Switched at Birth Recap: “The Image Disappears”


If you follow me on Twitter you know that I was in complete denial this whole episode. I still can’t believe it and I’m very upset with the writers. Let’s just get straight to the point. Angelo is gone. After his accident he went brain dead and there was no reviving him. What I hoped was a very bad dream turned out to be very true and I couldn’t be more upset. Let’s start from the beginning.

The episode begins with everyone arriving at the hospital, stressed because Angelo is in grave condition. Although he pulls through his surgery the doctor warns that there could be serious brain damage but also states that since he’s young and healthy there may be a chance (there wasn’t).

After Bay, Regina, and Daphne go in to see Angelo the doctor tells Daphne if the number on the machine that’s hooked up to Angelo goes above 20 that’s no bueno. Regina then convinces Daphne to leave and go take the SATs that she’d studied so hard for. I personally think it was a little ludicrous for Regina to expect Daphne to sit through an exam like that after all she was going through but it is what it is. Daphne leaves, telling Toby to let her know if the number goes above 20. Of course, because everything has to go terribly wrong in this episode, it does.

Meanwhile Kathryn and Regina pray for Angelo’s recovery and Bay decides to donate blood in an effort to help Angelo. While donating she passes out and has this really sweet dream of Angelo helping her as she gives birth to twins. Then she’s gently awakened by Emmett, her knight in shining armor. Aww.


At the test Daphne has to give the proctor her phone and of course it starts to go off during the exam. Having to make a choice Daphne picks up the phone and she is dismissed (rather harshly) from the exam. Running back to the hospital Angelo has been rushed off to the OR. Daphne tells Bay she went to take the SAT and Bay rings her a new one, asking how she could possibly leave to take a test in such dire circumstances. Little does Bay know that was the last thing Daphne wanted to do in the first place.

When Angelo gets out of surgery the doctor says he’s brain dead leaving everyone shocked and wondering what to do. Angelo can continue to live off of all the machines he’s hooked up to but he’s essentially gone. Well, at least this is what the doctors say. Every one is in denial about this point at first.

John, who feels guilty because Angelo asked him for a loan and he said no, is looking for any doctor that can give them a different diagnosis. He fails to find one and is forced to admit there’s nothing he can do. Daphne talks to the doctor who explains to her Angelo’s not coming back. He shows her two x-rays of Angelo’s brain, one that shows the blood flowing there and one that shows no blood flowing at all. The doctor then suggests that the family consider doing organ donation.

Daphne tells Bay about her plan and Bay is outraged asking Daphne how she could possibly want to break Angelo down and “sell him for parts like a used car”. Again, ouch. Bay is throwing some hard punches in this episode. Speaking of low blows when John suggests to Regina they let Angelo go she accuses him of being glad that Angelo’s finally out of their lives. She later apologizes however.

Bay and Emmett go to Angelo’s apartment on a search for a phone number for his mother so they can call her and let her know what’s happening. While searching the apartment they find Angelo’s last will and testament. Surprisingly, Angelo states that in the case that he can no longer function or make choices for himself he would like to be taken off ventilation. Bay, who still doesn’t want to let go, doesn’t want to believe it and even suggests they pretend they never saw it. Oh, dear. Thankfully Emmett is able to talk some sense into her and they bring the will to the hospital where Regina is forced to face the truth as well.

Realizing what Angelo would have wanted they agree to take Angelo off of the ventilator and donate his viable organs. Bay then calls Angelo’s mother in France and tells her the bad news. In a touching moment Bay and Daphne watch as Angelo’s mother says goodbye to him, in French, on the phone.

It is later when they’re talking to a different doctor(?) about what organs will be donated the family learns that Angelo suffered a brain aneurysm. The doctor suggests it could have been caused by extreme stress or anger or a number of other things. However, all Daphne can really hear is anger and once the deed is done Daphne rips into Regina blaming her for Angelo’s death.

Throughout the episode there was also a recurring flashback of Angelo and Regina in the hospital when he accused her of cheating. Towards the end Regina imagines a different ending where he doesn’t leave and they work it out instead wasting all those years apart. Daphne also imagines Angelo coming in on her wedding day and seeing her in her dress. Basically there were a bunch of scenes that made me cry.


As I remain in denial it seems that Angelo is really gone and I will never understand why the writers did this to me. Still this was a very deep and thought provoking episode that I wasn’t expecting from Switched at Birth. The acting was superb and despite all my tears it was a great episode.

Check out the preview for next week below.

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Switched at Birth Recap: “Oh, Future!”


Let all the Bemmett shippers release a happy sigh. Awwww!

A lot went down in this episode and overall it was fantastic. Let’s begin.

Turns out Bemmett wasn’t the couple that was preggars this season. Instead it’s Emmett’s Dad (Cameron) and his girlfriend (now wife), Debbie. In a very shocking twist Emmett, Bay, Melody, and her new beau, Gabe, went to Cameron’s house for a housewarming party that turned into a wedding and then a baby announcement. Awkward!

Emmett was not in a congratulatory mood, especially since he didn’t even want to go to the party in the first place. The only reason he went was because Bay really wanted to go. Or at least that’s how she made it seem. The truth is she found out that Melody was offered a job in Wisconsin and was scared Emmett would leave with her. Therefore in a poor attempt to show that maybe living with his Dad wouldn’t be a bad idea she insisted on going to the housewarming. Oh Bay. Always scheming.

Obviously Bay’s plan failed not that it mattered because Melody decided she wasn’t going to leave because she had too many reasons to stay (including her hot boyfriend and of course her sons). Emmett eventually accepted that he’s going to have a little bro and by the end actually seems a little excited about it.

The best part of this episode was seeing Bay and Melody be so friendly and Melody saying Emmett needed both of them in his life right now. It’s a big step up from how Melody first felt about the Bemmett pairing. They’ve come a long way.

Speaking of new friendships Kathryn and Sarah Lazar hit it off over lunch when Kathryn tried to explain why she couldn’t get the slutty news reporter character taken out of the book. Although Sarah argued that Kathryn could’ve tried harder she let it go as long as Kathryn agreed to accept the fact that there would be a movie based on Sarah’s switched at birth book.

After that the two became gal pals, drinking wine and even calling Kathryn’s publisher and telling her off. And then what better way to seal a new best friendship than to ask if they’ve ever slept with your spouse. Yeah, that’s not weird. However, Sarah took it in stride, and honestly told Kathryn that although she did try once John never cheated. You go John!

As Daphne and Bay prepare to graduate Daphne has to seriously consider her financial options (college is not free, unfortunately). Bay tells her J&K would be happy to chip in but Daphne isn’t for it. Instead, with the support of Regina, she applies for a Latina scholarship. Although I do get where she’s coming from the truth of the matter is she’s not actually Puerto Rican and it would be unfair if she did get the scholarship.

Also, Regina kind of flipped out on John and Kathryn when they offered to pay Daphne’s tuition but truthfully she was just upset that they could give Daphne something she couldn’t. In the end Regina realized that if there was an opportunity for Daphne to go to a good school and reach her dreams then Regina shouldn’t stand in the way. It was a great moment for them and I get where Regina’s coming from. It’s hard to raise your kid one way and then have someone swoop in and change the game but she definitely made the right choice. To have someone pay your tuition in full is a blessing not a charity.

Lastly, we got to see some great interactions between Mary Beth and Travis (I missed them!). The (cute) couple staked out a BBQ restaurant in the hopes of seeing Travis’ favorite football player, Derrick Coleman, the first deaf offensive player in the NFL. Awesome!

As they waited for Coleman to arrive Mary Beth and Travis ended up in a fight because Travis didn’t want to talk about his family and claimed that Mary Beth never wanted to talk about hers either so she shouldn’t push it. However the truth is Mary Beth felt Travis didn’t want to hear about her brother but she really does want to talk about it. After working it out Travis accepted that Mary Beth needed to talk about her brother even if it made her sad and Mary Beth accepted that Travis wasn’t ready to talk about his family just yet and then all was well in the world again. And of course Coleman did show up and it was fantastic.

That’s about it for this week. Toby comes back next week, yay! But someone gets hurt next week as well. Not yay. I have no guesses on who the person could be (just kidding it’s probably Wes) but it definitely will have something to do with the gun Regina’s getting. Oh, dear. I guess we’ll have to wait until next week to see how this all goes down. Check out the preview below.

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Switched at Birth Recap: “Love Among Ruins”



Switched at Birth has finally returned and with a bang, no less. If you haven’t watched the episode (shame on you; it’s Wednesday) then stop right here because there will be spoilers.

First, Regina has to deal with the fact that she’s now a target because of her the East Riverside project even though she quit her job with Wes. She tries to keep the brick through the window incident under wraps or at least make it seem like it’s less of a big deal than it really it is but of course the truth eventually comes out (as it always does).

Surprisingly, however, Katherine and John actually support Regina rather than badger her for not telling them the truth about the brick through her window. Instead they tell her they support her choices and thinks that she shouldn’t let anyone stop her from her dream of fixing East Riverside. For the first time in a long time I actually like John. And then he ruined the feeling later on in the episode but we’ll get to that later.

After talking to the Kennish’s, Regina decides to get her job back and continue on with the project at the dismay of Daphne who just confronted the vandalists, telling them off and letting them know Regina didn’t even work for Wes anymore. Oops.

Another shocking moment was Daphne confiding in Angelo. In the mid-season finale we saw a little bit of a relationship forming between the two but this really sealed the deal. Daphne asks Angelo to do two things for her: first, he needs to learn how to sign and second, she asked him to move in.

And then this happened:


What a cute little family. Here’s to hoping it lasts.

Moving on, the major point of the episode (obviously) was the reuniting of Bemmett. Finally.

These two love sick teens were a little too eager to get back together and seemingly forgot about using protection leading Bay to have to take the morning after pill. From the looks of it, it was not enjoyable. The pill, not the reuniting.

However, in the words of Daphne I cannot picture Bay and Emmett as teen parents so I think Bay did what she had to do and I’m proud of her for recognizing she made a mistake and quickly rectifying it.

What she didn’t rectify, though, was her relationship status with Tank. Of course Bay felt terribly guilty for cheating on him, especially knowing what it feels like to be cheated on, which is why she knew she had to be honest with Tank and break up with him. Still, once Tank revealed that he quit his frat Bay found it very difficult to get the words out.

After having a little fight with Emmett and looking through what I’m going to now refer to as her “Emmett Box” Bay realized that even though she and Emmett didn’t handle things well she still wanted to be with him (yes!) and that she had to break up with Tank. Eventually (aka probably next episode).

Now why John lost points with me towards the episode is because he went to use Bay’s computer to look up the weather and saw her last Google search was “Where to buy the morning after pill?” First of all, John obviously can’t spell “weather”. Secondly, I do believe it truly was an accident but by the looks of the preview for the next episode John is going to do what he always does and just jump to a conclusion that will ultimately be wrong and cause more problems. And truthfully I think I’m just always looking for reasons not to like John.


While Bay was trying to figure out how to get out of one relationship and into a new (old?) one, Emmett was dealing with his Matthew problem. Matthew wasn’t playing around when he said he’d tell the whole school, as he printed out screen shots of conversations Emmett had with “Mandy” and threw them all around the school.

Melody, being the smart mother she is, quickly realizes that Emmett is hiding something and it’s not good. Emmett eventually confesses that “Mandy” wasn’t real and it had all been a prank set up by Matthew. Emmett felt stupid for being played but Melody informed him that he shouldn’t be embarrassed and that he had been cyberbullied. Go Melody!

After agreeing to tell the principal about it Matthew confronts Emmett reminding him of a “picture” Emmett sent “Mandy”. If I had to guess I’d say it was picture of Emmett’s private area but that’s just a guess. Either way Matthew spooked Emmett so much that when asked if what Melody said was true Emmett denied it saying it was all just a joke.

Melody was furious, and rightly so. However, as angry as she may have been with Emmett she was even more angry with Matthew who she knew was messing with her son.


Yeah, things got intense. Sadly, Melody then got suspended.


It’s not right, it’s not fair, and I seriously hope something happens to Matthew because he’s the absolute worst. Here’s to hoping Melody gets reinstated ASAP and Regina doesn’t get hurt in the next episode. Check out the preview below.

That’s all for now. Until next week SAB fans.

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