Book Review: Something True


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Will the love of her life distract True from reuniting with…the love of her life? Find out in the third book in Kieran Scott’s delightful series that blends ancient mythology with contemporary romance.

True Olympia is in the home stretch. After being banished to Earth without her powers as punishment for falling in love with a mortal, True was tasked with matching three couples before she could return home. Now, with two couples fully in love, she is ready for her time in New Jersey to come to an end.

But as easy as it should be to match one more couple, things are complicated by her immortal love Orion (who also appeared on Earth, just without the memory of their love). He’s dating another girl, but can’t seem to avoid spending time with True. Something about her finally seems familiar to him. But if True wants to get back with Orion for real, she needs to focus. Just one more couple, one more couple…

After not being very impressed with Complete Nothing I was surprised by how much I really enjoyed this book. As the last book in the True Love trilogy this book tied up every lose end in a really nice way. I’m not saying this was the next great American novel or anything but it was a nice fun read, especially after just finishing Gone Girl.

Following the same outline as the last two books, Something True follows True trying to match her last couple. One small difference, however, was rather than show True and the two people she’s trying to set up point of views this novel showed True, Orion, and Darla, Orion’s girlfriend’s, point of views. This set up makes sense for the story since these are really the three main characters of this book but it is worth pointing out that this book went a little off script.

The appearance of Orion in True’s mortal world is definitely both a positive and negative for True. Add in Artemis and Apollo as mortals and True finds herself in some very sticky situations. Having to juggle her love for Orion while watching him date another girl and try to make sure her last couple gets together before it’s too late is a lot for one goddess to handle.

But that’s what makes this book so fun. There was so much drama, so much love, and so many moments that made my heart swoon. It was a cheesy, fun, romantic novel that I will probably reread when I want to believe in love again. A great end to a trilogy.

Borrow or Buy: Buy! This may seem strange after I said to just borrow Complete Nothing because who buys one book in a trilogy? However, I stand by both of my choices and honestly I think you can read these books as stand alone’s so you don’t really need all three. And this one is definitely my favorite of the trilogy.

Favorite Line:

This was it. This was where I was supposed to be.


4 stars

Book Review: Complete Nothing


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True’s matchmaking skills are the stuff of legend! The second novel in Kieran Scott’s delightful teen romance series that called “the next Twilight.”

True is not exactly loving New Jersey. Banished from Mount Olympus and tasked with helping couples find love without using her powers, the goddess-formerly-known-as-Cupid is having a tough time. Especially now that True’s immortal love, Orion, has also appeared at her New Jersey high school—but with no memory of their relationship.

To distract herself from seeing Orion flirt with another girl, True focuses her efforts on making a match: Peter and Claudia. Peter is the star quarterback and the most popular guy in school. But he’s insecure about his future, so he preemptively dumps Claudia, his girlfriend. (If she won’t want to be with him later, why stay together now?) Claudia doesn’t take the breakup too well, and she’s ready to show the quarterback of their rival school just how ready she is to get over it.

But True sees something in these two seniors. She believes they should be together—but can she help them find their way back to each other (and get herself closer to home)? Or have things already spun too far out of control?

Complete Nothing is the second book in Kieran Scott’s True Love trilogy and I really liked this one. When Only Everything left off Orion, True’s love, showed up but had no recollection of who True is or even who he really is.

I liked the added factor of Orion in the story and also learning more about Hephaestus, Aphrodite, and Ares. As someone who minors in the Classics I thought the back stories and how Scott used them was perfect. Additionally what made this book so interesting was the added conflict in True’s life. She begins to question who she can really trust and struggles to juggle seeing Orion on a daily basis, trying to make another true love match, worrying about oncoming threats, and questioning who her real friends really are.

I also really liked the human love story between Peter and Claudia. It was cute, realistic, and again demonstrated that True still has a lot to learn when it comes to love. Also, I enjoyed seeing True adapt more to the human world in this novel. Although watching her struggle in the first book was hilarious I was happy to see True adjusting and actually making friends and even enjoying her human life.

Scott again left us with a cliffhanger and it was brilliant. I clicked next page on Kindle and was so disappointed when I realized it was really over. I won’t spoil it but it’s a great ending and even though you kind of expect it I was still a little shocked.

Overall, this novel was a cute, romantic story that will take only about a day to read. Definitely a nice refresher after reading something as intense as Fifty Shades of Grey.

Favorite Line: 

Here I was, with my friends and the boy I loved, eating lunch, playing with my new cell phone. For five whole seconds, I felt like a normal teenage girl. And I kind of liked it.

Stars: 3 out of 5. This is a cute love story but there’s nothing that makes it crazy memorable. Still an enjoyable read though.

Borrow or Buy: Borrow. Again, there’s nothing that memorable about it. Definitely not one you’ll be rereading over and over.

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