10 Nail Designs to Celebrate the Olympics

The Winter 2014 Olympics in Sochi is now in full swing. To celebrate the occasion here are my top 10 favorite nail designs to show your Team USA spirit (or just love for the Olympics in general). Some of these are from the summer Olympics but they’re still relevant. To get the links to these awesome nail blogs just click the photo. Enjoy!

1. Look at Her Nails

nails 3

2. Sensationail Gel Nail Art

nails 8

3. Blanket Print Nails

nails 6

4. Klo’s to Me

olympic nails

5. Diva Polish

nails 7

6. Olympic Nail Art

nails 9

7. Fancy Phalanges

nails 10

8. We Heart It

sochi nails

9. Nail Art: Entertainment

nail art

10. Meghan’s Nails

nails 4


All these nail designs are amazing. Check ’em out and show me your own nail designs for this Olympics in the comments. Go Team USA! And the Jamaican bobsledding team!

Out With the Old, In With the New

In 2013 a lot of my friendships were tested. Whether it was because I hurt them, they hurt me, we just grew apart, or one of us just stopped talking to the other, my friendships were strained.
Though I lost some friends last year the ones that I kept, the ones I made an effort to keep, those or the ones that I think will be around forever. They’re my ride or dies.
I definitely made mistakes this past year and said things I didn’t mean but my real friends forgave me just as I forgave them in the same way.
As for everyone else that couldn’t move past the foolishness I say, “¡Adios!” And I suggest y’all do the same.
Life’s too short to be stressing about people who can’t let go. You can never make people like you and sometimes people are going to walk out your life no matter how hard you try to make them stay.
The point is don’t stress about what you may have lost in 2013. Instead focus on what you gained and look forward to the new friendships and relationships you’ll form in 2014.
Don’t live in the past; start living for the future.