Man Crush Monday: Wesley Rush


Oh, Wesley.

He’s hot, funny, a bit cocky but overall a really sweet guy. Also, did I mention he’s hot? Seriously though, throughout The Duff, I couldn’t help falling for Wesley. He definitely does and says some stupid things sometimes but the way he matures by the end is amazing.

If you haven’t read The Duff yet the main character, Bianca, finds herself in an enemies with benefits situation with Wesley. Although she can’t stand him (at first) she finds comfort and distraction in sleeping with him and that works for the both of them, to an extent.

Their relationship is interesting and I liked that they understood each other in a way that other people couldn’t. From the beginning they have great chemistry but by the end they also have a great relationship.

Definitely check out The Duff if you haven’t yet. It’s amazing!

Swoonworthy Line:

“Wesley Rush doesn’t chase girls, but I’m chasing you.”

Played By: Robbie Amell

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