POLL: Who’s the Best Man Crush Monday? Pt. 1

I’ve done so many Man Crush Monday’s now that I’m almost running out of guys (suggestions are welcome, please leave them in the comments). Therefore when I was going through all of them I found myself thinking but who’s the ultimate Man Crush Monday? Who’s the best of the best?

Rather than force myself to choose I figured I’d ask you. Therefore I’ve put together all of my previous Man Crush Mondays so you can decide who’s the ultimate Man Crush Monday (thus far). Because I’ve done so many (almost 20!) this will be done in parts starting with this first 10. Don’t see your fave on the list? Let me know in the comments and maybe they’ll be next.


Results of last week’s poll:

Are you a borrower or a buyer?

In a shocking twist, at least it was shocking to me, buyers won this one with 57.14%. I wish I cold buy all the books so I could have the ultimate library but unfortunately it’s out of my price range. Kudos to those of you who can though. Check back her next week to find out the results of this week’s poll.

POLL: How do you prefer to read?


Hardcover, paperback, Kindle, Nook, iPad, audio. There’s so many ways to read a book these days it’s hard to keep track. Even so, people almost always have a preference. Some like to have an actual book, others prefer the connivence of e-books, and there are those who rather listen to their books. Where do you fall on the spectrum? Comment below why your way of reading is the best way or why you can’t choose just one way to read.


Results of last week’s poll:

Do you have to finish every book you read?

This one was close but with 60% most of you said you have to finish every book you read. I applaud those of you that do. I am not one of them.