10 Signs You’re Not Ready to Graduate

Some people are more than excited to graduate. You’re not one of those people. You find yourself asking, “Has it really been four years already? Am I supposed to be a real adult now? I’d rather not.” Here’s 10 signs you’re not quite ready to move on just yet.

1. You’ve contemplated going to grad school just to avoid the real world a little while longer.


What’s a few more years of school and some debt?

2. You start to hyperventilate when you think about living alone and silly things like taxes.


What do you mean I have to pay rent? And what are utilities? And who’s going to do my taxes? What is this?

3. Anytime someone mentions graduation you run away.


“So you’re graduating-” Lalalala I can’t hear you. Good bye!

4. Or when someone asks you what you’re doing after college.


Why would you ask me that? I have no idea. I’m figuring it out okay. Let me live.

5. You get stressed when all your friends start talking about how far apart you’ll be after graduation.


What do you mean you won’t be five minutes away anymore? Who am I going to binge watch Friends with? Who’s going to go club hopping with me? #NoNewFriends

6. And you get nostalgic when you look at your old photos from previous years.


Remember that time we celebrated your birthday? And we put all that stuff on your door? DO YOU REMEMBER?

7. You start getting really sentimental about all your past relationships/friendships.


I haven’t seen Rachel in so long. I wonder how she’s doing. What has she been up to? Maybe I’ll give her a call just to say what’s up? (Don’t do it!)

8. You start looking at the underclassmen and reminiscence about when you were just a wee little freshman.


Awwwww. Remember when we use to go to parties with a crew of eight people? Those were the days.

9. You start referring to everything as, “This is the last time …”


I can’t believe this is our last homecoming. Is this really our last time doing pre-registration? We’ll never live together ever again!!! *tears*

10. The countdown to graduation stresses you to no end.


*takes deep breath* How many days is it??? #40days

*The GIFs used in this post came from Tumblr, GIPHY, and Gifsoup.com*

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