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Picking up several years after the dramatic conclusion of If I Stay,Where She Went continues the story of Adam and Mia, from Adam’s point of view. Ever since Mia’s decision to stay – but not with him – Adam’s career has been on a wonderful trajectory. His album, borne from the anguish and pain of their breakup, has made him a bona fide star. And Mia herself has become a top-rate cellist, playing in some of the finest venues in the world. When their respective paths put them both in New York City at the same time, the result is a single night in which the two reunite – with wholly satisfying results.

It’s been a long time since I read If I Stay but I know I loved it. Therefore when I learned there was a sequel I had to read it. Finding out it was in Adam’s point of view was an extra bonus because he’s one of my favorite book boyfriends ever.

Adam is sweet, moody, and the type of rock star boyfriend I’m sure many girls dream of. Going into this book I knew Mia and Adam had broken up and I was heartbroken. After everything she went through just to decide to wake up, Adam being the deciding factor, to discover their relationship then ended was heart wrenching to say the least.

The greatest thing about this novel is that it starts several years later. Following a similar format of If I Stay, there’s a lot of flashbacks to the time between when Mia woke up to Adam’s present. Of course we only get to see Adam’s point of view in this but I think seeing Mia’s might of made me hate her and for that I am grateful to Gayle Forman because I don’t, in fact, want to hate Mia.

Adam goes through a roller coaster of emotions in this book. He starts out depressed and then seeing Mia again for the first time in years doesn’t really help his dark feelings. However, the two of them decide despite the terrible way in which things ended between them they’re going to ignore all their responsibilities and run around New York City together. Both Mia and Adam have found their own pockets of fame in the world and will be leaving New York for their own separate tours the next day. This one night is there chance to enjoy New York before their fast paced lives kick up again and they have to face reality, including discussing why Mia left and what they’ve both been up to since.

I loved that this story took place mainly all in one night. Getting to see these two reconnect and deal with their warring emotions of seeing each other again was fantastic. There was so much tension and heartache but also moments of happiness that made me smile. Additionally, the flashbacks of moments between Adam and Mia before the car crash were brilliant and perfectly placed.

In If I Stay we didn’t really get to see Mia and Adam fall in love. The novel just jumped right in and honestly Mia’s relationship with her family was really the focus, as it should have been. However, in this book it was mainly about Adam and Mia and it felt like seeing them fall in love for the first time, even though it wasn’t. Heart felt and honest, this book is one for the shelf.

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Favorite Line:

“You don’t share me. You own me.”


4 stars

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