Man Crush Monday: Levi

Source: Jason Merritt / Getty Images

If you haven’t read Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell yet you are seriously missing out. Besides the fact that it’s just an all around great novel, Levi is the perfect book boyfriend.

He’s cute, funny, quirky, and a gentleman. He’ll run out to Starbucks and get you your favorite latte, without you even having to ask. He doesn’t mind if you want to use him as a pillow and more than anything he totally understands your fangirl ways.

He’ll listen to you read your fanfiction and he’ll think it’s adorable when you gush over characters. He won’t mind if you’re a little obsessed with a book series but instead just take it in stride.

Also, did I mention he’s cute?

Seriously he’s so sweet and always knows the perfect thing to say. Plus, he can sometimes be shy, which makes him even more cute. Honestly, if Levi doesn’t make you swoon, even if it’s just a little bit, than I don’t know who will.

Swoonworthy Line:

“I choose you over everyone.”

Dream Cast: Austin Butler

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