Book Review: Something Blue


I loved Something Borrowed (both the book and the movie) but I resisted reading the sequel for so long because I didn’t like Darcy and wasn’t sure I cared to know what happened to her.

However, Emily Giffin has this amazing ability to show more than one side to a character and I found myself understanding Darcy’s side of things and actually beginning to like her.

The novel continues right where Something Borrowed left off, showing us what was going through Darcy’s mind when she find out her best friend, Rachel, was hooking up with her fiancé, Dex. Talk about awkward.

Not that one could really feel bad for Darcy when she cheated on Dex with his best friend, Marcus, and got pregnant. Yeah, that relationship was doomed from the start.

Through the novel we see Darcy try to understand her new world in which everything’s not the way it was. She can’t fathom how someone like her (beautiful and well dressed) could be dumped for someone like Rachel (book smart but no fashion sense). Besides that she begins to question if she made a mistake choosing Marcus over Dex and worrying about the future of her baby. As Darcy begins to realize her perfect life isn’t so perfect she finds herself beginning to question everything she once held so near and dear and wondering what’s really important in her life.

By taking a trip to visit her childhood friend, Ethan, she begins to discover that there’s more to people than just what’s on the outside and that she’s more than just her looks. She begins to do things on her own and became a character I truly adored.

I loved this novel. At first I wasn’t Darcy’s biggest fan mostly because of left over resentment I felt from the prequel. However, once I stopped comparing her to the Darcy from Rachel’s POV and start really just seeing her for who she was I understood why she acted the way she did in the first novel and at the start of this novel. Not that it’s an excuse for her actions but still. Also, it made me look at the other side of things and realize Rachel was not at all innocent in any of it either.

It was very interesting getting another point of view in this story and I really enjoyed it. I also enjoyed all the romance and seeing Darcy fall but then pick herself up again. What I loved the most though is how Darcy’s love for her baby and her growing into motherhood really change her.

If you haven’t read Something Borrowed yet definitely pick that up and then read this book. It’s great.

Favorite Line: “Love and friendship. They are what make us who we are, and what can change us, if we let them.”

Stars: 5 out of 5. I really enjoyed this book and I’ve already gone back and reread parts of it. So good.

Borrow or Buy: Buy. I bought this book and it was worth every penny. Do it.

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