Man Crush Monday: Thresh


I know all The Hunger Games fans are freaking out right now. “HOW COULD YOU NOT DO PEETA?” Don’t worry Peeta’s chance to shine will come … just not today. Today is Thresh’s day.

Poor Thresh didn’t have a big role in The Hunger Games, however his role was still important. Besides coming from the same district as my homegirl Rue (and let’s be real District 11 was obviously the “black district” but I digress) he also saves Katniss’ life. He only does this because of what Katniss did for Rue but still Thresh is a BAMF for reals.

He pretty much stays scarce during the games and his biggest appearance was saving Katniss’ life. Still in that moment I loved Thresh’s sense of loyalty to Katniss via Rue. In the games a lot of those kids are ruthless (the Careers) or sneaky (Foxface) but Thresh wasn’t a part of that. He stayed above the fray and although it can’t really be confirmed I believe he didn’t kill anyone unless he had to. Besides who could be mad at him for killing Clove after she mocked Rue’s death and tried to kill Katniss.

In conclusion, Thresh was a boss and let’s be real he’s also hella fine which is why he’s this week’s MCM.

I always respected [Thresh]. For his power. For his refusal to play the Games on anyone’s terms but his own.– Catching Fire

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