Book Review: The Eternity Cure


*This book is part of my Dystopia Book Challenge*

Synopsis from Amazon:

In Allison Sekemoto’s world, there is one rule left: Blood calls to blood

She has done the unthinkable: died so that she might continue to live. Cast out of Eden and separated from the boy she dared to love, Allie will follow the call of blood to save her creator, Kanin, from the psychotic vampire Sarren. But when the trail leads to Allie’s birthplace in New Covington, what Allie finds there will change the world forever—and possibly end human and vampire existence.

There’s a new plague on the rise, a strain of the Red Lung virus that wiped out most of humanity generations ago—and this strain is deadly to humans and vampires alike. The only hope for a cure lies in the secrets Kanin carries, if Allie can get to him in time.

Allison thought that immortality was forever. But now, with eternity itself hanging in the balance, the lines between human and monster will blur even further, and Allie must face another choice she could never have imagined having to make.

*This review will contain spoilers. You’ve been warned!*

For some reason (probably school) it took me way to long to read this book. I loved The Immortal Rules but somehow I think I loved this sequel even more. There was no annoying Jeb or that girl that was in love with Zeke. It was just Allie, Zeke, and Jackal most of the book. And then Kanin who I love. The most annoying character was Stick and I was not at all upset when he finally died.

The book began with Allie looking for her sire, Kanin, but instead of finding Kanin she friends her vamp brother Jackal, the jerk face that killed Zeke’s adopted father and most of his friends/family. Despite her better judgment Allie decides to team up with her brother and they go forward to find and save Kanin from the crazy vamp, Sarren.

Allie gets way more than she bargained for, however, when she discovers:

A) She has to go back to her hometown, New Covington.

B) She finds Zeke, the human she’s in love with but knows she can’t be with, also in New Covington.

C) Sarren has unleashed some crazy new virus that makes humans crazy and makes vamps decay.

Yeah, talk about a hot mess. Despite mutual animosity Zeke joins the Allie/Jackal team and they’re off to save the world. There’s of course some tension between Allie and Zeke (both sexual and just the regular kind) but thankfully they push through it and become the cutest vamp/human couple known to man. Although I have no idea how this could possibly work out I ship it.


The trio work together to find Kanin only to discover Prince Salazar’s holding him captive and working with Sarren. Oh, and Stick is working for Salazar. Talk about a hot mess. Thankfully, Sarren quickly shows his true colors when he attempts to kill Salazar and the Prince joins team Allie. Well, sort of. He then agrees to give them Kanin but not before he sticks him with the virus. No better way to make sure he gets the cure than to make Kanin sick, am I right?

With that motivation Allie is more than ready to do whatever it takes to get the cure. Even so, she’s given even more unneeded motivation when a rabid human bites Zeke, giving him the virus. Julie Kagawa, pull my heart out why don’t you?

With all the odds stacked against them Jackal, in typical Jackal fashion, bails, leaving Kanin, Allie, and Zeke on their own. Too bad Allie’s the only left that’s still remotely healthy. Looks like she’s taking Sarren on all on her own.

After having to leave a too sick to fight Zeke behind it’s just Allie and Kanin, who’s in real bad shape, against crazy Sarren. Well until they get to Sarren’s lab and discover … Jackal!


Yep. Classic Jackal. Sarren deciding he’s done with Kanin goes after Allie and just when I think I’m going to have stop reading because things are going to get real gross Jackal steps up and helps Allie. Though he ends up not being that helpful Zeke suddenly appears and saves the day. Turns out he took an experimental cure while at Eden and he’s all good. Hooray! Using Zeke’s blood they’re also able to cure Kanin. And the day is saved. Except not quite.

Although they all give Sarren a good beating he’s still able to escape and of course it’s not the last we see of him. Thanks to Stick, Sarren is able to kidnap Zeke and get the location of Eden out of him. Sarren seemingly kills Zeke but in the epilogue Kagawa saves me from a heart attack by revealing Zeke isn’t dead just yet. But what will happen next?

Kagawa put me on an emotional roller coaster this entire novel. I fell more in love with Zeke and Allie’s relationship in this novel and I was heartbroken when the novel ended with them being separated yet again. If they don’t end up together by the end of this trilogy I will be outraged. I can’t wait to read what happens next.

Favorite Line:

“For the rest of my existence, if I lived to see the end of this world, there would never be another Ezekiel Crosse. There would never be another soul as bright as his. And that both terrified me and made me savagely – and maybe selfishly – determined to keep him. Zeke was mine now. Forever.”
Stars: 5 out of 5. I want to reread this book many times. Or just the scenes of Allie and Zeke. Although Jackal’s hilarious so I also want to read those parts. And I love Kanin. Okay so I’m going to need to read this whole book again. Yeah, it’s that good.
Borrow or Buy: Buy! I may have to buy this book just so I can reread it all the time. For reals, you’ll want this on your shelf.
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