Man Crush Monday: Eikko (Erik)


I don’t care what anyone says, if Erik doesn’t end up with Eadlyn in the next Selection book I’m going to be the most upset. I don’t think I’ll forgive Kiera Cass. I really don’t think I could.

Erik is fantastic. He speaks both English and Finnish and he just gets Eadlyn better than anyone. He’s cute and kind of shy and always knows the perfect thing to say. Did I mention he’s cute?

Unfortunately we didn’t get to see a lot of him in The Heir because technically he’s not a part of Eadlyn’s selection but I saw enough of him to fall head over heels. Honestly, he made the book for me and I hope to see plenty more of him in the next one.

If you have no idea who Erik is please do yourself a favor and read The Selection series. I’m pretty sure I talk about this series at least once a week so if I haven’t convinced you to read it yet I don’t know what will.

If you have read the books vote in my poll for who you think Eadlyn should end up with (*cough* Erik *cough*). Also if you have a book hottie you think should be next week’s Man Crush Monday let me know in the comments below.

I remembered the feeling of my first date with Hale, how I felt when I was sure he’d peeled everything back and had seen the real me. This time, I felt like I was on the other side of that, looking past duty and worry and rank, seeing the true heart of a person. 

And [Erik] was so beautiful. – The Heir

25 thoughts on “Man Crush Monday: Eikko (Erik)

  1. I’m with you too. I vote for Erik/Eikko to be with Eadlyn because he’s soooo good for her. He can do wonders to her personality, which, I admit, needs a lot of work so that she can be a good ruler of Illea. It’d be wonderful if they can end up together. If they do, I’m not too worried about what the country is going to think because for one, they’re already dissatisfied. Two, they blame their problems on Eadlyn even though she’s already trying her best to help them. With a good man like Erik on the throne as Prince Consort, he’ll have a calming and peace-inducing effect on the people, i’m sure, provided, of course, their romance isn’t discovered prematurely before the 3 month deadline of The Selection. That would bring a lot of drama to the story.

    1. Yes!! Yes to all of this! Erik is the guy Eadlyn needs. He sees through her fake personality and recognizes how scared she is and that she’s not the uber confident princess she pretends to be. Plus Erik is so sweet. I really hope they end up together.

      1. He is…and we only get a glimpse of his wonderful personality…how much more when we read the final book? I just hope he’s not a spy or someone bad later on. That will definitely break my heart.

        You’re right about Eadlyn putting on a show most of the time (she’s used to it because she’s always in the spotlight), but the fact is, she’s actually vulnerable. It’s lovely how it’s all seen by Erik who deeply cares about her probably without even realising it. He shows it in a way that never leaves her feeling uncomfortable.

        Also, isn’t it nice how they complement each other a lot? I don’t know where to start about that but the very fact that he doesn’t even think he’s good enough to be a part of the Selection – it’s just….his heart is indeed beautiful…he’s gorgeous inside and out…I can’t wait to read a detailed description of his appearance in the final book. Won’t it be awesome and exciting if someday there’s a novella where we can read his POV?

      2. I would love a novella in Erik’s point of view. That would be great. Especially because I think he really does want the best for Henry but that’s conflicting with his own feelings for Eadlyn. Also I did this whole Tumblr post about the parallels between his relationship with Eadlyn and Maxon’s relationship with America. It’s really similiar:

  2. Yes, i’ve read your post. I loved it! because it’s so true, but some say Eadrik is so predictable whereas for me, I think Keadlyn is predictable. How about you? what do u think?

    1. Yeah I agree. I think Keadlyn is way more predictable. They already kissed and he’s Marlee’s son. He’s the obvious choice, which is why I don’t think it’ll happen. Plus, Kile doesn’t want to stay in the castle and Eadlyn can be selfish but I don’t think she’d make him stay.

      1. Yeah, she’s going to learn to be unselfish in that way and in other ways too. It’ll be interesting, though, if she admits to him she likes/loves him but will let him go and do what he wants while she waits for him. Hmmm…it’s like she’ll be the Aspen and Kile will be the America here if it goes in this direction…but it’s highly unlikely, right? Also, I have a feeling Eadlyn will learn how to sacrifice for the ones she loves, but will that mean for her to give up the throne in order to be with Kile in his journey? Or, if she does admit she likes/loves Kile, will she be unselfish to let him go and to stay as princess/queen for the sake of her people, giving up love (for now) in the process? hmmm…lol…sorry, my brain has a hard time functioning after i recently finished reading The Heir. So it’s coming up with all sort of theories. Thank you so much for bearing up with me! lol

      2. Lol. No worries. I love talking about this series. Honestly, I think they’ll dissolve the monarchy. I think she’ll finish her rule and then they’ll go back to a democracy. But I think she’ll let Kile go and end up with Erik mostly because I don’t think she wants to leave. She’s been preparing to be queen her whole life and although there’s definitely a disconnect between her and her people she does care about her country and she won’t just leave it behind.

  3. That’s a very interesting theory about dissolving the monarchy, turning it into a democracy instead. It’s highly possible, but i worry, though, about Eadlyn and her family if they’ll turn to regular citizens. won’t it be hard for them because of certain ppl’s views of them? or living a simpler life? but you’re right about her concern for her people. Maybe she’ll be elected President then? lol….i don’t know…my mantra lately is “5 more months….5 more months until The Crown. How hard can the wait be?” (*whispers: let me tell u personally….very hard!* lol)

    1. I know. I’m hoping to snag an ARC copy because I can’t wait that long. But yeah it’d be hard to dissolve the monarchy but I feel like that’s where their heading. Especially with all the problems going on.

      1. Yeah it’s usually an uncorrected proof which means changes could be made to it later.

      2. Like story plot changes or grammar corrections? It kinda reminds me of what Kiera Cass said about the supposed original ending of The One – how Maxon was supposed to die instead of Queen Amberly and America was adopted as her daughter while she ends up marrying Aspen. They rule as king and queen of Ilea. Glad that ending changed except for the fate of Queen Amberly, would have loved it if she lived at the end.

      3. Lol. I had no idea about this original ending. So glad that didn’t happen. That would’ve been weird. Although yeah I wish Queen Amberly lived. It’s usually just grammar corrections. I think in all the ARCs I’ve read the plot in the finished product never changed.

  4. Lol, I just heard/read about it from Wiki Selection online. Should be true, right? Oh well, I’m also glad that didn’t happen. I would have felt sorry for Maxon and Lucy.

    When you get your hands on the ARC copy, if it’s ok with you, please let me know if America lives and who is endgame: Keadlyn or Eadrik, and other spoilers u can share. Thank you! ^_^

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