10 Signs You’ve Been Friendzoned

Ladies constantly talk about how guys give mixed signals and it can be really confusing figuring out whether a guy wants to be just friends or something more. The truth is I think if we (ladies) like someone sometimes we like to think there’s something there when really there isn’t. Here’s 10 signs that definitely indicate he only wants friendship from you. Honestly, if a guy wants more than that they usually make it explicitly clear. Just, fyi.

1. He constantly refers to you as his friend, good friend, buddy, pal, etc.


2. He then introduces you to everyone as his friend, good friend, buddy, pal, etc.


3. He says, “You’re like a sister to me.” Ouch.


4. He says, “You’re just like one of the guys.” Great, now how do I convince you I’m of the female variety?


5. Constantly asks you for girl advice (and not in a “trying to make you jealous” way).


6. Tries to hook you up with someone.


7. Asks if one of your girlfriends are single.


8. Constantly makes sure people know you’re not together. “Oh, no we’re just friends.” Classic.


9. Never offers to pay when/if you go out. Can’t make it seem like a date. That would be weird.


10. Tells you, “I just don’t see you that way.” Sorry, girl but it doesn’t get any more straight forward than that.



Sources for photos/GIFs: Tumblr, The Princess of Chaos on Devian Art