Why Rereading Is The Best

I am a firm believer in rereading books. I most recently just reread the whole Mediator series by Meg Cabot and I loved every second of it. Something about reading a good book for the second time just feels awesome. If you need any more reasons to reread your favorite book (although you really shouldn’t) here’s a few.

1. You know how it ends

Although we hate it when other people ruin an ending for us it’s different it we’ve read it ourselves. There’s this crazy anticipation that comes when you know something good or bad is about to happen and you feel so much anxiety because you want to yell at the character but you can’t. Also, it’s great watching your OTP fall in love knowing they’re going to end up together. It’s like hitting rewind on your favorite movie.

2. You pick up on things you missed

Remember how there was that crazy twist at the end and you couldn’t believe THAT person was the killer. Well now you’ll be looking at all the clues and seeing what was staring in the face the whole time. I still don’t understand how Kate Brian (aka Kieran Scott) pulled the wool over our eyes with Private. HOW DID THE AUTHOR DO THAT???

3. Falling in love with your favorite character all over again.

Yes Pooh Bear. Yes we can.

The worse thing to ever happen is when you forget, specifically, why your character is the best. You know in your heart this character is the greatest thing that’s ever blessed a novel but you can’t remember exactly why. That’s why when you reread and see Dimitri and Rose (spoilers!!!) finally give into their feelings for each other in Shadow Kiss you melt all over again. You forgot how good that scene was! Yeah, it’s the best.

4. You know so much more now then when you first read the book.

Being older and wiser (even if it’s just a little bit) you will see this book differently than when you first read it. That quote about all the “little infinities” (TFIOS has the best quotes by the way) suddenly means something different when you lose someone close to you. Or how falling in love is just like falling asleep (last TFIOS quote I swear) means more to you when you’ve actually fallen in love. As you grow and become a different person, reading the same book for the second (or third time) will take on a whole different meaning for you.

5. Going through all the laughs, tears, and pain all over again

I guarantee that if a book is truly well written it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve read it you will still laugh at the jokes, cry when your favorite character cries, and feel pain when someone is hurt or dies. Though it may sound crazy you know you fell in love with that book because of the emotional roller coaster it put you on.

Your emotions:

do not want

i love them so much

Yeah, you know you enjoy the stress. Wouldn’t it be great to go on that ride again? 

raised eyebrow

I challenge you to take a look at your bookshelf and try rereading that book you used to be totally obsessed with. Trust me, it’ll be even better the second time around. I mean really, who doesn’t love seconds? Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Why Rereading Is The Best

  1. I’m such a big fan of rereading. I used to reread series before the newest book came out when I was younger. Just you mentioning the Private Series is making me want to reread it again because it’s been a long while since I thought about those books.

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