Man Crush Monday: Raffe


Stoic, brooding, and cocky are just three words to describe the angel, Raffe. A warrior angel, Raffe has been through some things in his immortal life. Being in charge of The Watchers, angels living on Earth, he is forced to deal with their half human/half angel children, the Nephilim, who are seen as abominations that eat human flesh.

Besides that Raffe is an archangel putting him a step above other angels and in line to become the next Messenger of God. In summary, Raffe is a boss with a lot of enemies. He’s courageous and strong but he also has a sense of humor and a soft spot for a certain human. He likes crack to corny jokes and knows exactly what to say to make people feel better when they’re moping.

What makes Raffe great is even though he tries to hide his feelings he can’t help but care. This is best evidenced by his friendship/something else with Penryn. He doesn’t want to care about a human but he just can’t seem to help himself.

More than that, Raffe is just plain attractive. He’s got the body of an angel, literally. With abs, strong arms, dark brown (black?) hair, and a hint of danger, he’s the definition of hot. Who wouldn’t want to jump in his arms and have him fly you away?

You can fall in love with Raffe by reading the Angelfall trilogy and trust me you really want to.

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