Woman Crush Wednesday: Princess Winter


Continuing my Lunar Chronicles love fest, this week’s Woman Crush Wednesday is Princess Winter.

Winter is the complete opposite of her evil stepmother, Queen Levana. Winter is kind and caring and despite what same may think, incredibly strong.

Although she suffers from a mental illness due to her refusal to use her Luna gifts (if you have no idea what this means PLEASE read the books, they’re amazing!) she pushes through it. She doesn’t let her hallucinations keep her down and instead tries her best to overcome them and be “normal.”

She cares about her friends deeply and does everything she can to help them and the people of Luna. Plus, she described as unbelievably beautiful. She’s so gorgeous people always assume she’s using a glamour (basically a magical kind of cover up that lets people see you how you want them to see you) but she isn’t. Even the scar she has on her face is said to just enhance her beauty, not diminish it.

Winter was one of my favorite characters and I honestly wish we could’ve seen more of her. Unfortunately, she doesn’t appear until the third book in the series, Cressand doesn’t really take centerstage until Winter.

Even so, Winter is amazing and I absolutely adored her.

Favorite Moment:

“Do you have any idea how worried I’ve been?” [Winter] said, crossing to [Jacin]. “I didn’t know if you were dead or being held hostage, or if you’d been eaten by one of the queen’s soldiers. It’s been driving me mad not knowing.”
He quirked an eyebrow at her.
She scowled. “Don’t comment on that.”
“I wouldn’t dare.”

Dreamcast: Alexandra Metz

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