Eight Celebs Who Were Once RAs

Before they were famous these celebs were once Resident Assistants so next time you want to hate on your RA just remember one day they might be famous. Check it out.

1. Kerry Washington, George Washington University

kerry washington

Before playing DC’s most powerful fixer, Washington was stopping football players from making a ruckus on her floor.

2. Adam Sandler, New York University

Adam Sandler Honored On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

To help pay his way through college, Sandler acted as a RA at NYU.

3. Hillary Clinton, Wellesley College


Clinton went from Resident Assistant to First Lady to Secretary of State to next president? We shall see.

4. Sheryl Crow, University of Missouri, Columbia

1408613438sheryl crow

Before writing music Crow was writing up residents (probably).

5. Katie Couric, University of Virginia


Couric may cover major news stories now but back in the day she was responsible for covering her floor.

6. Wesley Snipes, State University of New York at Purchase


Before Snipes started protecting all mortals from vampires he was protecting his residents.

7. Donald Glover, New York University


Glover worked as a staff writer on 30 Rock while being a RA. Talk about multi-tasking.

8. Jerry O’Connell, New York University


Before going into acting O’Connell was responsible for his residents at NYU.

In summary: Being an RA totally has future benefits. #waitonit