Listen up, folks! There is still time to get that free week of Uber for Georegetown. We can do this Hoyas, I believe in all of you. We still have until 11:59 PM EST to get this done. Although we have a long way to go I believe in us!

If you don’t remember from last time this is what you’ve gotta do:

  1. Download the free Uber app on your smartphone.
  2. Sign up using our unique promo code (DCUberXtraCredit3)
  3. Receive $20 off your first Uber ride.
  4. Tell all your friends to do the same.
  5. Win a FREE week of uberX for everyone on campus!

It’s that easy you guys! Seriously we can do this. And you don’t have to be a Georgetown student to get this deal. Anyone can use the code so tell you brothers, sisters, parents, cousins, aunts, uncles, your third cousin twice removed, etc. Tell everyone!

Even if you already have Uber spread the word anyway. I mean really, who doesn’t want a week of FREE uberX? I know I want it. So let’s band together and get it done.



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