Book Review: Fly



Meet Colton Wade, FMX rider…

I’m just a small town guy who caught a lucky break. Now I’m living the dream, on the brink of high-flying super-stardom. But something’s missing.

That something is Taylor.

She’s my best friend. The one who makes me want to push harder and higher. The one I fall back on when shit gets tough. The one I’d give it all up for.

I’d do anything to protect her. To make her dreams come true too.

But a single night changes everything.

And now the one she needs protection from…is me.

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I’ve said this before but I am still a sucker for best friends turned lovers romance story. Even though I know how it’ll end I continue to read them anyway. It’s my guilty pleasure, I guess. Plus Fly is currently free on Kindle so I figured why not. That being said, if I actually had to spend money on this book I definitely wouldn’t have purchased it. Although it was certainly a quick read I wasn’t all that impressed with any of the characters.

The novel is told in alternating point of views between Colton and Taylor and while Colton certain sounds attractive he wasn’t swoon-worthy in the slightest. Nothing he did made me think, “Oh yes, I see what Taylor sees in him.” He was just okay. Speaking of Taylor, although I should probably expect this from books like this, it was intensely infuriating that Taylor not only failed to realize just how much Colton was into her but also how much her other friend, Matt, was into her as well.

That was my other big issue with this novel. I wasn’t sure what the point of Matt was. Just to make Colton jealous? Colton seemed jealous of every guy that came into contact with Taylor, though, so why was Matt necessary? He was just a nuisance and I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to think of him. He’s clearly the villain but like did he maybe have real good intentions with Taylor and was just looking out for her? Or was he really just trying to get into her pants? I’m not sure.

Then there was also Colton’s ex Bria who floated in and out of the novel as well. I hate when authors make a woman a villain just because she also wants to me with the guy that the main character wants to be with. Colton slept with Bria, apparently multiple times, but how dare she wish Colton would still want her and be in a relationship with her. Couldn’t she see Taylor was here now and she should move aside? Yeah, no. Colton was in the wrong and while Bria definitely made some snide comments to Taylor that were unnecessary I also couldn’t blame her. I felt bad for Bria and I’m pretty sure the author didn’t want me to.

All in all, I thought this book was all over the place and I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to get from this novel. This novel did end on a cliffhanger though, so of course now I want to know what happens next but I refuse to pay for this next book. However, if I can get it for free I’ll definitely read part two.


4 stars

Favorite Line:

“He held me like he owned me, and in a way, he does.”

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