The Vampire Diaries 5×21 Recap: Stefan’s Dead?!

Alright, there’s really only one thing that needs to discussed about last night’s TVD. Is Stefan really dead? It looks like he’s really dead and the other side is going under so there’s a 99% chance he’s really dead. However, this is TVD and people die and come back all the time so maybe this isn’t really the end. Maybe. As annoying as I found Stefan I really wanted him and Caroline to finally be together and it seemed like they were going in that direction. To just yank away such a great storyline just when it was getting good doesn’t seem plausible. However, they did kill Aunt Jenna right when she and Alaric’s relationship was in it’s prime so, I guess anything’s possible.

I just hope it’s not true in this case. For the first time in a long time TVD has truly stumped me. I have no idea what’s going to happen next. Will the other side actually be kaput? Will Bonnie die too? Will everyone die because once magic is gone that’s a wrap for everyone? Okay, obviously the last one can’t happen because then we wouldn’t have a show but still. How are they going to remedy the situation though? I just don’t understand. Where are they going with this?


Besides Stefan’s death a lot went down in this episode. Bonnie finally admitted that she didn’t have a plan for coming back from the other side. However, she then figures out a plan, something to do with using the same spell the Travelers used to get Marco out from the other side. Sadly, she needed the one Traveler that was actually on their side but she was swept away by some kind of typhoon on the other side before they could learn the spell. Oh dear.


Also, Damon and Elena finally realized they were being ridiculous and got back together (thank God).


The horrid Traveler spell, which strips everything magical except for their “pure magic”, has begun and taken over all of Mystic Falls. Therefore everyone’s day light rings have stopped working and all the vampires are being affected by whatever killed them in the first place. Not good. This leads all the vamps to pack up and leave Mystic Falls and Marco and his travelers have officially taken over, returning to their bodies.

Also, Liv and Luke, the witch twins as I like to call them, tried to kill Stefan and Elena in an attempt to stop the spell but it was too late. The spell was already in motion and Liv and Luke’s powers were fading fast.

This was probably one of my favorite episodes by far. I can’t wait to see how this season is going end. Is it crazy to ask that Katherine somehow reappears? Here’s my theory. She didn’t go to the Other Side. She went somewhere else (let’s call it Hell). I don’t know how but maybe everything that’s going crazy on the Other Side will lead to her return somehow. Or I’m just being really hopeful because I miss her. And Stefan. Why do they do this to me?

Here’s to hoping this isn’t the end for Stefan. I pray we all survive what happens next. Check out the preview for the next episode below and it’s not over until it’s over guys. Keep hope alive!

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