Switched at Birth is Back!

It’s finally that time of year again: the return of my favorite shows. I don’t know about you guys but I for one couldn’t be more excited. Nothing too crazy happened in the premiere of Switched at Birth but I feel like they have set a good foundation for the season. If you haven’t watched yet here’s your spoilers warning: SPOILERS!

First, my favorite couple, Bemmett, is sadly still not back together but they are friendly so that gives me a little hope. However, it seems like Bay my have a new love interest this season (because Lord knows these girls are never single for too long). His name is Tank and he’s a dedicated frat boy taking an art class. Many of you might recognize Tank (played by Max Adler) from Glee (you know back when it was still good). Anyway, I like Tank but I’m hoping he and Bay just stay friends rather than become “Bank”. However, Bay is still rebounding from her last “cheating” boyfriend so who knows what’ll happen.

bay tank[Source: ABCFamily]

Meanwhile Daphne is currently dealing with her 100 hours worth of probation. Working in a free clinic, Daphne meets a (HOT) nurse practitioner (I’m thinking maybe another Chef Jeff situation in the works?) and a cool guy in a wheel chair who has a great sense of humor.

that sounds like the start

I like him but I also think Daphne needs to be single for a while. She’s been jumping from guy to guy for a little too long now. She needs a break. Plus she needs to focus on how she’s going to get back in John’s good graces, although really John needs to just let it go. Yeah she messed up but she’s a teenager. They make mistakes.

Everyone else is also dealing with their own issues. Toby is missing his new wife, Nikki, Regina wants to start her own business with money she thinks Angelo has but he may have to put all that money into his own business. Katherine’s feeling down and is going on medication and has now starting lying to John (not good) but hey sometimes you need a break. John is getting crap at his job because people think he made Daphne blackmail the senator and basically everyone’s kind of on the struggle bus right now.

Even so, Daphne, Toby, and Bay will be starting a field hockey team at Carlton and Katherine’s now taking dance lessons and trying new things, so maybe they’ll be okay. I’m excited for this new season and can’t wait to see what happens next.

Here’s the preview for the next episode.

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