10 Ways to Enjoy Your Snow Day

In honor of the first snow day of the semester here’s my top 10 favorite ways to enjoy the unexpected day off.

1. Drink hot chocolate

hot chocalate
Source: Starbucks

Nothing feels better than sitting indoors, wrapped in a warm blanket, drinking some hot chocolate while watching the snow fall. Delicious!

2. Binge watch your favorite TV show


Another wonderful activity you can do in the safety of your own home (and bed) is catch up on your favorite shows. What’s better than comfortably watching Fitz “earn” Olivia while wrapped in some blankets (and drinking that hot chocolate).

3. Read a book

Source: Tumblr

I know this one isn’t for everyone but really if you haven’t tried reading a book by the fire place (even if it’s a fake one) you don’t know what you’re missing. Nothing is better than getting lost in a good book on a snowy, wintery day.

4. Cuddling

Source: www.tumblr.com
Source: Tumblr

There’s no better time to invest in a cuddle buddy then on a snowy, winter day. If you don’t have an actual cuddle buddy (it’s okay don’t be ashamed) there is now an easy solution for your problem: a cuddle pillow! However, if this sounds as weird to you as it did to me you could always just keep it old school and cuddle with your teddy bear. No shame in my game.

5. Movie Night (or day really)

Source: www.tumblr.com
Source: Tumblr

Missed Frozen last weekend? Still haven’t seen all The Fast and Furious movies (RIP Paul Walker)? Or just want to see some Disney classics for the fifth time? Well lucky for you we live in the 21st century where almost every movie you could think of is available at your disposable via the Internet. Enjoy!

6. Build a snowman

do you want to build a snowman?
Source: Tumblr

If you’re more daring than I and actually want to go outside in this whether there’s many things you can do, the first of which is building a snowman. So grab anyone that’s crazy enough to join you, get a carrot, some sticks, and maybe some accessories you don’t plan on using anytime soon and get to work.

7. Snowball Fight

Source: www.georgetownvoice.com
Source: The Georgetown Voice

This is the best way anyone could voluntarily get me to go outside in the snow. Nothing is better than getting your team together and facing off with another team for a snowball fight. Definitely a fun time in the snow.

8. Snow Angels

Source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia

I’m never one to voluntarily lay down in the snow and get all wet. However, something about making a snow angel just makes you feel like you five years old again. Plus, you can always change into some dry, warm clothes after you’re done.

9. Igloo



I have never successfully made one of these but I would love to be able to. I think this would be so cool (literally). It’d be a little house made of snow to play in. Maybe one day. *sighs*

10. Sledding



I’ve never actually gone sledding but I have gone snow tubbing and I think it’s kind of the same thing. Either way I love it. It’s really fun and doesn’t take much skill unlike skiing or snowboarding. Definitely one of my favorite winter activities.

Happy Snow Day Everyone!


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