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Kieran Scott’s newest novel, Only Everything, follows Eros, the goddess of love, struggle on Earth where she’s been banished. Eros, or True as she calls herself on Earth, has to make three couples fall in love to save her own true love, Orion, from the powers of Zeus.

This novel is the first in the trilogy and the novel varies between the point of views of True, Charlie, a new boy in high school who loves his drums and just wants to fit in, and Katrina, one of Charlie’s new classmates who is still reeling from the death of her father. What’s great about this novel is although it’s so obvious that Charlie and Katrina are meant to be together this is not clear at all to True who tries to hook up Charlie with every other girl in school, except Katrina. To be fair, however, Katrina does have a boyfriend but to put it bluntly, he sucks.

As someone who loves Greek mythology I thought this book was very interesting and couldn’t help myself from comparing and contrasting each gods’ personalities to the ones I’ve studied in my classes. Scott does any excellent job of changing the mythology so it’s not boring but doesn’t stray so far that it’s ridiculous. The way Scott presents the set up of the gods is there are lower gods (Eros, Artemis, Harmonia, etc) and upper gods (Zeus, Hera, Aphrodite, etc). The upper gods have more power, being able to move between Olympus and Earth whenever they please, whereas the lower gods cannot and must ask permission to go from place to place.

Besides the mythology I genuinely loved this book. True drove me crazy because she couldn’t see what was staring her right in the face but that’s what makes the book kind of funny. True struggles with being a human, having to do things on her own, and learning how humans behave. The best is that she can’t understand why humans don’t “share” and why they get so angry when she just takes things without asking.

Additionally the romance of the novel was great. Charlie and Katrina’s interactions made me crazy because I just wanted them to be together the whole book. Also, what’s great is their relationship isn’t the entire focus of the novel. Scott also provides flashbacks through True that show how she and Orion ended up together. Therefore rather than just have a novel focused solely on one couple that lets face it, it’s no surprise they end up together, we have all these other elements involve that give us a reprieve from the classic girl meets boy love story. Not that the romance wasn’t great; it was. However, it’s predictable. What’s not predictable is all the gods’ drama and how the book ends but I won’t spoil that.

Lastly, what I truly enjoyed is beside the romance, drama, and hilarity there is a lesson in this novel. Maybe even more than one. There’s a common theme of finding one’s inner strength and being comfortable in who you are no matter what. It may sound corny but I loved it. There’s definitely at least one character in this book that I think anyone could find themselves relating to.

This book definitely ended with a cliff hanger and I’m excited to see what happens next.

Favorite Line: “What is with everyone and this mine thing? ‘That’s my desk, you took my pencil, mine, mine, mine.’ Doesn’t anyone on Earth share?”

Stars: 4 out of 5. As much as I enjoyed reading this novel it took me way to long to find a favorite line which made me realize that although this book is entertaining it’s not spectacular. The mythological aspect gives it a little twist but at it’s core it’s still just another romance novel. A good one but one of many.

Borrow or Buy: Borrow. As already stated it’s good but it’s very similar to other romance books (other than the goddess part). Not really something you need to have on your bookshelf but still fun to read.

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