Switched at Birth Recap: “Love Among Ruins”



Switched at Birth has finally returned and with a bang, no less. If you haven’t watched the episode (shame on you; it’s Wednesday) then stop right here because there will be spoilers.

First, Regina has to deal with the fact that she’s now a target because of her the East Riverside project even though she quit her job with Wes. She tries to keep the brick through the window incident under wraps or at least make it seem like it’s less of a big deal than it really it is but of course the truth eventually comes out (as it always does).

Surprisingly, however, Katherine and John actually support Regina rather than badger her for not telling them the truth about the brick through her window. Instead they tell her they support her choices and thinks that she shouldn’t let anyone stop her from her dream of fixing East Riverside. For the first time in a long time I actually like John. And then he ruined the feeling later on in the episode but we’ll get to that later.

After talking to the Kennish’s, Regina decides to get her job back and continue on with the project at the dismay of Daphne who just confronted the vandalists, telling them off and letting them know Regina didn’t even work for Wes anymore. Oops.

Another shocking moment was Daphne confiding in Angelo. In the mid-season finale we saw a little bit of a relationship forming between the two but this really sealed the deal. Daphne asks Angelo to do two things for her: first, he needs to learn how to sign and second, she asked him to move in.

And then this happened:


What a cute little family. Here’s to hoping it lasts.

Moving on, the major point of the episode (obviously) was the reuniting of Bemmett. Finally.

These two love sick teens were a little too eager to get back together and seemingly forgot about using protection leading Bay to have to take the morning after pill. From the looks of it, it was not enjoyable. The pill, not the reuniting.

However, in the words of Daphne I cannot picture Bay and Emmett as teen parents so I think Bay did what she had to do and I’m proud of her for recognizing she made a mistake and quickly rectifying it.

What she didn’t rectify, though, was her relationship status with Tank. Of course Bay felt terribly guilty for cheating on him, especially knowing what it feels like to be cheated on, which is why she knew she had to be honest with Tank and break up with him. Still, once Tank revealed that he quit his frat Bay found it very difficult to get the words out.

After having a little fight with Emmett and looking through what I’m going to now refer to as her “Emmett Box” Bay realized that even though she and Emmett didn’t handle things well she still wanted to be with him (yes!) and that she had to break up with Tank. Eventually (aka probably next episode).

Now why John lost points with me towards the episode is because he went to use Bay’s computer to look up the weather and saw her last Google search was “Where to buy the morning after pill?” First of all, John obviously can’t spell “weather”. Secondly, I do believe it truly was an accident but by the looks of the preview for the next episode John is going to do what he always does and just jump to a conclusion that will ultimately be wrong and cause more problems. And truthfully I think I’m just always looking for reasons not to like John.


While Bay was trying to figure out how to get out of one relationship and into a new (old?) one, Emmett was dealing with his Matthew problem. Matthew wasn’t playing around when he said he’d tell the whole school, as he printed out screen shots of conversations Emmett had with “Mandy” and threw them all around the school.

Melody, being the smart mother she is, quickly realizes that Emmett is hiding something and it’s not good. Emmett eventually confesses that “Mandy” wasn’t real and it had all been a prank set up by Matthew. Emmett felt stupid for being played but Melody informed him that he shouldn’t be embarrassed and that he had been cyberbullied. Go Melody!

After agreeing to tell the principal about it Matthew confronts Emmett reminding him of a “picture” Emmett sent “Mandy”. If I had to guess I’d say it was picture of Emmett’s private area but that’s just a guess. Either way Matthew spooked Emmett so much that when asked if what Melody said was true Emmett denied it saying it was all just a joke.

Melody was furious, and rightly so. However, as angry as she may have been with Emmett she was even more angry with Matthew who she knew was messing with her son.


Yeah, things got intense. Sadly, Melody then got suspended.


It’s not right, it’s not fair, and I seriously hope something happens to Matthew because he’s the absolute worst. Here’s to hoping Melody gets reinstated ASAP and Regina doesn’t get hurt in the next episode. Check out the preview below.

That’s all for now. Until next week SAB fans.

Source for photos/GIFs: ABCFamily and Tumblr

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