Switched at Birth Recap: “Girl with the Death Mask (She Plays Alone)”


This episode could be summed up in three words: Daphne lost it.

I don’t blame Daphne for losing it, really I don’t. I never liked her but the truth is she just lost someone that she was just starting to really get to know and like and she blames her mother for his death. That’s a lot of emotions to deal with. Even if this episode was two weeks later.

If you didn’t watch this episode yet stop reading here because there’ll be plenty of spoilers. Here we go.

Bay and Daphne are both still recovering from the loss of Angelo and Regina, Kathryn, and John are doing just about everything in their power to help them get past it but to no avail. That is until Bay gets a letter from her grandmother (Angelo’s mother) telling her about a cousin Angelo stayed with a few years back who should know that Angelo is now dead.

Using this to their advantage Kathryn and John suggest taking a trip there (Chicago) and bringing Daphne along so she can visit Northwestern. The switched sisters begrudgingly agree and let John drag them across the country (with snacks provided by Kathryn).

Daphne is still pissed off at Regina and as hard as Regina tries Daphne won’t forgive her making a bad situation even worse for Regina who’s barely holding it together. This is evident by the fact that Regina completely spaced on Abby and one of her father’s visit to the house. Thankfully Kathryn steps in and takes over helping out with Abby as her father spills that Daddy #2 has stepped out and Abby has quickly gone from having three dads to having one. Is she even one yet? Wow.

Kathryn hoping to cheer up Abby’s papa calls Renzo and invites him over which may have been a good idea if Renzo didn’t suddenly turn into a nervous hot mess of a man that decided to make a three course dinner that didn’t turn out so well. Renzo ends up leaving in despair, embarrassed and disappointed but Abby’s daddy appreciates Kathryn’s efforts and thanks her.

Meanwhile in Chicago Daphne goes off with a premed nerd at Northwestern to learn more about the program but instead makes a good nerd go bad and convinces him to do coke with her. Yep, that happened. Things quickly escalate and they end up throwing his couch off the roof and Daphne almost destroys the nerd’s laptop. I personally got really stressed for him then. Losing your laptop in the middle of the school year is never good.

While Daphne was experimenting Bay was learning more about her family history. Although her cousin turned about to be a bit of jerk, not really feeling any kind of sympathy about Bay losing her father and trying to weasel some money out of John, he did reveal some much needed information to Bay. Turns out Angelo had a sister who died at 18 also from an aneurysm. I guess maybe now Daphne should stop blaming Regina for his death because it might just be a hereditary condition. Of course this is not good news for Bay who realizes she’s 18 and there might be a chance she’s next. Hopefully Bay doesn’t keep this information to herself and get’s checked out ASAP.

Later Bay and Daphne reunite at Northwestern where Daphne tells Bay how she kind of lost it and that she thinks Regina caused Angelo’s death. Of course Bay defends Regina because Bay knows the truth but doesn’t tell Daphne that, making Daphne even more pissed off.

Everyone then returns to the Kennish-Vasquez household where Daphne finally completely loses it with Regina even telling her that she got high and asking Regina what is she going to do about. Ouch. To end the show on a happier not there was then a cute moment between Bay and Abby where Bay realizes she had a piece of Angelo closer to her than she thought. Awww.

tumblr_n94odhZ7RA1tpb8tko3_250 tumblr_n94odhZ7RA1tpb8tko9_250

In the middle of all that upheaval Toby had his first DJing gig which he invited everyone he possibly knows to. Including his upstairs neighbor who turns out to be a teacher at Carlton, Ms. Summers. It is a small world after all.

Emmett and Mary Beth show up at the bar (or was it a club?) and Tank is there. Awkward. Thankfully Tank assumes Emmett is Travis and everyone else just plays along. That is until Travis actually shows up and Ms. Summers reprimands Emmett for drinking, calling him by name.

Tank, drunk and pissed, attempts to take a swing at Emmett embarrassing himself by falling over. I truly felt bad for Tank in that moment. It’s obvious he’s been having a hard time since he and Bay broke up. After Toby and Ms. Summers takes Tank back to Toby’s place Toby even offers to let Tank crash on his couch. Looks like someone just got a new roomie.


Also I totally ship Toby and Ms. Summers. She’s cute, has a great accent, and is just all around awesome. My only question is how old is she? I mean Toby’s legally an adult and can date whomever but I’m just curious. Either way I think she would be a good fit for Toby.

It looks like next week will be even more interesting with Daphne still lashing out and Bay going out with Tank? What’s going on here? We’ll just have to wait until next week. Check out the promo below.

Switched at Birth Recap: “The Image Disappears”


If you follow me on Twitter you know that I was in complete denial this whole episode. I still can’t believe it and I’m very upset with the writers. Let’s just get straight to the point. Angelo is gone. After his accident he went brain dead and there was no reviving him. What I hoped was a very bad dream turned out to be very true and I couldn’t be more upset. Let’s start from the beginning.

The episode begins with everyone arriving at the hospital, stressed because Angelo is in grave condition. Although he pulls through his surgery the doctor warns that there could be serious brain damage but also states that since he’s young and healthy there may be a chance (there wasn’t).

After Bay, Regina, and Daphne go in to see Angelo the doctor tells Daphne if the number on the machine that’s hooked up to Angelo goes above 20 that’s no bueno. Regina then convinces Daphne to leave and go take the SATs that she’d studied so hard for. I personally think it was a little ludicrous for Regina to expect Daphne to sit through an exam like that after all she was going through but it is what it is. Daphne leaves, telling Toby to let her know if the number goes above 20. Of course, because everything has to go terribly wrong in this episode, it does.

Meanwhile Kathryn and Regina pray for Angelo’s recovery and Bay decides to donate blood in an effort to help Angelo. While donating she passes out and has this really sweet dream of Angelo helping her as she gives birth to twins. Then she’s gently awakened by Emmett, her knight in shining armor. Aww.


At the test Daphne has to give the proctor her phone and of course it starts to go off during the exam. Having to make a choice Daphne picks up the phone and she is dismissed (rather harshly) from the exam. Running back to the hospital Angelo has been rushed off to the OR. Daphne tells Bay she went to take the SAT and Bay rings her a new one, asking how she could possibly leave to take a test in such dire circumstances. Little does Bay know that was the last thing Daphne wanted to do in the first place.

When Angelo gets out of surgery the doctor says he’s brain dead leaving everyone shocked and wondering what to do. Angelo can continue to live off of all the machines he’s hooked up to but he’s essentially gone. Well, at least this is what the doctors say. Every one is in denial about this point at first.

John, who feels guilty because Angelo asked him for a loan and he said no, is looking for any doctor that can give them a different diagnosis. He fails to find one and is forced to admit there’s nothing he can do. Daphne talks to the doctor who explains to her Angelo’s not coming back. He shows her two x-rays of Angelo’s brain, one that shows the blood flowing there and one that shows no blood flowing at all. The doctor then suggests that the family consider doing organ donation.

Daphne tells Bay about her plan and Bay is outraged asking Daphne how she could possibly want to break Angelo down and “sell him for parts like a used car”. Again, ouch. Bay is throwing some hard punches in this episode. Speaking of low blows when John suggests to Regina they let Angelo go she accuses him of being glad that Angelo’s finally out of their lives. She later apologizes however.

Bay and Emmett go to Angelo’s apartment on a search for a phone number for his mother so they can call her and let her know what’s happening. While searching the apartment they find Angelo’s last will and testament. Surprisingly, Angelo states that in the case that he can no longer function or make choices for himself he would like to be taken off ventilation. Bay, who still doesn’t want to let go, doesn’t want to believe it and even suggests they pretend they never saw it. Oh, dear. Thankfully Emmett is able to talk some sense into her and they bring the will to the hospital where Regina is forced to face the truth as well.

Realizing what Angelo would have wanted they agree to take Angelo off of the ventilator and donate his viable organs. Bay then calls Angelo’s mother in France and tells her the bad news. In a touching moment Bay and Daphne watch as Angelo’s mother says goodbye to him, in French, on the phone.

It is later when they’re talking to a different doctor(?) about what organs will be donated the family learns that Angelo suffered a brain aneurysm. The doctor suggests it could have been caused by extreme stress or anger or a number of other things. However, all Daphne can really hear is anger and once the deed is done Daphne rips into Regina blaming her for Angelo’s death.

Throughout the episode there was also a recurring flashback of Angelo and Regina in the hospital when he accused her of cheating. Towards the end Regina imagines a different ending where he doesn’t leave and they work it out instead wasting all those years apart. Daphne also imagines Angelo coming in on her wedding day and seeing her in her dress. Basically there were a bunch of scenes that made me cry.


As I remain in denial it seems that Angelo is really gone and I will never understand why the writers did this to me. Still this was a very deep and thought provoking episode that I wasn’t expecting from Switched at Birth. The acting was superb and despite all my tears it was a great episode.

Check out the preview for next week below.

 Source for Photos/GIFs: ABCFamily and Tumblr