Allison Argent Dies: Is it Chauvinism? (Teen Wolf 3X23 Recap)

Last night Teen Wolf shocked us all with the death of a fan favorite, Allison Argent.

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Allison was a strong female lead on the show who will be greatly missed. She was an amazing young woman who was a BAMF who could defend herself and stand on her own. She made her own choices and did what she believed to be right, even when that meant walking away from her first love.

Allison was the definition of a independent woman. Additionally, she not only kicked butt but she was still feminine, working it in her cute outfits, sometimes even using her cross bow while still in a dress she wore to school.

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She was a feminist’s dream, demonstrating that a woman can be strong, opinionated, smart, and take care of herself while also still being beautiful, sexy, and in a relationship.

tumblr_n2mawgVvZq1rz89zjo3_250 tumblr_n2mawgVvZq1rz89zjo4_250

This begs the question why kill off such a wonderful character that has developed greatly over these last three seasons into such a strong woman? Why snatch her away at the end? Of course the main reason is because Crystal Reed who plays Allison is leaving the show but there are so many other ways this could’ve been done.

For example, when Colton Haynes (Jackson) left to go to Arrow, his character was not killed off but instead he left to live somewhere in Europe. In that case, Allison could’ve easily lived and the story line could’ve been her and father moving away from Mission Hills because they’d already lost so much of their family and couldn’t stand it anymore.

Instead, however, the writers and producers chose to kill Allison, in a death that was also pointless. It served no purpose in the show for her to die other than to add shock value. There was no ritual sacrifice that needed to happen and truthfully if someone had to die it could’ve been anyone, for example one of the male twins maybe.

What’s bothersome about this whole thing is it is almost always females that die on the show. Though Alison’s aunt and Jennifer Blake were admittedly evil characters who were killed, the same could be said for Peter Hale or Deucalion who survived. Why is it that only female characters are killed off on Teen Wolf but not the male characters?

Although this could all be seen as a coincidence it’s very strange that this pattern continues to appear on this show, a show that is otherwise pretty progressive in their themes. It’s disheartening that a show that is very entertaining and continues to get better with each season seems to be working with a chauvinistic mind set.

Do you think Alison’s death was an indication of chauvinism or merely a coincidence? Vote below and sound off in the comments.

Source for photos: Tumblr, MTV

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