Book Review: Only Everything


Kieran Scott’s newest novel, Only Everything, follows Eros, the goddess of love, struggle on Earth where she’s been banished. Eros, or True as she calls herself on Earth, has to make three couples fall in love to save her own true love, Orion, from the powers of Zeus.

This novel is the first in the trilogy and the novel varies between the point of views of True, Charlie, a new boy in high school who loves his drums and just wants to fit in, and Katrina, one of Charlie’s new classmates who is still reeling from the death of her father. What’s great about this novel is although it’s so obvious that Charlie and Katrina are meant to be together this is not clear at all to True who tries to hook up Charlie with every other girl in school, except Katrina. To be fair, however, Katrina does have a boyfriend but to put it bluntly, he sucks.

As someone who loves Greek mythology I thought this book was very interesting and couldn’t help myself from comparing and contrasting each gods’ personalities to the ones I’ve studied in my classes. Scott does any excellent job of changing the mythology so it’s not boring but doesn’t stray so far that it’s ridiculous. The way Scott presents the set up of the gods is there are lower gods (Eros, Artemis, Harmonia, etc) and upper gods (Zeus, Hera, Aphrodite, etc). The upper gods have more power, being able to move between Olympus and Earth whenever they please, whereas the lower gods cannot and must ask permission to go from place to place.

Besides the mythology I genuinely loved this book. True drove me crazy because she couldn’t see what was staring her right in the face but that’s what makes the book kind of funny. True struggles with being a human, having to do things on her own, and learning how humans behave. The best is that she can’t understand why humans don’t “share” and why they get so angry when she just takes things without asking.

Additionally the romance of the novel was great. Charlie and Katrina’s interactions made me crazy because I just wanted them to be together the whole book. Also, what’s great is their relationship isn’t the entire focus of the novel. Scott also provides flashbacks through True that show how she and Orion ended up together. Therefore rather than just have a novel focused solely on one couple that lets face it, it’s no surprise they end up together, we have all these other elements involve that give us a reprieve from the classic girl meets boy love story. Not that the romance wasn’t great; it was. However, it’s predictable. What’s not predictable is all the gods’ drama and how the book ends but I won’t spoil that.

Lastly, what I truly enjoyed is beside the romance, drama, and hilarity there is a lesson in this novel. Maybe even more than one. There’s a common theme of finding one’s inner strength and being comfortable in who you are no matter what. It may sound corny but I loved it. There’s definitely at least one character in this book that I think anyone could find themselves relating to.

This book definitely ended with a cliff hanger and I’m excited to see what happens next.

Favorite Line: “What is with everyone and this mine thing? ‘That’s my desk, you took my pencil, mine, mine, mine.’ Doesn’t anyone on Earth share?”

Stars: 4 out of 5. As much as I enjoyed reading this novel it took me way to long to find a favorite line which made me realize that although this book is entertaining it’s not spectacular. The mythological aspect gives it a little twist but at it’s core it’s still just another romance novel. A good one but one of many.

Borrow or Buy: Borrow. As already stated it’s good but it’s very similar to other romance books (other than the goddess part). Not really something you need to have on your bookshelf but still fun to read.

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Four Awe-Inspiring Authors and One Great Release Party

Kieran Scott, one of my favorite authors, celebrated the release of her newest book, Only Everything, at the Hillsdale Public Library tonight. Along with Scott were three of her fellow Young Adult authors, Jen Calonita (Summer State of Mind), Elizabeth Eulberg (Better Off Friends), and Katie Sise (The Boyfriend App).

Elizabeth Eulberg, center, reads an excerpt of her newest novel, Better Off Friends.
Authors (from left to right) Eulberg, Scott, and Sise answer questions from the audience.

Each author read excerpts from their newest releases, and Calonita and Eulberg, along with narration from Scott, acted out the prologue of Only Everything in the most hilarious manner possible. Check out the video below.

Afterwards the floor was open to the audience for questions and everything was fair game including questions about the writing process, the future of our favorite books series, and how getting a book published works.

During the Q&A Scott presented the audience with a great surprise, showing us the second book in the True Love trilogy, Complete Nothing, and the cover for the third book, Something New. Sadly, the cover for the third book is a secret that must be kept therefore I couldn’t take a picture but believe me when I say it’s amazing.

After that awesome reveal we also received some insight on other upcoming novels. For example for those of you that have been anxiously and impatiently waiting for the sequel to The Lonely Hearts Club you will only have to wait a little while longer. The sequel will be released early next year and according Eulberg she’s excited to finally get it out as well. In the mean time she revealed there will be novellas of the series released towards the end of this year that will come in the form of FREE ebooks. Something to definitely look forward to.

Additionally, Scott informed us that the last book in her Shadowlands trilogy will be coming out in July (only two more months!) we will know early on in the novel if Tristan is a good guy or not, thank God. The not knowing is killing me.

Besides all the exclusive book information, it was great to sit and laugh with all these amazing authors that I never thought I’d get to meet in person. They were all so amazing to talk to and I had such a great time.

If you ever get a chance to meet any of these four wonderful ladies I say do it because it’s totally worth it. Also, be sure to check out all of their novels. I left with a long list of books I now need to read and I’m sure you will too.

My signed copy of Eulberg’s Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality
My signed copy of Scott’s Only Everything
Kieran Scott and I at the release of her new book, Only Everything

Kieran Scott: Three Authors, One Writer


Kieran Scott, Kate Brian, and Emma Harrison. Combine these three amazing writers and you get one amazing woman: Kieran Scott. Writing two New York Times best selling series along with over 50 books Scott has taken over the young adult literary scene.

As Scott churns out about two books per year and always seems to be working on her next project, it’s amazing that she does anything but write all day. But she does. Scott is more than just an extraordinary writer; she’s also a regular, every day person just like the rest of us. Scott took me through the history behind her names, what she does when she’s not writing, what she’s got planned next, and how we can somehow become her someday (maybe).

The Secret Behind the Names

Many young readers have heard of “Kate Brian” but not everyone knows that Brian and Scott are the same person. Many have tried to figure out what prompts the change in names when it comes to Scott’s writing but the truth is probably less complicated than you think.

Scott, who began as an editor, had a friend who worked for Alloy Entertainment (best known for their work on Pretty Littler Liars and The Vampire Diaries). The company had a book in the works, The Princess and the Pauper, which had been assigned to a different writer at the time.

“The author wanted to have two different names and she wanted to keep her name for her adult books,” said Scott. “[The publishers] came up with this fake name, ‘Kate Brian’, for this work. The work came in very late [however] and it was badly written. My friend called me and asked me if I would be willing to rewrite it for them but I had to rewrite it under this name because they already printed the commercial material.”

Thus began Scott’s transition into ‘Kate Brian’. “Then the publisher wanted more books by ‘Kate Brian’ and that was me,” said Scott. Scott now uses “Kate Brian” for all her Hyperion published books and Kieran Scott for all her books published by Simon & Schuster.

Besides Brian there is one other pen name that you can find Scott’s books under that many people don’t know about. “Emma Harrison was a name I came up with to write TV tie-ins and things that weren’t my original ideas,” said Scott. “I wrote things like Charmed, Everwood, Alias, Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen books and Disney books under that name, and then a few paperback romances.”

Different from her pen name “Kate Brian” Scott came up with this one all on her own. “Emma Thompson is my favorite actress and Harrison Ford is my favorite actor,” she said. “I’m not sure whether I’ll ever use it again unless someone comes to me with a great job that I can’t refuse.”

“It seemed like an impossible thing to achieve.”

Though it may seem crazy to us now, Scott didn’t always think she would be an author. “I never really considered that I could be a novel writer when I was growing up,” said Scott. “It seemed like that type of thing that a lot of people aspire to but only a few achieve, like being an actor or president or something.”

Although Scott grew up in a household where reading and writing was the norm Scott still feared that being a novelist wouldn’t happen for her. Therefore she set her sights on a different goal.

“I set out to be a journalist,” said Scott. “I was an English and journalism major and I didn’t really like it that much. I just never had the self-confidence to go up to someone and ask for an interview. That was always really hard for me.”

As Scott, got closer to graduation and realized journalism was not for her she began to wonder what she would do. That’s when she saw an ad for a job that was perfect for her.

“I answered an ad for an editorial position at this book company,” said Scott. “It was really the first time that I considered that people edited books. It’s not just the author; there are editors also. And that’s sort of how I got into it. And I thought if I could make a living by reading, how great would that be?”

Through her experience working as an editor Scott began to learn how making a book worked and started writing her own fiction again. “After a few years of working for hire I broke out on my own to see if I could make a living out of it and I’ve been doing it ever since.”

She’s Just Like Us

Many people know Scott as “Kieran Scott” and “Kate Brian”, the writers but what many of her fans don’t know is who is Kieran Scott, the person? Besides being an amazing author, Scott’s biggest role is being a wife and mom. Scott has two sons, ages six and three, who keep her busy and when she’s not doing that (or rather during that) Scott is just like anyone of us.

“I spend a lot of the time at the gym,” said Scott. “I also like to bake. If I have a free Saturday or Sunday afternoon I’m always baking cookies or cake or something and then going to the gym to work them off.”

Outside of the gym, Scott is also an avid reader and TV watcher, though she may not be watching what you’re into. “I love to read and I’m a huge TV addict although whenever someone says to me, ‘Do you watch Game of Thrones?’ I say, ‘No’ or ‘Do you watch Breaking Bad?’ and I say, ‘No.’ then there seems like there’s twenty TV shows that I don’t watch but I feel like I watch so much TV.”

When it comes to Scott’s reading habits she can’t help but stray back to her own genre of fiction. “I end up reading a lot of teen fiction because I do all these panels and I hear all these people talk about their books and I really want to read them because they all sound amazing so that’s kind of an occupational hazard.”

Some of her recent reads include The Darkest Minds series, Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality, and various thrillers to help her try her hand at writing a thriller novel. “I like when a book surprises me even when it’s not a book that’s supposed to surprise you.” Just like us.

What’s Next?

So far this year, there are already two books by Scott scheduled for release: Endless, the last book in the Shadowlands trilogy and Only Everything, the first book in her newest trilogy that ties in some mythology into a romantic series.

Though the added mythological aspect to the book definitely makes the books sound even more interesting, this wasn’t part of Scott’s original plan. “I actually really wanted to write a straight forward romance series,” said Scott. “I pitched it to my editor and agent and they liked the character but they felt like the series needed a hook and I was really annoyed honestly, because it wasn’t what I wanted to do. But then I started to think about it and thought if I want it to be really romantic, what went along with romance? And it just hit me one night: cupid.”

From there Scott started thinking about Roman mythology and how it could be incorporated into her newest novel. Going back to sixth grade, when she was last obsessed with the topic, Scott decided to do some research and came up with an even better idea for her newest novel that also incorporated her love for a fish out of water story.

Now, Only Everything focuses on a teenaged female Cupid who is banished to Earth and must match three couples in order to save the love of her life from the wrath of the Gods. And she has to do all of this powerless.

“I just imagined what it would be like for a goddess who is so used to getting what she wants and being able to do whatever she wants, and counting on these powers to be thrust into Earth without these powers,” said Scott. “And really she has a complete inability to act as a human and so that was so much fun to write.”

Therefore what started as a disappoint for Scott who feared she wouldn’t be able to write what she wanted to write, it actually became what she referred to as her favorite thing she’s ever written which is evident by the fact that she’s already finished all three books.

This doesn’t mean Scott’s done writing, of course. Currently she’s working on another romance novel and trying her hand at an adult thriller. She never stops.

Some Advice

Now that you know exactly who Kieran Scott is, it’s no surprise that you’re wondering how you can become her. Well here’s her advice for one of the most well known struggles of an aspiring writer: getting stuck.

“Go back and reread what you’ve written and see if there’s something in what you’ve written that made you get stuck,” she advised. “There’s sometimes an answer in what you’ve already written as to why you’re blocked.”

Also, Scott advises to just write, even when you’re not sure what you’re writing about. “If you have a day when you have time to write but you can’t seem to get started just write whatever,” she said. “Write something even if it sucks or you think it’s the dumbest thing ever. I have done that where I start out and I write some really lame dialogue and after a few paragraphs, I get into the groove and I start writing stuff that’s good.”

To learn more about Kieran Scott you can visit her website or follow her on her one of her Tumblrs (here and here). Only Everything is set to release in stores and online in May 2014.