Man Crush Monday: Adrian Ivashkov


When I think about Adrian Ivashkov I immediately picture a hot guy with a bad boy attitude who’s too cool for school leaning against a wall, smoking his cigarettes. Adrian is the definition of swag. He’s a rich boy who’s basically had everything handed to him his whole life.

Normally, this is the kind of guy I would hate but Richelle Mead doesn’t make one-dimensional characters so there’s more to Adrian than first meets the eye. The truth is Adrian is a very caring guy who loves hard. He’s an artist who sometimes lets his emotions get the best of him but it’s his inability to keep his feelings in control that makes him so lovable. When he falls for someone it’s not an easy fall. He gives the person he loves everything he has and then some and that’s both breathtaking and heartbreaking, depending on how it works out for him.

Besides that Adrian is a funny guy. He brushes off serious topics with little quips and is always flirting. Even so, when it’s time to step up and help his friends and family, Adrian is there doing what he needs to do. He goes above and beyond to help out when he can, sometimes pushing himself too far in terms of using his abilities (he’s a vampire with an affinity for spirit; if you don’t know what that is read the books!).

Overall, Adrian is an attractive guy with a great, loving personality who provides comic relief in serious situations. He often speaks in poetry and is one of the most loving characters I’ve ever read about. Check him out in the Vampire Academy and Bloodlines series.

[Adrian] was too perfect, despite being one of the most imperfect people I knew.’ – The Indigo Spell

12 thoughts on “Man Crush Monday: Adrian Ivashkov

    1. I know. I mean I always knew Rose and Dimitri would end up together but I hated that Adrian was heartbroken. Have you read the Bloodline series?

      1. Nope – I haven’t. As far as love triangles went this was the first time I wished the second guy got the girl. Dimitri was flat to me. Adrian had depth and an interesting story.

      2. Then you need to read Bloodlines. It’s Adrian’s chance to shine in that series. You’ll love it.

      3. VA is the only book series where I wanted the second half of a love triangle to win the girl. Adrian was an amazing character. Dimitri was flat and one dimensional to me. VA is also the only book series where I was wrong about who the girl would ultimately pick. 😕

      4. Really? I always loved Rose and Dimitri together. I felt like they understood each other really well. I think Adrian definitely has a more outgoing personality but in terms of who Rose should’ve ended up with I’m glad it was Dimitri.

  1. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Adrian. I really didn’t care for him in Vampire Academy, but he stepped up a bit in Bloodlines. Of course, I can’t deny he’s a fun guy. I supposed I’m just more of a Dimitri fan.

    1. I love Dimitri with Rose. I think Adrian’s definitely more fun but Dimitri is a much better fit for Rose. Adrian definitely becomes a better character in the Bloodlines series. He and Sydney are so great together.

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