10 Signs You’re Ready to Graduate

Whether you started your senior year hype to be almost done with college or you were feeling sentimental because it was your last year, at some point you’ve probably felt just about over it. College was great, you had a good time, but now it’s about time to move on. Here’s 10 signs you’re ready to bounce.

1. You no longer understand the point of class


Why am I here? Will this help me in the future? What are we even talking about? Just stop.

2. Just getting to class is an enormous struggle.


It’s so far and my bed is so comfortable. I’m allowed to miss three classes before it becomes a problem, right? I’m sure I can get the notes from someone. I wasn’t going to pay attention anyway. Back to bed.

3. And if you do make it paying attention is a joke and a half.


Am I taking notes or texting everyone I know right now? That’s a secret I’ll never tell.

4. You don’t even try to do the readings anymore


Do I even have the book for this class? Did I really spend money on this? I guess it makes a good paper weight. I’m sure it’s on Spark Notes. It’s a big lecture, I’ll be fine.

5. And getting assignments done an hour before they’re due is a good day


If it’s due on Thursday I guess I’ll start on Thursday? Sounds like a plan.

6. The weekend now starts on Wednesday


Happy hour? Check. All the bars? Check. 21 and up is free? Check. Club going up on a Tuesday? Sure, why not.

7. You no longer have time for BS.


I’m not here for the drama. Please keep petty problems away. I don’t have time. Buh-bye!

8. You can’t recognize most of the underclassmen and have stopped trying


“Oh hi, it’s nice to meet you.” Immediately forgets person’s name.

9. Your attendance at club meetings are mediocre at best.


What are meetings? When is practice? The only club I’m a part of is the one on U Street.

10. You’ve got your graduation date circled on your calendar and a countdown down to the very second.


How much longer is it? #47days

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