POLL: Are You a Borrower or a Buyer?


Are more comfortable in a library or a bookstore? Is it all about books for your shelf or just reading the story? If I was rich I’d probably buy every single book I could but since I’m not the library and I are best friends. Do you prefer to just borrow your books or buy them for keeps? Let me know why in the comments below.


Results of last week’s poll:

Which one of Kiera Cass’ Novels Has The Best Cover

With 44.44% of the votes the winner is The Heir, my personal favorite. Thanks to everyone who voted and stay tuned next week to see the results of this week’s poll.

POLL: YA or Adult Novels?

ya or adult

I’m a big fan of both young adult and adult novels. Even so, I often tend to lean towards young adult. Maybe it’s because I am one or maybe it’s because I just truly prefer them. Either way I love both types of novels but I want to know if you have a preference. Vote in the poll below and let me know in the comments why you’re more of a YA fan or a strictly adult novels person.

Results of last week’s poll:

How do you prefer to read?

With 60% of the votes, paperbacks were the winner. Paperbacks or the perfect books because you can fold them over and bend them any which way while still having the comfort of holding an actual book in your hands. It’s a win-win.