10 Box Subscriptions Every Book Lover Needs

Have you guys heard of #bookstagram? It’s this community of wonderful people on Instagram who take gorgeous pictures of books. I’m just getting into it and I love it so much already, even though there’s so many accounts that fill me with book envy (I want your shelf!).

Through #bookstagram I’ve discovered there’s so many different book box subscriptions, most of which I’ve never heard of before. I haven’t signed up for any yet because unfortunately they’re usually not cheap but I’m hoping one day I can at least sign up for one. Here’s a list of some that I’m obsessed with. Check them out if you haven’t already.

*Note: These prices do not include shipping. Please check the site to get the exact price.*

  1. OwlCrate ($167.94/6 month subscription)
Source: @thedarkestpartofsnow

If you love young adult novels as much as I do you’ll love OwlCrate. Each month you get a new YA novel along with other amazing literary goodies that vary each month. I want this box SO badly that I’ve entered multiple giveaways and rep searches just to get one.

2. MyBookBox ($39.95/monthly)

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 9.39.07 PM
Source: @mybookboxus

The awesome thing about this box subscription is you have your choice of two different genres and then you get a book from each of those. If you want only books this is the perfect box for you.

3. Once Upon a BookCase ($26/month)

Source: Once Upon a BookCase

Addicted to books? Addicted to your phone? Why not combine the two? With Once Upon a BookCase each month you get a new book inspired phone case, a literary accessory, and a 5″ x 7″ quote print. It’s the perfect way to show of your love for all things book related.

4. Lit-Cube ($29.99/month)

Source: Lit-Cube
Source: Lit-Cube

Sent out each month this fun box, funded with Kick Starter, includes a book and a book themed accessory each month. This includes all different genres so you’ll always be surprised by what you find inside.

5. The Best Damn Book Box ($169.99/6 month prepay)

Source: The Best Damn Book Box

The name of this box doesn’t lie. Not only do you get a book and awesome swag each month, but for each box purchased the company donates a $1 to a charity chosen each month by subscribers. What’s better than getting a good book and also giving back?

6. The Bookish Box ($321.99/12 month prepay)*

Source: The Bookish Box

Do you have enough books? Who am I kidding, you can never have enough books. But maybe you don’t want a book coming to you in the mail every month. Maybe you just want to get cute book items to pump up your style. If so, this box is perfect with you. Each month you get a t-shirt along with other cute and fun book accessories to keep you looking bookish and stylish all year long.

*Note: Prices vary for plus size options.

7. BooklyBox ($20.99/monthly)

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.13.43 PM
Source: @ursula_uriarte

The first online book club, BooklyBox offers nine different genres to choose from guaranteeing you get a box with a book you actually want. Besides getting a great book and bookish accessories each month, for every box purchased a book is donated to a child/teen/adult in a developing country.

8. Fandom of the Month Club ($120.00/12 month prepay)

Source: Fandom of the Month Club
Source: Fandom of the Month Club

If you love jewelry and fandoms, the Fandom of the Month club is perfect for you. With each box you get 3-4 handpicked pieces of jewelry for one fandom. The only thing is you have to like surprises because you never know beforehand which fandom you’ll get each month. But, hey, what’s life without a little surprise, right?

9. Illumicrate ($43.06/1 quarter plan)

Source: @illumicrate
Source: @illumicrate

Getting a box each month might be a bit too much for you and that’s totally fine. Instead with Illumicrate you only get a box every three months. Still filled with a book and the bookish accessories you love, just less frequently. For the people in the UK this is the perfect box for you (free shipping!) but if you don’t live in the UK it might not be the best plan.

10. The Monthly Prophet (prices vary)

Source @themonthlyprophetbox
Source: @themonthlyprophetbox

The Monthly Prophet is all about magic and mystery. You can either subscribe to a book box for Magic where you’ll get a *magical* book or a mystery box that provides a book from a different fandom each month. Or, if you would prefer jewelry, you can sign up for a jewelry box, also with the choice of magic or mystery. If you’re into fantasy, Harry Potter, and like surprises this may just be the box for you.

Happy Reading!


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