TBT: The Private Series


First book published (Private): July 1, 2006

Last book published (Vengeance): August 30, 2011

Written by: Kate Brian (Kieran Scott)

Total number of books: 14 plus two prequels and a spin off series

It feels like ages ago when I was obsessed with this series. Honestly, I don’t remember what drew me in specifically. Was it the idea of a secret society within this posh boarding school? Or the typical outsider trying to make her way into the inner circle aspect? Or maybe it was the murder mystery side of things? Most likely it was for all these reasons.

The series follows new girl, Reed Brennan, as she enters into the Billings house, an all girls house at the posh boarding school Reed now attends on scholarship. Thrown into a life of the rich and somewhat famous Reed is forced to go through initiation as she struggles to become a Billings girl. Of course, being a Billings girl comes with multiple challenges and rules that make Reed question if being a Billings girl is really worth it. Filled with girl drama, boy drama, love triangles, a lot of lies, and murder, this series will suck you in and refuse to spit you out until you’ve read every book.

Off the top of my head I can’t even say I truly remember how this series ended but I do know at some point in my life I owned every single one of these books, including the prequels and a good portion of the spin off (which I loved even more than the original series, to be honest). However, I do remember that although I felt the series went off the rails a little bit as it went on I did like how it all came to an end. I believe everyone got the ending they deserved and I was satisfied with it.

This series is definitely a throwback I’d love to revisit. Although I remember the main plot points there’s so much I’m kind of fuzzy on and would like to remember. Plus it’s always interesting to reread a mystery once you know the truth. And I first fell in love with Ms. Scott’s writing style with this series (although I didn’t know at the time it was Scott that wrote these novels).

The Private series is still one of my favorite series written and if you haven’t given them a chance yet you definitely should. They’re really short and easy reads and perfect for the beach. Enjoy!

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