The Black and White PLL Episode Was Pointless

Although I’m sure we could all agree last night’s black and white episode of Pretty Little Liars was entertaining, it didn’t get us that far in the storyline. Though I understand the writers are going to try to stretch this storyline for as long as possible to keep the show going, this episode was truly a waste of time.

First, the whole premise of the black and white episode was that Spencer was having a dream where in the end all she learns is that she need to “look at the pages” of Ali’s journal rather than the book at the whole. It is then, when she wakes up, that she see’s that “A” changed some words in the journal. So in that whole hour long episode all we learned was there are changes in the journal that means the journal can lead them to Ali. But didn’t we kind of know that before?

really 2

Also, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer finally figure out that Aria is back with Ezra and it becomes clear they really need to tell her the truth. Basically, it was revealed to them what we already knew. Great job ladies!

clap 2

Also, there was a lot of progress made in the episode yet none of it matters because none of it was real. Let’s go down the list of what could have been resolved but wasn’t:

  1. Toby calls out Spencer on her drug problem. She hopefully gets help for said problem.
  2. The girls find Ali and finally get to call her out on her BS.
  3. Aria learns the truth about Ezra (and so does Toby).
  4. Emily asks Paige about her relationship with Shana (though this doesn’t lead to anything at least the question is out there).
  5. It is pretty much confirmed that Ezra and Mona are in fact working together and can’t be trusted.

Therefore, we basically saw a preview of what’s going to happen in the rest of this season.

Truthfully, I love PLL. I think it’s a good show filled with drama and romance and some mystery. However, the mystery part of it is getting a little ridiculous and it seems to me that last nights episode was only a ploy to stretch out this “Ezra is ‘A'” storyline until they figure out what to do next since they were renewed for a fifth season last year.

Honestly, I am ready for this mystery to end. How many different “A”‘s are we going to go through. What else can happen? I know they want the show to last as long as possible but this is starting to get a little ridiculous. I’m not sure how long I’ll keep watching.

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