POLL: What’s The Best Vampire Series?


Remember when everyone was obsessed with vampires? Okay, maybe it’s still happening but it was definitely much more popular a few years back. Everyone has their own opinions about Twilight, good and bad, but there were so many vamp series out there. Which one was your favorite? Choose yours in the poll below. Don’t see your fave? Sound off in the comments and let me know which ones I missed.


Currently Binge Watching: Reign


As always Tumblr has got me hooked on a show I don’t have time for. That being said I started Reign about two days ago and I just finished episode 10. I guess you could say I’m hooked. I probably would’ve finished it by now if I didn’t remember that I’m still in school and have actual work to do.

Anyway if you don’t watch the show on a regular basis there will be spoilers. You’ve be warned.


First, this show is so much like The Vampire Diaries that I’m surprised the CW took it on. It is a great show so I guess I could see why they would take it but the two shows are just so similar it’s mind boggling.

For starters there’s the whole brothers love triangle thing. Second,one brother is more of a bad boy and the other is really sweet (I’ll let you decide which is which). Third, the main character is a young dark haired girl who’s pretty innocent and gets caught in the middle of a whole bunch of drama. Oh and her life is always threatened.

Vampire Diaries comparison aside, the show is great. Focused on the life of Mary, Queen of Scots, it centers around her life at court in France where she is engaged to Prince Francis but his bastard half brother, Sebastian “Bash”, is also in love with her. In the mist of that Mary’s life is constantly in danger as the English want her throne and she’s not sure who she can trust in French court.

I love Mary. She’s sweet but she’s also a Queen that’s not afraid to do what needs to be done for her country. She’s opinionated, strong willed, and not easily persuaded. In conclusion, she’s awesome.

I’m also in love with both of her love interests even though I already know which one she’s going to end up with (they can only change so much history). Francis is sweet and clearly loves Mary. He’s good to her and wants what’s best for her. He even understands the whole taking away his inheritance so she can marry Bash thing even though he really doesn’t. He just accepts it.

Bash is just as great. He loves Mary too and I think would go to the end of the Earth and make again for her. If I had to choose one of these guys it would be Bash even though I know he can’t win. But that’s partly why I want him to. This is a TV show after all. Let’s break some rules. I’ve already seen spoilers though so I know that’s not how it’s going to go down. Still, it’s something fun to think about it. I want them to be together so bad.

I’m currently at the part where they think they’re going to get married and it’s awesome. I like them together. I love their love. It’s adorable. Not realistic, but adorable.

Besides all the love drama there’s so much other drama going on. There’s really never a dull moment in the castle. Between the killings, the pagan sacrifices, the mysterious Clarissa who lives in the tunnels, all the sex, and all the lies, every episode is entertaining.

I think everyone should watch the show. Obviously it’s not going to stick word for word to the history of the situation. If it did it wouldn’t be a fun show to watch. Even so, I think they do a good job of showing the facts but also showing their own interpretation.

I’m obsessed and I think if you give this show a try you’ll become as hooked as I did.

How Long It’ll Take Me to Catch Up: 24 hours. Tops.

Do I Need to Start From the Beginning: Yes. 100% yes. Of course this show is based on history but like I said it doesn’t stick to the things you would find in a textbook. You must start from the beginning to know exactly what’s going on because things get complicated real fast.

Stars: 5 out of freaking 5. I love it!


The 10 Winter Premieres I Can’t Wait For

1. Pretty Little Liars (January 7 at 8/7 c)

My relationship with this show was up in and down in the past. However, now as we get closer and closer (at least it seems like we are) to finding out what really happened to Ali and the whole story with A I’ve become a true fan. I can’t wait to see how everything will continue to play out. Ezra as A was definitely one of the biggest plot twists on TV last year. How the writers will one up that this season is hard to tell but looking at the previews so far, this next season will be a killer.

2. Teen Wolf (January 6 at 10/9 c)

Is it just me or does Teen Wolf get scarier with every passing season? The first half of season 3 left off with Allison, Scott, and Stiles sacrificing their own lives to save their parents, which the good doctor (or vet technically) warned them would have consequences. Meanwhile, Uncle Peter clearly has some sinister plan in motion to become an Alpha again and Scott is now a True Alpha, forming his own pack. Brining in new characters and adding more drama and mystery to the show, this next half of the season should definitely be frightening and entertaining.

3. Switched at Birth (January 13 at 8/7 c)

I’ll admit it. When I first heard about this show I thought it was absurd. Seriously, a show about two girls that were switched at birth and their parents didn’t notice for 16 years? That’s a tad bit far fetched. Even so, I decided to give the show a shot because I figured, why not? And then I got hooked. Though the switch of the two main characters, Bay and Daphne, is definitely a main factor in the show, what really makes this teen drama stand out amongst so many others is the focus on the deaf community. Daphne, who had to take a medication for an illness she had as a child that later made her go deaf, and her friend Emmett, along with their other friends who attend their high school for the deaf, shed light on a community that people don’t often talk about. Every episode has sign language in it and in the first half of this season this show pushed boundaries by having an entire episode done in sign language, thereby giving viewers a peak into what it’s like for a deaf person. Besides all these great factors the show of course has all the drama and love triangles that I can’t get enough of and I’m excited to see where Bay and Emmett’s relationship goes in this next season.

4. The Fosters (January 13 at 9/8 c)

ABCFamily has truly stepped up their game in the last few years. They have successfully put out a number of great TV shows recently and this is another one. I tried really hard not to get caught up in this show because I knew I would get hooked but I couldn’t resist. There is not one character on this show that is one dimensional. Each character is going through something; either trying to figure who they are as a person or what it means to be a part of a “unconventional” family. This show presents typical teen drama such as Mariana’s stress over her quinceañera but then digs into deeper issues like Callie’s fear of her rapist and Jude’s fear of never having a real family. I won’t even attempt to go through all the social and familial issues this show touches upon because it was truly a lot and there were only 10 episodes so far. All I can say is for every topic they covered they did it flawlessly and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

5. Scandal (February 27 10/9 c)

I just can’t even. Seriously, the writers of this show are out to kill us all. So much happened in the last episode I don’t even know where to begin. First of all, the mom is back in DC (maybe to kill Fitz; does she know he’s sleeping with her daughter?). Secondly, Fitz and Jake are now running B613 and only God knows what that means, other than Olivia’s father is now jobless. Quinn is no longer a Gladiator (thank God) and something suspicious is going on with Harrison and whoever this guy is that just came back to the US. Also, did Olivia really just let Jake walk out of her life? I’m sorry but I’m Team Jake and I do not approve of her actions. Lastly, and probably the most important thing that happened (maybe), is David now knows VP Sally killed her husband. Or at least he’ll have a very good suspicion now. I’m not exactly sure if she said anything more on the phone other than, “I have sinned,” so maybe she’s not completely caught. Yet. We’ll just have to wait and see.

6. Grey’s Anatomy (February 27 9/8 c)

Shonda must really think her fans are patient people. Someone should let her know that we most certainly are not. First of all, the promo she gave us literally tells us nothing about what’s going to happen next so thanks for nothing. I think the question that’s on everyone’s mind is: what in the world is April going to do? Truthfully, I really like her with Jackson but even so I really like her with Matthew too and Jackson had his chance. She asked him point blank in the beginning of the season if he wanted to be with her and he said no. Moving on, the other question that’s been on my mind is what did Derek tell the president? Or rather what did the president tell him? Also is Arizona really going to end things with Callie? Are Meredith and Cristina friends again now? I’m really going to need all these questions to be answered in the first episode otherwise I’m going to really upset.

7. The Vampire Diaries (January 23 8/7 c)

I love Katherine. I don’t care what anyone thinks about her, I love her and I refuse to believe she’s actually going to die. She can’t. What will the show be without Katherine? My guess is she’s going to try to do that whole soul thing and go into Elena’s body. How’s that all going to work? I don’t know. That seems to be the major focus for the upcoming episodes so I’ll just leave you with my thoughts on the whole Damon-Stefan-Elena love triangle: Team Damon all day, every day.

8. Arrow (January 15 8/7 c)

I recently got into this show and by recently I been I just binged watched the first season and caught up last week. The last episode was definitely a cliff hanger. Along with the reveal that Slade is still alive and out to get Oliver there’s the fact that Sarah and Malcolm are still alive, the “Mask” is now Laurel’s boyfriend (I guess?), and the Flash has just made an entrance (not that he knows that yet). Seriously, the writers have created a great foundation for the next half of the season. Literally, anything can happen from here. Passed on the promo it would like the main focus is the man in the mask which of course will inevitably lead to the arrival of Slade and possibly the loss of another one of Oliver’s loved ones. I’m excited to see what will happen next. All I know is with all these recent revelations, someones secret is bound to get out and soon.

9. Suits (March 6 9/8 c)

This is probably one of the longest hiatuses I’ve ever had to deal with (excluding Game of Thrones). It’s so frustrating that Suits won’t be back until March especially because it’s not easy to re-watch all of the last episodes (thanks for nothing USA). They better be giving us more than just 10 episodes for making us wait this long. If I’m not mistaken, it was originally supposed to return in January. Working past that, I can’t wait for this premiere. I love the dialogue on this show so much. Between Donna’s witty remarks, Louis’ catch phrases, and Harvey’s whole persona, the conversations are never boring. I’m interested to see how Louis is going to deal with what he found out about Mike and what Scotty has planned. Most importantly however, I really want to know what the heck Donna and Harvey do with the stupid can opener. Will we ever know?

10. House of Cards (February 14 anytime you’re ready)

Get ready to binge your heart out on Valentine’s Day. This highly acclaimed political drama that got nine Emmy nominations and three wins, will have you biting your nails with every episode. With Zoe and her team of journalists digging into the death of Congressman Russo, there’s no telling how far new VP Underwood will go to cover it up. Seeing as how he’s already killed someone I’d say there’s no limits to what Frank will do. Zoe & Co. better watch their backs and hope they get this story and still have their lives. I know I’ll be grabbing a bag of popcorn and locking myself in my room this Valentine’s Day, until I’ve finished this next season. What about you?