Woman Crush Wednesday: Cameron Ann “Cammie” Morgan

The last Gallagher Girls novel came out before I even started this blog which I think is crazy. I loved this series, mainly because I related to Cammie in more ways than I planned to.

Similar to myself, Cammie grew up with a single mom, and her Dad passed away when she was young. Unlike myself, Cammie’s a spy in training who can speak multiple languages and kill people with just her hands.

In other words, Cammie is a BAMF in every definition of the word. Well, except when it comes to guys. At least in the first novel. Over the course of six wonderfully written novels I got to follow Cammie, along with her best friends, learn about boys and dating, beat bad guys, and get into some really deep stuff I didn’t expect from this series.

Cammie is still one of my favorite characters to this day. Her bravery, although sometimes reckless, I admired and her ability to still be a regular teenage girl despite being a spy was awesome. She’s very relatable while also being a boss.

If you’ve never read the Gallagher Girls Series I highly recommend it. Written by Ally Carter, who also wrote the phenomenal Heist Society series, the Gallagher  Girls Series is a fun and pretty quick read, even though there are six books. They’re all on the short side and they’re books you’ll easily get hooked on. Check them out!

I wanted to pull away, remind him that I was a big girl, a highly trained operative, a spy – that I’d been training for this mission my entire life, and I wasn’t going to be left on the sidelines. But in the dim space with Zach pressed tightly against me, only one thought came to mind. I kissed him – longer and deeper than I ever had before. The school was not watching us this time. There was nothing playful in the tone. We were just two people kissing as if for the first time, as if it might be the last. – Only the Good Spy Young

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