How to Pick Your Superbowl Team

If you’re anything like me, you don’t know anything about football and that’s okay. Just yesterday I learned the two teams playing in the Superbowl this year are the Seahawks and the Broncos. Interesting.

As someone who has no knowledge on the sport and the Superbowl is the one football game I watch all year here’s how I figure out who I’m rooting for. It’s not the best system but I’ve found that it tends to work.

1. Are either of the teams from your hometown?

This is the easiest way to pick a team. If the team is coming from your native land you’ve gotta root for them. It’s only right. This only gets tricky if you find yourself in a Jets vs. Giants situation but I don’t think this happens often. Then again what do I know.

2. Which team is closer to you?

Of course since there’s so many teams in the NFL there’s a good chance that your home team won’t make it. Such a shame. If this is the case, you can then choose your team based on which one is closer to you: either the place you live now or your hometown. For example, last year I rooted for the Baltimore Ravens ’cause I figured that was close enough. Clearly, that was a good betting system.

4. Whatever team your significant other is rooting for

If you’re currently in relationship or even casual dating someone, it would be in your best interest to cheer for their team. Do not get yourself into a fight you can’t get yourself out of. People take their sports very seriously. Unless you have a crazy good reason for not supporting their team you better come with a jersey and sign saying, “Go Broncos!”

4. Who has the cutest player(s)?

Now if a significant other isn’t a factor then this should definitely be a good determinate. Who wouldn’t want to root for a team with attractive players? Yes it’s hard to see what they look like with all their gear on but they do take off their gear at some point. Plus, their attractiveness helps them play better. Right?

5. Whichever team your family/friends/host is supporting

Similar to the boyfriend/girlfriend scenario, if you’re surrounded by a whole bunch of people supporting one team don’t be THAT person, especially if you don’t know anything about football. Just sit down and cheer with everyone else. Make the party’s team your team. It’s just easier that way. You don’t even have to watch the game; just follow everyone else. That way instead of focusing on the game you can spend more time focusing on the commercials and waiting for the halftime show (we all know you’re just waiting for Bruno; it’s okay).

6. Don’t choose a side

Here’s a crazy thought: you don’t have to choose a side! If you are really only watching the game to be social and waiting for the commercials and halftime show that’s fine. Just play with your phone or talk to people during the boring parts game. However, if you actually want to at least pretend you know something about what’s going on it’s better to have a team. You’d be surprised how quickly you can get competitive over a team you just committed to an hour ago.

Whether you choose to pick a side or not, or if you actually are really excited to watch the game tomorrow I hope you have a Happy Superbowl!


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