Here’s my theory: Matthew doesn’t forgive Emmett. He never did. Instead he came up with this insane idea to create this fake profile for some girl named Mandy, found Emmett online, and started chatting with him, making Emmett fall for her. Then Matthew is going to wait until they “meet up” and tell Emmett the truth, that all of it was a lie, and then beat the crap out of him. In summary, Emmett got catfished and Matthew is a jerk. We shall see on Monday.

If you have your own predictions about the finale next week or just want to say hi, leave a comment below.

Sources for photos/GIFs: Tumblr, ABCFamily

Switched at Birth 3X09 Recap


This week we were blessed with awkward moments, a couple fight, love triangle drama, and pent up aggression. All in all I think this week made up for the hot mess dance episode we were given last week.

Let’s start with Bay and Tank. Mary Beth is still not digging this relationship ever since the whole “dog fight” party thing. Though I completely understand why Mary Beth would be upset about that she shouldn’t take it out on Tank and his relationship with Bay. Tank is a good guy and she should at least give him a chance. I mean just look at how cute they are:


Even so, Mary Beth is totally not on board so when Bay and Tank come up with the “brilliant” idea to set Mary Beth up so she has to hang out with Tank, Mary Beth isn’t having it and storms out leading to her finally telling Bay the truth: Ty didn’t cheat.


Talk about a bombshell. Needless to say Bay didn’t take this very well leading her to run to her other ex, Emmett, asking for some much needed advice. After talking everything through Bay finally goes to talk to Tank who’s not at all happy that he came in third place (after her two ex’s) before she finally thought to even talk to him about it.

To be fair I can see why Tank would be angry. The chemistry between Bay and Emmett is still there (and probably always will be) so of course Tank is not going to be 100 percent comfortable with their friendship. Even so, Tank loses it, feeling like Bay will never forgive him for the “dog fight” thing and keep judging him for being in a frat.

Of course that’s when one of his frat brothers walks in talking about how he’s dating two girls and Bay says, “Maybe one day these girls are all going to get together and host their own dog fight.”

Oh dear!


Yeah not good. Bay and Tank try to cover up the slip but it’s too late. Now Tank might get blackballed by his frat and he’s pissed at Bay, not even sitting next to her in art class. Seems like this ship is going down fast. Will Bay be able to convince Tank to give them another try or will she not even try to mend the relationship at all?

Speaking of relationships, Daphne is still juggling her two guys and honestly she’s getting on my last nerve. Campbell and Jorge are friends and they’re both being really nice about it but how long is she going to string them both along? And she’s obviously enjoying the attention as she flirts with both guys.

Other than her “boy problems” Daphne is struggling with having Angelo around and him always talking about his baby.


Daphne hates it that Angelo is so in love with his new daughter, Abby, because he left when she was a kid and although she claimed to have forgiven him for it, it obviously still bothers her and rightfully so. Having your father walk out on you is not something you get over easily. Especially when you’re certain it’s because you went deaf.

After going off on Angelo because she missed her opportunity to talk to a Doctor about summer opportunities Daphne breaks down with Mama Regina and releases all her pent up anger. I think this was a great step for Daphne and although I still can’t stand her I’m glad she finally said what was bothering her and hopefully this will lead to a better relationship between her and Angelo.

Toby, or the other Kennish as I like to call him since he’s constantly overshadowed by his sisters’ drama, is missing his wife who’s still doing service in some country which is awesome but kind of cut into their honeymoon time. Also, now she wants him to join her but Toby’s not going for it. He likes his job as the field hockey coach at Carlton and after tutoring Sharee I think he may even give teaching a try. Only time will tell.

The Kennish parents are now trying to work together to keep the marriage in tact and this leads John to come up with a brilliant idea to bring adventure to Katherine’s life: group sex!



Okay, I don’t think this was John’s original plan but he did invite his friends over with the idea to get wild. It was his friends idea to have the group sex. Although at first it seems that Katherine and John are going to go for it they both decide it’s not for them.

This is when John’s friend let’s it slip that they used to do “triple plays” back in the day leaving Katherine to wonder what exactly does that mean? But not in an accusatory way. Instead she wants knowledge for her book and John begrudgingly obeys. Telling her everything she wants to know, this sharing session actually brings this closer. You go Kennishs!



Sadly, this season (or first half of the season? I really never understand the ABC Family schedule) is coming to an end. Even so, things seem to be picking up and I’m all too excited to see what happens next. Below is the promo for the next episode. Enjoy!


Switched at Birth 3X07 Recap

Source: ABCFamily

Last night, Switched at Birth had a lot of drama, dealing with some tough issues. As always there will be spoilers; you’ve been warned.

First, Daphne tries to help Sharee deal with her mom who is clearly struggling with her mental health. Daphne is finally able to convince Daphne to take her mother to see a psychologist at the clinic but they get her there under false pretenses, telling her that Sharee needs a flu shot.

Of course, Daphne and Sharee’s plan doesn’t go smoothly as the psychologist is late and Sharee’s mom quickly realizes what she’s really there for and storms out taking Sharee with her. It’s not until Daphne goes into the room to check on the doctor that she realizes that Sharee’s mom didn’t just leave but stabbed the doctor on the way out. This leaves Daphne in a difficult situation as she has to puncture a needle into the doctor’s chest to help him breath and survive.


Working through her fear Daphne is able to save the day. Sharee’s mom is of course arrested and though Daphne would love to take Sharee in, Regina let’s her know it’s not possible. Even so, Sharee’s great-aunt is coming to stay with her as they work everything out. Hopefully everything works out for Sharee and her mom will now get the help she needs.

Last night, we finally got to see some characters that were missing from the show last week. Emmett and Travis have interviews for Galludet but Travis misses his, and tells Melody it was because he was helping Mary Beth with her car so she could get to work on time (lies!). Melody quickly learns the truth at dinner when Mary Beth admits she works on campus, only a few blocks from her dorm. This leads to a fight between Melody and Travis in which Travis tells Melody she’s not his mom. Ouch!


However, later, Mary Beth makes a good point to Melody, reminding her that Travis has never lived in a household with people who love him and understand him and he probably doesn’t feel ready to leave that nest just yet. This leads Melody to tell Travis that she will help him every step of the way while he applies to and goes to school and that even when he goes away he’ll still have a home to come back to. Awwww!


Also, Melody was getting her flirt on with her ex-husband’s audiologist, Gabe, who by the end of the episode she makes plans to go on a date with. You go Melody. Get it girl!


The Kennish’s are still having their issues. Though Kathryn kicked John out of the house, he somehow still believes that she’s “overreacting” and just needs to accept their apology and move on. Silly John!


Meanwhile he’s still living in Toby’s apartment, driving Toby crazy with his messiness. Kathryn, on the other hand, is making head way on her book and doesn’t seem particularly inclined to let John back in the house anytime soon (and rightly so).

The fear of their parent’s impending divorce (maybe?) leads Bay and Toby to think of a plan to get them back together. Using trickery and lies they’re able to get Kathryn and John to an old restaurant they all used to go to as a family.

As could be expected this plan did not turn out the way the kids expected and instead leads to a fight between Kathryn and John in which Kathryn asks if they even have anything in common anymore. It’s then that she realizes she’s changed and she’s not happy with the life they’ve made for themselves anymore.


Yeah that was a serious realization for Kathryn to make and I’m glad she finally said what she was feeling. While they’re dealing with their issues Bay’s hand starts acting up and they have to take her to the doctor where it’s revealed that there’s ripped tendons in her hand and she’s going to need surgery. The doctor doesn’t guarantee that she’ll be able to do art ever again. Poor Bay.


Here’s to hoping it works out for her.

Lastly, Regina and Wes are starting their East River side project, and they have a town hall meeting where, Regina’s mom, Adriana, shows up and raises some serious questions about what this development is going to mean for East River side residents. Wes doesn’t approve of this and tells Regina to get her mother under control (say what?). Regina actually does it but Adriana accuses Wes of using her for “the color of her skin”.

After Regina thinks about this she asks Wes if this is true and he admits that it is beneficial that she’s a Latina but claims that’s not why he originally hired her. Regina says she’s going to quit but Wes makes it clear that it’ll cost her a lot to get of their contract, basically challenging her to do so. In conclusion, Wes is evil but I think we all knew that from the start.

Next week’s episode looks like it’ll have a lot less drama and instead a whole lot of dancing. Also, it looks as if this episode will have some Bank and Bemmett in it. Sounds like there’s another love triangle in the works (but let’s face it we all knew that was going to happen).

I’m excited to see exactly what this episode will entail and can’t wait to see everyone’s dancing skills (or lack thereof). Check out the preview below and let me know your thoughts.

Key moment:

tumblr_n1j5w5wA8l1qf822ao1_r1_250 tumblr_n1j5w5wA8l1qf822ao2_r1_250

tumblr_n1j5w5wA8l1qf822ao3_r1_250 tumblr_n1j5w5wA8l1qf822ao4_r1_250


Photos and Gifs from ABCFamily and Tumblr

Switched at Birth 3X06 Recap

Source: ABCFamily
Source: ABCFamily

(Warning: This post will contain spoilers. Read at your own risk)

This week on Switched at Birth Bank shippers got what they’ve been all waiting for: the kiss! Yes Bay finally recognized that she does in fact have feelings for Tank and we all know Tank had feelings for her, that was a given from the get go.

However, what was a surprise is Tank’s fraternity’s “dog fight”. Bay learns about the party from Mary Beth who was invited to attend by one of the guys in Tank’s frat, which leads Bay (in classic Bay fashion) to ask why she wasn’t invited.

The truth then comes out that the fraternity (Omega Psi) has planned this “dog fight” in which each guy is supposed to bring an ugly girl. This is of course ridiculous because Mary Beth is gorgeous, which Bay points out. This leads to a fight between Bay and Tank because although Tank disagrees with the frat’s idea he still wants to be a part of it. Bay then storms out, not knowing if she can date a guy in a frat like that.

Although Tank tells her not to, Bay of course tells Mary Beth which she has every right to do (sisters before misters always). Later, Tank goes back to the Kennish house and apologizes to Bay and tells her that he anonymously told the Inter-Fraternity Council about the “dog fight”. Though Bay is hesitant she decides to give Tank a chance.

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr

Even though I am still a die hard Bemmett fan I have to say I’m glad this Bank ship finally set sail. I think Tank is a really sweet guy and as Bay said herself, that’s what she needs right now.

Meanwhile, Daphne is dealing with her love-triangle. Though she is technically dating Jorge she clearly still has feelings for Campbell and everyone knows it, including Jorge. This becomes especially evident when Daphne decides to throw Campbell a surprise 21st birthday party and invites all his snow boarding buddies; even Campbell’s (hateful) ex-girlfriend comes.

Daphne’s feelings for Campbell become explicitly clear when Campbell wants to go snowboarding with his body that could lead him to have a irrevocable brain injury if he gets hurt. Campbell and Daphne have a fight (in front of Jorge) in which Daphne says, “I care about you!”. Campbell initially chooses to go but then quickly comes back realizing it’s probably not the best idea. Daphne is ecstatic which finally leads Jorge to ask if she has feelings for Campbell. Thankfully, Daphne is honest and says she has feelings for both of them and she needs to make a choice. Which led Jorge to leave, telling her to let him know when she came to a decision. Basically:



Daphne better figure it out soon before she loses both guys. I, for one, am on team Jorge but that’s just my personal opinion.



In parent world, this one was all about the Kennishs as both parents were keeping secrets. Kathryn was hiding the truth about what her novel was really about and John was neglecting to mention that Janice, Toby’s mother-in-law, kissed him. Talk about awkward.



Of course as it goes with all secrets, both of these secrets are revealed, leading to John being kicked out of the house and staying with Toby who’s not happy about it at all. Though we all know it was Janice that initiated the kiss I think we can all agree that John has been acting like a dick (more than usual) lately and hopefully this time away will teach him a lesson like his heart attack did with Regina. Only time will tell.

Next week’s episode looks like it’s going to be major. Bay might lose her ability to do art (at least with her right hand – possible story line?) which would be a huge bummer considering she wants to go Pratt and art is her life. Also the drama between the Kennish parents will continue and Regina might have to figure out what’s more important: her morals or her job. Also, Daphne seems to be in a pickle that could lead to someone’s death? Watch the preview below and comment your thoughts. (Side note: Why do these previews always have to be so overly dramatic? Or is it just me?)