10 Books I Did Not Finish (DNF) (Guest Post)

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Hello Bookdragons and Bibliophiles….Wait, this isn’t my blog…. Ah! I am super ecstatic to be writing a guest blog post for one blogger I have read before I even made mine. *gasps and fangirls* When this opportunity arose, I jumped onto it let me tell you. Zakiya is so kind and sweet, and if y’all haven’t followed her yet, do so now. Anyway, my top 10 book DNFs.

When a book lover hears “DNF,” some gasp and scream at the horror of those letters, while others shrug it off because it’s a part of the reading experience. If you don’t agree with the second kind of reader, let me tell you one of my greatest pieces of advice: Life’s too short to struggle through a book you hate just so you don’t have to put it down. There are too many good books in the world to read one that is not your type of book. This thinking brought me to my blog post today…

1. Red Queen Series by Victoria Aveyard


This book just did not do it for me at all. I found the characters irritating, the story familiar, the pacing slow, and there was a love triangle I was just not here for. I know many people love this series and as much as it is disheartening to say and hear, I will be getting rid of it and have no plans to read this in the future.

2. The Maze Runner by James Dashner


Ah, this book…. I couldn’t handle it. I was not a fan of the characters or the writing. I think I might have tried to pick it up again if it were not for James Dashner’s writing. I did not enjoy his writing for reasons still unknown to myself. I am willing to possibly try this again, but only if my life depended on it. It doesn’t, so I won’t be picking this up again any time soon.

3. The Finisher by David Baldacci


I could not stand this book. I got to page 57 (I still have my bookmark in it for some reason) and I could not deal with the author’s writing, style, or word choice. Also, the characters seemed flat and one dimensional. The premise was not my cup of tea. Overall, younger Kattiah could not pick a book correctly.

4. How to Meet Boys by Catherine Clark


If you know anything about me, you know I love contemporaries as long as they are developed well and not a morally wrong concept. My mistake picking this up. I knew the friend would be attracted to her best friend’s ex, but as the story progressed, it didn’t stop. I thought it would be a situation where she would explain herself and swear off boys or whatever, not sneak behind her best friend’s back like a coward. Why would you do that?

5. Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson


This book. I can’t.  First of all, the writing is terrible. Secondly, the characters are terrible to each other. I had to force myself to read this book. Not good. .000001/10 recommended. Enough said.

6. The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey


The Fifth Wave, book one in this series, was great! I really loved it. Then I got this one, started it, and wanted to cry. It was terrible. It definitely has a case of middle book syndrome. I couldn’t even finish it even though the last book was supposedly epic. I’m sad the relationship between me and this book did not work out, but you live, let go, and learn!

7. Where She Went by Gayle Forman


I tried really hard (twice) to read this book, but I could not do it. It was worse that any word to describe bad. Times ten. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the first book, If I Stay, but I thought the sequel might be worthwhile. Haha, no. The characters changed. It was much moodier. It was terrible. DNF!

8. I, Emma Freke by Elizabeth Atkinson


This was my first DNF book and so I cannot remember, specifically, why I stopping reading, but I do remember not clicking with the main character.

9. I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You by Ally Carter


Not. A. Fan. To be honest, I did not really give it a shot, but I just didn’t like it. It seemed too millennial for me. Some love it, I did not.

Book Ten: Hoot Carl Hiaasen

10. Hoot by Carl Hiaasen


Ah, don’t shoot me! I know this is a beloved book by many and that it clearly won an award. I, however, did not like it. At. All. I thought the writing was bad and the beginning didn’t suck me in like I had hoped. I am sorry to say, but this book is not a personal favorite.

If you are still reading then you have been here through all of my minor hate on these books, but these are my personal opinions as we are all entitled to our own. PLEASE follow this blog and like this if you liked it and if you want to see more of my writing head over to my blog here! You can also follow Zakiya’s bookstagram here and mine here! Thank you so much for reading. Bye!!

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9 thoughts on “10 Books I Did Not Finish (DNF) (Guest Post)

  1. I reallu enjoyed the red queen, I do understand that yes it seems to follow the same pattern as many other YA novels so I can understand why it’s not for everyone. I too couldn not get into maze runner, I found the language, the slang was annoying, espeicially since most of it wasn’t explained. I liked the film, but not sure I will try the book again.

    1. I didn’t enjoy Red Queen but I kept reading the series and I think it got better and better with each book. I’m excited to see how it all ends. I could not get through The Maze Runner. My friend tried to convince me to give it another try but that’s a no go for me. 😂

  2. Oh I know what you mean with DNF posts! Sometimes it’s so awkward when you don’t like a book everyone else is raving about lol like sorry! Don’t hurt me okay??

    I finished Red Queen but I could barely make any progress in Glass Sword and gave up after maybe 3 or 4 chapters (I was really fed up with Mare ugh). Maze Runner I actually liked but then the sequel happened and my interest really dropped off from there. UGH The Finisher lol I skimmed it to “finish” it but only because my dad bought it for me as a welcome home present knowing that I like to read fantasy and I felt bad if I didn’t read it (but truthfully I totally agree with you). And I really loved The 5th Wave but I haven’t tried to finish the series because, well, I found out spoilers and I just knew that continuing on would ruin everything for me so instead I’m content to just read the first book and imagine my own ending lol

    1. I only read Red Queen and The Maze Runner but I actually found RQ got better with each book and I love the series now. I didn’t even finish the first Maze Runner book. 😂

  3. I agree that Red Queen was a struggle and I was generally unimpressed with the writing. I did not particularly like Mare (and I am still today not a huge fan) but I do believe the sequels were much better. I read and finished Maze Runner but could not with the second one and in hindsight I think I only read because I had a minor crush on Dylan O’Brien from the movie 😀
    ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ also gave me an eye twitch but I am slowly coming to the conclusion that I am not a Morgan Matson fan overall

    1. No one seems to like Mare but I love her. 😂 I love Dylan O’Brien so I might watch the movies for him but I’m pretty sure I’ll never read the books. I haven’t read Since You’ve Been Gone Yet but I’m a big MM fan. 🙈

  4. There is always a book that we can’t seem to go through. For me sometimes it’s Stephen Kings novels they are pretty great but too lengthy for my liking. I can relate to your views.
    Please take a look at my blog too.

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