My Must-Sees in 2013

2013 was a great year in movies. There was a lot laughs, tears, fear, and just plain good feelings at the movies this year, which only pumps me for whats to come. Here’s my top 10 picks for movies this past year (in no particular order).

1. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

I could not wait to see this movie. I got tickets as soon as they went on sale and even made it an event for my residents (yes I’m an RA). My biggest fear going into this movie was it would not meet my expectations since this was my favorite book in The Hunger Games trilogy. However, this movie met all my expectations and more. I absolutely loved and will definitely be going to Target to get the Exclusive Special Edition DVD.

2. Fast and Furious 6

I know people are sick and tired of the Fast and Furious franchise, but I for one am still in love with it. I thought this movie was fantastic. It had an excellent balance of romance and drama as well as action and fight scenes. Paul Walker (RIP) and Vin Disel, along with their team, brought another action packed film to screen and I’m interested to see how it’ll all end in the next (and supposedly) last one. I’m especially interested in how everything is going to play out with the loss of Walker. We shall see.

3. Frozen

I can’t even begin to go into how much I loved this movie. First, let me just say that I did not think I would like this film. There was so much hype around it; everyone was talking about how good it was and how it even rivaled The Lion King and blah blah blah. I still wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s better than The Lion King (I don’t believe any Disney movie could reach that level) but it’s definitely up there on my Disney list now. This movie focuses on the relationship between two sisters (princesses of course) and how they grow apart because the elder sister, Elsa’s (Idina Menzel) secret. There’s some plot twists that definitely surprised me and overall it was a great feel good movie that made me feel like I was five again.

4. Thor: The Dark World

“I just- I can’t even- What?” That’s all that was coming out of my mouth when I left this film. I couldn’t even function. I think Chris Hemsworth is a great actor and everything but all the awards go to Tom Hiddleston. Him as Loki was one of the greatest things I’ve seen all year. His sarcastic demeanor brought a great dose of hilarity to this action filled movie. Add that to the plot twists, the tiny bit of romance, and that one scene where we got to see Hemsworth without a shirt on and this movie was definitely worth the two times I saw it in theaters.

5. Now You See Me

Bring together a few low-key actors and some well-known ones and throw in a fantastic plot with a few twists and you got an epic movie. Pretty much every character in this film was either sassy, snarky, or full of wit and it was hilarious. Besides the hilarity there was also action, car chases, and as previously stated plot twists (this was the year of plot twists apparently). Definitely a must see if you haven’t already.

6. Despicable Me 2

Usually sequels don’t compare to the first film but this year almost every sequel I saw was fantastic and Despicable Me 2 was no exception. I personally believe this film was funnier than the first and I’ve already seen it again and will probably watch it repeatedly. Between Steven Carrell, Kristen Wiig, and of course the lovable minions this movie was hilarious and great to watch. What’s awesome about this movie is that even though in theory this movie was made for kids its truly made for everyone. I saw many different versions of minions this Halloween as well as minions phone cases, t-shirts, and all types of paraphernalia. Definitely a must see of 2013.

7. Lee Daniels’ The Butler

Honestly, I’m not the biggest fan of movies that show either African-Americans during slavery or the Civil Rights movement because I often leave angry, upset, and feeling some kind of way. However, I thought this movie looked too good to just push to the side so I had to see it and I’m glad I did. Oprah Winfrey and Forest Whittaker filled their roles fantastically in this film as did Terrance Howard and Mariah Carey (for the two seconds she was in the film). Focusing on the story of a butler who worked in the White House through multiple presidencies, this film gave a different perspective of various time periods, not only showing the struggles of African-Americans but also displaying the affects of two different generations living in one household (something I think many millennials can relate to). A great movie and worth watching.

8. Iron Man 3

Admittedly, this was probably the worst Iron Man film so far, but really what can you expect from a sequel (despite what the movies previously mentioned have proven). Even so, this movie wasn’t all bad. Granted some things (like Pepper’s new and short lived super powers) were a little far fetched but it was still pretty funny and had a lot of action. Robert Downey Jr. brings his sarcastic wit back to the role of Tony Stark, hitting everyone with playful jabs while also being his handsome, charming self. His relationship with Pepper (Gwyneth Paltrow) isn’t overemphasized but instead is just a part of the film that runs in the background to the main plot. Overall, this definitely wasn’t Marvel’s best movie for 2013 but then again according the Box Office, which reports Iron Man 3 as the top grossing movie of 2013, I could be wrong.

9. Monsters, University

In a year full of sequels, Disney Pixar gave us a prequel that many of us have been waiting years for. Taking the Monsters, Inc. characters back in time to when they were college students, Pixar brought us a cute and funny film that, similar to their other movies, warmed our hearts. This movie particularly reminded me of Toy Story 3 because I think it was truly made for us kids that were kids when Monsters, Inc. came out and not for kids today. Though the movie was rated G, it portrayed a very relatable and accurate portrayal of college (something that many PG-13 movies don’t do). I personally really enjoyed this film and will probably add it to my collection.

10. White House Down

People don’t give Channing Tatum enough credit. Don’t get me wrong he’s not going to be winning an Oscar anytime soon or anything but he is talented. He knows how to bring the funny and he can definitely dance and stand his own. Add Jaimie Fox to the mix and this movie had a great balance of funny scenes and action along with a little bit of plot twist. One of my favorite scenes was when the President (Foxx) was stressed because his Jordan’s got messed up. To anyone that has ever owned a pair of J’s or knows someone who has, they know how stressed one can get when they get scuffed. Also, Tatum as a DILF was also very appealing to the eye. Though this film was certainly not one of my all-time favorites of 2013 I would still say its a must see. Whether you think its a good or bad film, I guarantee you will be laughing.

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