10 Signs You’re Not Ready to Graduate

Some people are more than excited to graduate. You’re not one of those people. You find yourself asking, “Has it really been four years already? Am I supposed to be a real adult now? I’d rather not.” Here’s 10 signs you’re not quite ready to move on just yet.

1. You’ve contemplated going to grad school just to avoid the real world a little while longer.


What’s a few more years of school and some debt?

2. You start to hyperventilate when you think about living alone and silly things like taxes.


What do you mean I have to pay rent? And what are utilities? And who’s going to do my taxes? What is this?

3. Anytime someone mentions graduation you run away.


“So you’re graduating-” Lalalala I can’t hear you. Good bye!

4. Or when someone asks you what you’re doing after college.


Why would you ask me that? I have no idea. I’m figuring it out okay. Let me live.

5. You get stressed when all your friends start talking about how far apart you’ll be after graduation.


What do you mean you won’t be five minutes away anymore? Who am I going to binge watch Friends with? Who’s going to go club hopping with me? #NoNewFriends

6. And you get nostalgic when you look at your old photos from previous years.


Remember that time we celebrated your birthday? And we put all that stuff on your door? DO YOU REMEMBER?

7. You start getting really sentimental about all your past relationships/friendships.


I haven’t seen Rachel in so long. I wonder how she’s doing. What has she been up to? Maybe I’ll give her a call just to say what’s up? (Don’t do it!)

8. You start looking at the underclassmen and reminiscence about when you were just a wee little freshman.


Awwwww. Remember when we use to go to parties with a crew of eight people? Those were the days.

9. You start referring to everything as, “This is the last time …”


I can’t believe this is our last homecoming. Is this really our last time doing pre-registration? We’ll never live together ever again!!! *tears*

10. The countdown to graduation stresses you to no end.


*takes deep breath* How many days is it??? #40days

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10 Signs You’re Ready to Graduate

Whether you started your senior year hype to be almost done with college or you were feeling sentimental because it was your last year, at some point you’ve probably felt just about over it. College was great, you had a good time, but now it’s about time to move on. Here’s 10 signs you’re ready to bounce.

1. You no longer understand the point of class


Why am I here? Will this help me in the future? What are we even talking about? Just stop.

2. Just getting to class is an enormous struggle.


It’s so far and my bed is so comfortable. I’m allowed to miss three classes before it becomes a problem, right? I’m sure I can get the notes from someone. I wasn’t going to pay attention anyway. Back to bed.

3. And if you do make it paying attention is a joke and a half.


Am I taking notes or texting everyone I know right now? That’s a secret I’ll never tell.

4. You don’t even try to do the readings anymore


Do I even have the book for this class? Did I really spend money on this? I guess it makes a good paper weight. I’m sure it’s on Spark Notes. It’s a big lecture, I’ll be fine.

5. And getting assignments done an hour before they’re due is a good day


If it’s due on Thursday I guess I’ll start on Thursday? Sounds like a plan.

6. The weekend now starts on Wednesday


Happy hour? Check. All the bars? Check. 21 and up is free? Check. Club going up on a Tuesday? Sure, why not.

7. You no longer have time for BS.


I’m not here for the drama. Please keep petty problems away. I don’t have time. Buh-bye!

8. You can’t recognize most of the underclassmen and have stopped trying


“Oh hi, it’s nice to meet you.” Immediately forgets person’s name.

9. Your attendance at club meetings are mediocre at best.


What are meetings? When is practice? The only club I’m a part of is the one on U Street.

10. You’ve got your graduation date circled on your calendar and a countdown down to the very second.


How much longer is it? #47days

Switched at Birth Recap: “And Life Begins Right Away”



Usually I try to go in order of what happens in the episode but I just can’t today because nope, nope, nope, absolutely not. Bay is NOT going to jail for Daphne. What in the world is this BS? I’m sorry but no.

First of all I get the whole they’re really sisters now and Bay loves Daphne enough to be this selfless and that’s beautiful and blah blah blah. Whatever. That’s complete BS. First, Bay could totally still get jail time. Honestly it may not be as bad as Daphne but still. More than that it’s a felony. She’s going to have a permanent record for something Daphne did. Also, yes Bay wants to be an artist now but what if she wants to do something different later. This is on her permanent record. Just no.

I get that this was a great plot twist and honestly I applaud the SAB writers for creating such a great finale because it truly was wonderful but I’m so upset by this. Daphne really messed up this season and although I get that she was upset by everything with Angelo that shouldn’t be an excuse and she shouldn’t be able to just walk away with this. I’m really pissed that Daphne let Bay just take the blame for her and this made me dislike her even more. Own up to your own mistakes. If we’re going to try to play the “they’re real sisters now” card then Daphne should’ve of done a solid for her sister and not let her take the fall for something she didn’t do.

But I can talk about that all day so let’s just get to the recap.


The episode began with the return of Wes and him telling Regina he wouldn’t press charges against Daphne. Yay! Except when Daphne and Regina go to tell John and Kathryn the good news there’s an officer waiting to take Daphne in because someone else pressed charges and they found Daphne’s prints on the scene.

Oh, dear.

Once at the police station it’s revealed that there’s really no way Daphne can get away from this unscathed. Either they can fight it and she could get three years or she can take the plea deal and get 90 days. Either way she’ll be going to prison for reals and since she’s 18 it’ll go on her record. I guess Nacho wasn’t worth it after all was he Daphne? (Sorry I’m still pissed.)

After the Kennish’s and Vasquez’s have a family discussion Daphne decides she’s going to turn herself in and that she just wants to enjoy her last day at graduation and the family agrees.

MeanwhileBay is working on finding a reasonable plan to present to John and Kathryn so she can go to LA and be with Emmett. Though it takes her time to figure it out she makes a solid plan and with money from Angelo’s life insurance Bay is able to present her plan to John. After revealing to both John and Kathryn that Bay is at risk for developing an aneurysm they are especially not on board for Bay going to LA. However Bay points out that she’s 18 and she can legally do whatever she wants.


You go Bay!

Also, it’s revealed that Carlton will be closing after this year which sucks but that wasn’t a major plot point so we’ll move one.

At graduation Daphne freaks about her future and tells Bay she doesn’t think she’ll be able to give her speech. However, with encouraging words from Bay Daphne is able to find the courage to give her speech which left me in a ball of tears because it was so beautiful.


Afterwards there were a lot of beautiful moments at the graduation. First of which, Travis’ mom showed up all on her own. Apparently she’d been learning sign language via an app (that I now need to purchase) and it was really sweet to see her there meeting Melody and Mary Beth.

What got me the most was the scene between Daphne and Emmett (shout out to come-and-dance.tumblr.com for this awesome GIF set):

tumblr_nal6o3dGq11qdfdb6o3_250 tumblr_nal6o3dGq11qdfdb6o1_250 tumblr_nal6o3dGq11qdfdb6o5_250  tumblr_nal6o3dGq11qdfdb6o4_250tumblr_nal6o3dGq11qdfdb6o2_250 tumblr_nal6o3dGq11qdfdb6o8_250tumblr_nal6o3dGq11qdfdb6o6_250 tumblr_nal6o3dGq11qdfdb6o7_250

He then admitted that if Bay wasn’t going to LA with him he wouldn’t have gone to USC. Awww! He’s so in love with her it’s adorable.


Also, when Regina went to hug Bay Bay revealed she had a picture of Angelo pinned to her gown which also made me tear up a bit. This episode really hit me in the feels.

After Sharee says her goodbyes to Daphne and says she’ll see her at the graduation party Daphne decides to peace out and go to the police station straight from there. Bay decides to go with her telling her she won’t let her do this alone. From there we get the whole Bay lies and says she did it and Daphne lets her take the fall thing that I refuse to discuss anymore.

Other notable points of the episode was Nikki deciding she wants an annulment rather than a divorce and Toby and Cool English Teacher deciding to do nothing rather than something together. In other words they’re leaving friendship territory and walking into relationship territory.

Speaking of new relationships I’m now a fan of: Wes finally made a move! Thank God. Took him long enough. When telling Regina he wouldn’t press charges he kissed Regina and at first she was totally about it but then pulled away saying she wasn’t ready. However, later in the episode after Regina had blamed Wes for Daphne’s arrest, Regina goes back to his office to apologize where he then invites her to go to Hawaii with him. We don’t know if she’ll say yes or not but I’m really hoping she says yes. I really like them together and I think he would be good for her. We shall see.

Sadly, now we’re on Switched at Birth hiatus which is always a sucky time. Thankfully, the writers are blessing us with a Christmas special in December so it won’t be too long of a wait. Check out the preview below.

Obviously the show really likes these what if episodes. I don’t care; I’m in support.

Until then let me know your thoughts on the finale and the crazy ending. Honestly I just hope this doesn’t wreck my Bemmett ship. I don’t think it will but what is Emmett going to do now? He better still go to USC. But then they won’t be together. Then again Bay might be in jail so there’s that. I can’t even think about.

Will Bay go to prison? Will Regina go to Hawaii? Does this mean Daphne’s going to Gallaudet now? What’s going to happen?!? Thankfully SAB got renewed for a fourth season so we’ll get all our answers soon enough. I can’t wait!

Dear College Grad Me

As I get closer to starting my senior year of college (that came fast) I wanted to write a letter to my future self about some things she needs to do as she prepares to enter the “real world”. Using FutureMe.org I’ll actually get this letter emailed to me on the day of my graduation. It’ll also be here so I can look at it on that day as well but I don’t know if I’ll remember. I recommend all my fellow rising seniors do this too. It’s cool all the things that I found myself writing to myself and these all things I hope to start doing from now. Feel free to add your own letters to your future selves in the comments below.

Dear College Grad,
Congratulations, you made it. After four years of hard work, friendships, drama, and some heartache you’ve survived all the way to the end and I couldn’t be more proud. You’ll thank everyone who helped you get here but don’t forget to thank yourself. It wasn’t easy but you did it.

As you leave Georgetown and head on to do big things there’s some things we have to discuss. I have some hopes for us and not just the usual stuff of making it big and reaching our dreams. I mean the other stuff like being a good person and loving you for you. There’s some things I need to make sure you do as you go out into the real world (or grad school).

First, love yourself. I’m not saying be self-absorbed I’m saying love yourself. Love you for you. Stop comparing yourself to everyone around you and thinking you’re not good enough or pretty enough or even smart enough. Know that you are beautiful and wonderful just the way you are. It’s great when someone else says it but make sure you tell yourself how much you love you. It’s important.

Second, forgive people. I mean really forgive people. Not the fake, “Haha, yeah, we’re all good, no worries.” I mean really forgive them. Don’t dwell on how someone hurt you. Don’t let someone’s hateful words alter who you are. Let it go. Hating someone or resenting them for the rest of your life only hurts you and does nothing to them. Also forgive yourself. Don’t keep reminding yourself of your own mistakes and mess ups. It’ll happen but you just have to learn from it and push on. You have other things to worry about then obsessing over something in the past.

Third, always be open to trying new things. Try doing something you’ve never done before. Go wind surfing or scuba diving. Or audition for something. Don’t close yourself off to things. You can do anything you want to do. Just try it.

Four, let people in. I know this is easier said then done but we’ve never been the most open person. Talking about our favorite TV show or the newest Demi Lovato album, that’s easy. Talking about things that really matter like when we lose someone close to us or when we just feel upset about something or even being honest about how we feel about someone? That’s a bit harder. Truth is we have this tendency to hold in the big stuff. We hate asking for help when we need it and we run from the big stuff. That’s got to change. We can’t just keep writing it all down in our journal. Open up a little bit. I’m sure it won’t kill you. It might even make you better.

Five, never give up on your dreams. We have a lot of dreams. From wanting to be a best selling author to having a family and living in the house with the white picket fence our dreams are big and small. And they vary on a day to day basis. It doesn’t matter what your dreams are just don’t give up on them. Don’t settle for the easy thing and don’t let anyone ever tell you you can’t do it. Not even yourself. Dream big, aim high, and don’t let one “no” stop you from picking yourself up and trying again. Whatever you want to do, do it.

Six, treat others the way you want to be treated. This one is an oldie but it still holds true. Treat people with kindness. Help people when they need help. Don’t turn a blind eye when someone asks for help. Better yet volunteer to help out before someone even asks. Be kind. Be caring. Listen to people. Actually listen to them, not passively but actively. Be there for people the way you might one day need them to be there for you. Just treat them the way you’d want to be treated and you’ll do fine.

Seven, love hard. And tell the people you love, that you love them everyday. We’ve learned the hard way how fast someone can just be gone. Don’t let days or even weeks go by without talking to the people who matter. Let them know how much they mean to you and spend time with them while you can. Whether it’s family, friends, a boyfriend, or whoever. Don’t hide from how much they mean to you. Embrace it. Loved ones are good. Cherish them.

Lastly, be happy. Be really happy. Smile whenever you can. Laugh whenever you’re able. Do whatever makes you happy. Surround yourself with people who make you happy but also know how to be happy by yourself. Obviously you’re not always going to be happy but I challenge you to find a way to smile even through the hard times, the sad times, and the worst times. If you can do that then I know we’ll be okay.

Good luck and conGRADulations.  We did it!