Book Review: Yes Please


Synopsis from Amazon:

Do you want to get to know the woman we first came to love on Comedy Central’s Upright Citizens Brigade? Do you want to spend some time with the lady who made you howl with laughter on Saturday Night Live, and in movies like Baby Mama, Blades of Glory, and They Came Together? Do you find yourself daydreaming about hanging out with the actor behind the brilliant Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation? Did you wish you were in the audience at the last two Golden Globes ceremonies, so you could bask in the hilarity of Amy’s one-liners?

If your answer to these questions is “Yes Please!” then you are in luck. In her first book, one of our most beloved funny folk delivers a smart, pointed, and ultimately inspirational read. Full of the comedic skill that makes us all love Amy, Yes Please is a rich and varied collection of stories, lists, poetry (Plastic Surgery Haiku, to be specific), photographs, mantras and advice. With chapters like “Treat Your Career Like a Bad Boyfriend,” “Plain Girl Versus the Demon” and “The Robots Will Kill Us All” Yes Please will make you think as much as it will make you laugh. Honest, personal, real, and righteous, Yes Please is full of words to live by.

After reading Mindy Kaling and Tina Fey’s books I felt it was only right to read (listen) to what Amy Poehler had to say and man, was that a good decision.

From describing her divorce, her sons, her childhood, her young adult days (including her experience with drugs), and her success on Parks and Rec, Poehler had me in happy and sad tears. I chose to listen to her audiobook rather than read the book because I think Poehler is hilarious and I expected listening to her audiobook would be way more fun than just reading it.

What made the audio book so great was Poehler wasn’t the only one telling the story. Seth Meyer’s reads the chapter he wrote for the book, Poehler’s parents made an appearance, and many others also jumped in the audio booth with Poehler. Listening to Poehler and Meyer’s banter was one of my favorite parts of the book and I just don’t think that’s something I would’ve gotten if I had just read it.

The audio book then ends with Poehler reading the last chapter live which I thought was really cool. Besides that though, whether you listen to the book or actually pick up the hard copy it’s definitely worth your time.

Poehler is not only funny but she’s honest. She doesn’t sugar coat who she is or her experiences. She discusses her mistakes, taking full responsibility for them, while also acknowledging her flaws in a way that I found very relatable. When she discussed her trip to Haiti I felt like I was there with her and never felt like she was trying to convince me how good of a person she was for volunteering in Haiti. Her book felt very genuine and real and I hope she writes another (even though she said this first one was a struggle) because I’d love to hear more.

Stars: 5 out of 5. I was never bored or annoyed with this book. It felt real and honest, like Poehler was just giving me some life advice.

Favorite Line: 

“Saying ‘yes’ doesn’t mean I don’t know how to say no, and saying “please” doesn’t mean I am waiting for permission.”

Borrow or Buy: Buy. You need this book. You will love and cherish this book forever. I promise.

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Golden Globes Recap

There were so many great things that occurred at the Golden Globes last night I’m not even sure I’ll be able to cover it all but I’m going to try.

The Hosts


Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are great especially when they’re together. It’s no surprise that they were asked to host again for the second year in a row. Their opening monologue was fantastic. They cracked jokes on not only the many actors in the audience but also on themselves. I especially enjoyed their Scandal moment when they talked about Kerry Washington being pregnant and when Poehler blamed Netflix for the future of TV becoming dramas made by SnapChat. These two ladies kept the jokes rolling throughout the show and I think they did a great job.

P. Diddy

I think we can all agree that Diddy was on something last night (some are suggesting he brought his own Ciroc). Whatever it was it made him act a little strangely. From stepping in Usher’s spot when they were presenting to awkwardly trying to hug Bono, Diddy was all over the place. However, I thought it was hilarious so I think it was fine.

The Winners

Their was a lot of talent at the Globes last night and I think everyone’s awards were well deserved. Of course I was rooting for Kerry Washington to finally win an award for her role as Olivia Pope but sadly she did not. However, I love Robin Wright on House of Cards so I wasn’t too mad about it. Other notable wins were American Hustle which received four awards in total (I still need to see that movie!), Frozen for best animated feature, 12 Years a Slave for best drama motion picture, Leonardo DiCaprio for his role in The Wolf of Wall Street (still not an Oscar but maybe one day Leo), and both Breaking Bad and Brooklyn Nine-Nine left with two awards.

The Fashion

Almost everyone looked fantastic last night. Many people did not like Jennifer Lawerence’s dress but I liked it. Then again maybe I’m biased because I love her but I thought she looked cute and I love her haircut.


One of my all time favorites was Sofia Vegara. As always she looked flawless. Her dress accentuated all her curves in the right way and I just couldn’t take it. Also, her Modern Family co-star, Sarah Hyland was also killing it on the red carpet. Other notable ladies were Taylor Swift, Dianne Keaton, Kaley Cuoco, Sosie Bacon (the Ms. Golden Globe), Krya Sedgewick, and Reese Witherspoon. They were all working it and I wish I could afford their fashion.

kaley sofia sosie t-swift

All and all, I thought the show was great and I wouldn’t mind if Fey and Poehler hosted again. I’ll be crossing my fingers and my toes in hopes that dream comes true. Now onto the next award show. When’s the Oscars again?