7 Signs You’re Suffering From A Book Hangover

I finally finished Glass Sword and now I’m in a serious book hangover. It’s going to take me forever to get over that book. Don’t know what a book hangover is? Here’s some typical symptoms that may indicate you’re suffering from your own book hangover.

1. You can’t stop thinking about the book.

Source: PBS

You finished the book but you’re still living in it. Why did that happen? What will happen next? Why did that character have to die? For why?

2. You try to start another book but your brain keeps going back to the one you just finished.


You pick up another book and try your best to stick with about but all you can think about is that other book you just finished. Nothing will ever compare to that so can you possibly read something else?

3. You want to talk to everyone about this book.

Source: Nickelodeon

“Have you read Glass Sword yet? I can’t believe that ending!” You need to tell someone how good this book is. You need everyone to know and then feel the pain you feel now that it’s over. And when you can’t find someone in real life…

4. You start looking around the Internet for the rest of the fandom.


There must be other people who love this book as much as you. You need GIFs, memes, discussion groups, role plays. Anything to keep you in this magical world of awesomeness because it can’t possibly be over.

5. You find yourself reading/writing fan fiction to keep the story alive.

Source: CW

“Okay but what if that character didn’t die? Or what if after the book ends they then go on another adventure?” The book never has to end with fan fiction. It becomes your life line when you desperately need more of your favorite characters.

6. You immediately find yourself looking for a sequel or another book by the author.

Source: Disney

Fanfics are great but you need some canon fiction in your life. If there was a cliff hanger at the end of your book you absolutely need to know what will happen next. And if it was a stand alone novel does the author have other books that are just as good? Because you need to read those immediately.

7. And every time you think you’re over the book you’ll suddenly remember one moment that you absolutely loved and have to read it again.

Signs You're Suffering From A Book Hangover
Source: Disney

No matter how hard you try to forget about the book you find yourself always wanting to pick it up just one last time. You just need to read that scene again. Or you don’t remember what exactly happened and you just need a refresher. You tell yourself you’re not going to read the whole thing again but then an hour goes by and you realize you’ve been sucked back in.

Book hangovers are the worst but they’re also the best because that means the book was really good. Good luck trying to move on though. Happy reading!


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