A Free Week of Uber? I’m In!

Let’s be real y’all, we’re all living on a college budget. Therefore whenever there’s a chance to get something free we gotta take it. That’s why we (specifically my Hoyas) need to band together so we can get a free week of uberX. How is this possible you ask? Let me explain.

UberX is currently holding a competition for specific colleges/universities in Boston, Atlanta, and DC (Georgetown, American, and GW) to win #uberXtracredit through Tuesday, February 11 for one school to win a FREE week of uberX – for everyone! The winning school must reach 1,500 new sign ups using the school’s unique promo code. In summary, if our school can rally together and reach the #uberXtraCredit goal of 1,500 signups before February 11 at 11:59 PM EST, OUR ENTIRE CAMPUS WINS A WEEK OF FREE UBERX! FREE! Cue major freakout.

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Also, if wasn’t enough to convince you to participate maybe this will: every new Uber user who signs up with our school’s new-user promo code will receive $20 off their first ride. For those who already have an Uber account don’t despair, just think of that free week of Uber we’re going to get. Besides, sharing is caring and this an opportunity for all of us to win big.

So here’s how to win:

  1. Download the free Uber app on your smartphone.
  2. Sign up using our school’s unique promo code (DCUberXtraCredit3)
  3. Receive $20 off your first Uber ride (for new users only and not valid on TAXI)
  4. Tell EVERYONE to do the same.
  5. Win a FREE week of uberX for everyone on campus.

Guys, we can totally do this. Let’s band together and win this thing. We got this! Good luck everyone! And to keep track of our progress click here!#wearegeorgetown

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4 thoughts on “A Free Week of Uber? I’m In!

  1. I just got a free ride to the airport with code ‘uberInStyle60’ (confirmed working). Good for 3 free uber rides ($20 max/each ride)

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