Woman Crush Wednesday: Heather Wells

via Whitney Thompson’s Twitter

Heather Wells is a hilarious, self-assured narrator. Although she’s fallen from teen pop stardom she’s taking this in stride, deciding to work as a Resident Director at NYU and get a degree. She’s sometimes awkward and always quirky. Her love for food is something I greatly appreciate and her crush on her landlord, Cooper, is absolutely adorable.

Heather’s unbelievably relatable with her struggles in love, money, family, and health. Moreover, being a self made detective she also finds herself in a heap of trouble that makes for quite funny situations and stories. She’s quite the catch and once she realizes that her self-confidence makes her the perfectly imperfect protagonist.

Meg Cabot has the ability to create strong female leads in her novels and Heather is no different. If you haven’t read the Heather Wells mysteries yet please do. They’re fantastic.

“I’ll just go at my own pace. Nice and easy. Here we go. There, see? I’m doing it. I’m running! Hey, look at me! I’m running! I’m-
Okay, well, that’s enough of that. Whew. I mean, a girl could hyperventilate from doing that. And seriously, it’s my first day. Don’t want to overdo it.” – Big Boned

Man Crush Monday: Cooper Cartwright


Cooper Cartwright is the hottest landlord a woman could ask for, which makes Heather Wells, the protagonist of the Heather Wells Mysteries, the luckiest woman alive.

Cooper owns the brownstone that Heather is renting, now that she’s no longer a pop star and single since she and Cooper’s little brother broke up. Cooper’s also a private investigator and wants nothing to do with his famous brother and his star studded lifestyle, which makes him the perfect match for Heather.

Cooper, of course, is super attractive but not in a pretty boy way. He’s a tough and self-made man who rejects the rich, privileged lifestyle he grew up in (not that he doesn’t benefit from it, of course, but he doesn’t flaunt it either). He’s a really chill guy who cares about and respects Heather for who she is not what size she wears.

This post has now made me want to reread the whole Heather Wells series because honestly it’s been too long and I love Cooper and Heather respectively. If you haven’t read this series yet it’s one of Meg Cabot’s best and you should definitely check it out.

As you pointed out, I should have left well enough alone. But… well, it’s not in my nature. Let’s face it, though: It’s not in your nature, either, Heather. That’s why we make such a perfect pair. We’re lucky to have found each other. I feel sorry sometimes for people like your mom. Maybe her problem isn’t that she’s a dirty, no good, whatever-you-were-going-to-call-her. It’s that she was never lucky enough to find her soul mate, like we were.” The Bride Wore Size 12