Can’t Get Away From Frozen: Elsa Arrives in Storybrooke

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At the end of the Once Upon a Time season three finale fans got a surprise ending. After Emma and Hook went back in time and were warned of the consequences of altering things Emma accidentally brought back a golden jar that Rumpelstiltskin  had tucked away. That jar then opened up in Storybrooke pouring out a blue liquid that then took human form into none other than Frozen star, Elsa.

I can’t even begin to explain how much this upset me. Seriously? Of all the characters they could have brought into the show they choose Elsa? Don’t get me wrong I love Elsa, just as I loved Frozen but honestly it is too soon. The movie just came out last year and people have not stopped talking about. I know it’s a great movie that was well done. I even watched it three times just like everyone else but Disney has to stop.

It’s obvious that Disney only gains from this addition to the show that appears on their network, ABC. Rather than letting the hype around their Oscar winning film die why not add one of the leading characters to a live action TV show. And with Elsa we can expect to see many other Frozen characters as one of the major aspects of OUAT is the flashbacks of every character. There’s already a campaign for Kristen Bell to reprise her role as Anna on the show (something I thoroughly support since I love her).

My greatest fear/curiosity is how are the writers going to pull this off? They’re messing with a character that people just fell in love with. Frozen is one of, if not THE, most progressive Disney film to hit theaters. It’s already been discussed that Elsa represents someone with depression. How can OUAT use such awesome themes from the film in the show that will do the movie justice and not upset fans?

At the same time, so far OUAT has been pretty good at giving well known fairytale/Disney characters good back stories and new story arcs. For example, making Mulan a lesbian who had a crush on Sleeping Beauty. Talk about a plot a twist.


Plus maybe Elsa will find love this time around. Who knows? What I do know is OUAT is walking a thin line right now and hopefully they will be able to make this work because I’m very skeptical about this whole idea. They just better not ruin Frozen.


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Book Review: Frozen


To avoid confusion this is not a book that the Disney movie, Frozen, was based on. This Frozen is the first book in the new Heart of Dread series by authors Melissa de la Cruz (author of the Blue Bloods and Witches of East End series) and Michael Johnston.

Based in a post apocalyptic world, where Earth is now a frozen wasteland, the novel focuses on Nat, a marked girl who has powers she can’t control. The marked are people, or magical creatures really, that humans fear. Similar to the way in which some people still believe they can “catch” cancer or HIV/AIDS in this dystopia people fear the marked not only for their powers but also because they’re scared they can get the “illness” as well. Therefore the marked are persecuted, either being imprisoned or killed on site.

This is just one of the many things wrong with this futuristic society included but certainly not limited to corrupt government, slavers (involved in a lot of black market trading of people), a large disparity between the rich and poor, amongst many other things.

Hence, why Nat wants to escape to what many call the Blue, a far away place that is rumored to be a paradise where the sun still shines and animals still exist. This leads Nat on an adventure along with a boy named, Wes, and his crew to find the Blue.

I thought this book was great. Though this book has a similar to theme to many books coming out recently it’s also a stand out for many reasons. First, this novel is told in third person narration, thereby giving us insight to both Wes and Nat’s perspective which I found to be interesting. Second, this book adds an air of mystery and fairy tale quality to this otherwise very dystopian novel which I definitely haven’t seen in any of the other dystopian novels I’ve read recently (and I’ve read a lot).

Also, I’m usually weary of books that are written by two authors because sometimes you can tell who’s writing what and the change in the style of the novel can get really annoying, early on. However, this novel ran very smoothly, and I felt like I was only reading one author’s writing, not two.

I’m excited to see where Cruz and Johnston will go with this series. Frozen was filled with action, mystery, and a little bit of romance. Though I’m not completely obsessed with this book/series just yet I think this first book built a good foundation for this series to get even better.

Stars: 4 out of 5

Borrow or Buy: Borrow. I thought this book was good but not one that I’d read over and over again. Better to get it from the library and spend the money on that book you’ve had on your wish list for months instead.