Artichokes, Cruises, and Trying Something New: Ask Ziggy #1

As requested I got some interesting questions and cracked up when I read them. I swear I did not make any of these up but I’m sure someone else did. Either way I’m excited to have questions. Here’s the first round of Ask Ziggy. If you would like to submit a question just click here! I answer questions every Friday. Thanks!

Q: My boyfriend refuses to eat anything but artichokes like literally anything and I am worried for his nutrition and also reputation. Help, what do I do?

A: First of all, I have to be honest I had to Google what an artichoke was. Wasn’t sure if it was a fruit or a vegetable or what (it’s a vegetable in case you were wondering). Secondly, not sure if your boyfriend is just eating artichoke straight up with nothing else or if he needs it in every meal. Either way he’s not going to change if he doesn’t want to change and really being addicted to artichoke is not the worst thing to be addicted to. Plus, I hear spinach and artichoke dip is really good. Lastly, this is the most hilarious question I’ve ever heard. Thanks!

Q: I have to go on a cruise with my boyfriend and his family this weekend but I have a paralyzing fear of cocktail umbrellas. I hear they’re everywhere. Should I still go?

A: So sorry I didn’t get a chance to answer your question sooner. I hope you did go on your cruise. Although cocktail umbrellas are a lot of places on a cruise you can definitely avoid seeing them. For example, just stay in your room. I think the better solution, however, would be to try and face your fear. I know that’s easier said than done but you can get help if you just ask for it. Hope that helps.

Q: I’m about to be a Junior here and I feel weird joining a new organization so late but I want to a part of something new, any advice?

A: First, I’m going to assume by “here” you mean Georgetown. As for your question don’t feel weird about joining an organization late in the game. Most organizations are happy to have new members no matter what year you are. I had a friend this year join the Gospel Choir and she was a senior. As long you love the organization and are dedicated to it, it won’t matter what year you are. It’s always fun to join something new and it’s a great way to meet new people. Also just going to put in a shameless plug and mention the step team is always looking for new members. Just check out the SAC fair in the fall and see what sparks your interest. It’s never too late.

Please don’t forget to send in your own questions for next week’s “Ask Ziggy”. Thanks!

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