POLL: Do You Judge A Book By Its Cover?

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I’m the type of person that needs to know what the book is about before I start reading it. I like to read the back or the flap and get a gist of what’s the book about. However, I know people that will pick a book solely because the cover looks interesting and that’s cool too. Plus, in general, I’ll bypass a book if I’m not pulled in by the cover right away. Working in publishing I’ve since learned there are art design teams specifically to make covers for this very reason, which I think is pretty cool.

So, does the cover really influence your book choice or does it not bother you at all? I’m pretty sure I know how this poll will go but who knows? Maybe I’ll be surprised.


Results of last week’s poll:

Do you reread books?

With an overwhelming majority of 90% the answer is a resounding yes and I’d have to agree. Happy rereading!

12 thoughts on “POLL: Do You Judge A Book By Its Cover?

  1. I read what the books is about before I buy it but not before I read it, I like to be surprised when I am reading it. I have loads of books on my kindle so I can get away with it. Especially since I might not know by the title alone what genre it is in. Lots of blurbs have spoilers in, so it stops that. 🙂

    1. Ugh the amount times a book has been spoiled for me by the blurb is TOO many. I don’t understand why some books give so much away in the blurb. You make a fair point.

      1. Thanks, I think it’s the only good thing about waiting to read a book, you won’t remember exactly what it’s about, and hopefully enjoy it more.

      2. True. That’s also why I love rereading a book years later. I remember the big things but not the small details that made me love it in the first place.

      3. That is very true. That’s why I love the later four books in the Harry Potter series so much, there’s always something new for me to discover, no matter how many times I have read them. 🙂

      4. I started them and then got up to book four and stopped. Like I started book four but didn’t finish. I didn’t like that one for some reason. I keep saying I’ll finish but I haven’t yet.

      5. That’s probably my favourite one, it is the turning point of the series. They are worth it, but only if you like them. I wouldn’t force yourself if you are not enjoying it. I am trying to do that with the Vampire Academy book 1, just now, cannot seem to get past a third, even thinking about reading is boring me lol

      6. What??? I love the Vampire Academy series. The third one is the best in my opinion. Lol. We’re opposites.

      7. We are lol, I don’t know why it’s just not interesting me at all. Hey if we all liked the same books, there would be no point in some authors writing and it would be a very boring world.

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