Who Did Rebecca Sutter Text in the HTGAWM Finale?

Thursday night’s HTGAWM finale left fans with a lot of questions, including who is “Eggs 911”? While being held captive in the Keating house, Rebecca Sutter (Katie Findlay) was able to grab Michaela Pratt’s phone long enough to send a text to an unknown number. All it said was, “Eggs 911. Lawyer’s House.”

Whoever it was either didn’t get to the house in time to save Rebecca or killed her themselves. The question is who is this mysterious person and what do they have to do with Rebecca’s murder? We’ll have to wait a few months to really find out but here’s a list of possible suspects.

1. The Security Guard


In part one of the finale Rebecca tells the Keating 4 that she tracked down the security guard who saw them all leaving the Keating house the night they killed Sam. It turns out Annalise and Frank “handled” him by having him fired for stalking some sorority girls. He’s now living in Delaware and Rebecca admitted to knowing just how to reach him in case she needed him to testify about what he saw that night. Maybe she thought he was the best bet to help her out of the mess she found herself in at the Keating house and sent him a text. Then again why not just use Annalise’s name? So many questions!

2. Griffin O’Reilly


Sure Griffin and Rebecca had a rough relationship to say the least but maybe they patched things up and started working together. We haven’t seen Griffin (at least not in the present) for a few episodes and who knows what he’s been doing with his free time. Maybe Rebecca reached out and asked for help or made a deal with him. Either way it’d be an awesome plot twist if Griffin reappeared in season two. Here’s to hoping!

3. Rudy


I know what you’re thinking. This is extremely unlikely but bear with me for a second. What if Rudy isn’t as whacked out as he seems? What if it’s all aploy so no one would know he’s really working with Rebecca. The text was sent to a number with the 215 area code, which indicates it’s someone in Philly. Who’s to say Rudy isn’t totally sane and he’s actually been helping Rebecca somehow? Wouldn’t that be crazy.

4. Hannah Keating


Everyone knows Sam’s sister, Hannah, hates Annalise and may have been in love with Sam. Who better to team up with Rebecca and help her against Annalise and crew? Plus she also disappeared rather quickly and has yet to return. Maybe she gave Rebecca her number before she left town but seeing the mess Rebecca was in when she arrived at the Keating house, killed her to tie up loose ends. But is Hannah really the killing type? Plus she probably wouldn’t have a Philly phone number. Unless she was using a burner phone. There are endless possibilities.

5. A new character


This is the most probable answer. “Eggs 911” is probably someone we haven’t met yet who’s sure to bring more drama and tension into the show. Maybe it’s one of Rebecca’s former dealer friends. Or another sorority girl Rebecca befriended. Who knows? Either way a new character would be good considering how many characters died in the first season. We could use some new faces at Middleton University. Plus Wes is going to need a new girlfriend to console him when he finds out his ex is dead. Talk about a bad breakup. Ouch.

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